The Hammer: by Dr. Omar (Sep, 2009)

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters Here in Malaysia,
I have just finished correcting the type-set for my latest Book on the New World Order:  The Hand of Iblis and am moved to address you in the name of Allah, the most Merciful and most Beneficent, whom we claim to serve in truth. I cannot emphasize enough the grave danger in which the ummah now stands before its sworn enemies.  To say that the United States or the Occident and Orientalism (The West) represent the ‘Great Satan’ is an understatement.  The truth is that this choir of insan represents Allah’s hammer of chastisement for the entire disobedient world and not just the heedless ummah of Mohammad.
The hands that hold this hammer are in the Private Corporate City States of Wash. D.C.; London; and Rome; in the Board Rooms of Top Shelf Academia and in secreted Wall and Fleet Street chambers with direct lines to confederates in the capitals of every nation, including those who claim allegiance to our Beloved Prophet (PBH)
Please do not go on pretending that all is OK because today you have enough rice in your bowl and you can hear the blessed strains of the Azan. It is most certainly not OK.
As they beckon us to the unholy alliances of regionalization, our leaders are either mesmerized or in league with the opulence of this Satanic Cult — a group that does indeed practice Human sacrifice on a regular basis; a group of maniacs that threatens the world with the shroud of a bloody tyranny that will pale even the blackened bones of Hitler’s God-forsaken ghost!
Make no mistake: ‘The War on Terror’ is prosecuted against everyone. And al-Dajahl’s patrons defend the materialism of Globalism’s so-called ‘progress’ with the various ecumenical and mis-begotten brotherhoods for World Peace, United Religions and so-called ‘Human Rights’ movements; things they trample on by the minute.  We are most certainly at war!  I, Omar Zaid, M.D. am warning you with the hopes that you will awaken from the daze of this nonsense for which there is no basis in Scripture except to confirm this cyber-missive!.
The current financial crisis is still in its initial stages, and what is soon to follow will make strong men weep and mothers despair for the fruits of their blessed wombs.  Don’t believe our leaders.  All but a few really don’t know what they are doing  …  and  …  please  …  throw your TV away until this technology is in the hands of a blessed and well educated shura.
What is needed now is not appeasement or more conferences with babbling ‘head in the sand’ Muslims who can do little more than pray, talk and write papers sodden with toothless rhetoric.  What is needed now is an Ummah willing to take a stand and stop kowtowing to their lying Bankers, Politicians, Kings, Mullahs and Academics who offer false hope — who say ‘all is well’ as the enemies of Islam guide and invite them to ‘dialogues’ with the many Hands of Iblis, our sworn enemy and lord of The New World Order.
dr omar