The Law of Moral Imperative by Dr. Omar

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

The Law of Moral Imperative[1] 

         Unless a man is regenerated from above, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
– Hadrat Isa

Restating in light of this study:

         Unless a man is morally conformed to virtue by God’s grace, he cannot enter the Rest or Peace of Allah (as-Sakinnah).   – dr omar

Dr Omar, June 2013
Dr Omar, June 2013

Without the acquisition of moral virtue, man remains in his ‘natural’ state, which is but a step above lower kingdoms in as much as all of creation follows the imprint of inherent forces and thermo-dynamic principles.  Nevertheless, even the exercise of morality is insufficient for entry to the ‘Kingdom of God’ because morality is not spiritualized until virtue consciously serves ‘The Cause of God’ as the sole focus of behavior.  This was meant to be the Way of the Chinese Mandarin under the guidance given by Lao Tse and Confucius, for example.

In his natural state of consciousness, man’s thoughts and activities focus on himself (egotism) and those whom he favors for his benefit. [2]  This is hardly moral in light of obvious tribal bias[3] no matter how handsomely the group is dressed.   Furthermore, even when morality is achieved through excellent discipline it is often pressed into the service of human glory in defiance of God’s Commands and in favor of some form of chauvinism.  For example, many Roman and British Patricians were exemplary moral men among their own while simultaneously serving powers dedicated to false gods and the merciless exploitation of the weak.[4] 

To the contrary, the spiritualized, truly virtuous human delights only in serving God’s Cause rather than the preferment of worldly desire and tribal proclivities.  Wealth, family, medals and reputation mean nothing to such people other than responsibilities and/or tools in the service of God.  Such folk enter the rest of God here on earth by means of the divine communion described previously.  They do not go through the motions of ritual or practice morality because they have learned the requirements; they do these things because they have learned to embody morality in every sphere of thought and deed.  These are the ‘Salt of the Earth’ ‘Peacemakers’ Prophet Isa (Jesus) spoke of on the Mount of Olives; this is to say the man or woman who has actually made peace with God and kept it because they delight in it more than any other pleasure.

This consciously moral position also reflects the difference between natural and supernatural.  Many people confuse the ‘paranormal or supernatural with the supra-natural (supra-mundane) and from thence easily regress to idolatry and confusion.  However, it is better to discard the term, supernatural, in favor of supra-natural or what is ‘above’ our comprehension of the natural material realm, because all that exists, except for God, is created and also, therefore, natural.  Taking this a step further, nothing is, in fact, unnatural in the true sense of the word.  This is because all phenomena called paranormal or supernatural result from various influences derived from creatures or scientific principles not yet fully grasped.  Therefore, the acquisition of additional divine Grace in the process of man’s moral transformation is a supra-natural (ultra-mundane) event causing the regeneration of his heart in conformity with spiritual law

If a man’s conformity to morality is merely facile plastic surgery, such as that adopted by sociopaths, the ‘Peace of God’ cannot be attained because communion with God is impossible.  This is another reason for the massive demonstration of major sin recycling by the so-called ‘faithful’, because most have never truly repented with sincere and fully-informed conviction.  Most are just ordinary decent folks going through motions that avoid rocking various boats of pathocracy. 

In the social sciences, conventional terminology eliminates critical standards and puts ethics on ice;  in the political sciences, it leads to an underrated evaluation of factors which describe the essence of political  situations when evil is at the core.         – Political Ponerology, op. cit. p. 41

Such people and nations do not carry the ‘Peace of God’ because they have never known it inwardly via the conscious reception of Allah’s supra-natural grace. Therefore, how, while on earth, can they enter the Kingdom of Heaven?  Quite the opposite is true, especially for nations like America, as the whole earth presently witnesses.

You can actually recognize the Spiritually Mature person because he or she bears a powerful dignity with a joyous childlike demeanor and yet will dispassionately cut off the head of a pedophile or pederast, or shoot a murderous intruder without batting an eye then have lunch blessing the names of God and make love to their spouse— a bit like Sala’u’din I imagine.  You can now better appreciate the 0.02% factor mentioned earlier.  Here is the Qur’an’s version:

For him who fears to stand before his Lord and is in awe of His Greatness and Majesty, there are two gardens, one in this world and the other in the hereafter. [55:47]

Those who are wholly devoted to God will be given a drink that will purify their hearts and their thoughts and their designs.   [76:22]

The virtuous shall be given a drink which is tempered with camphor, from a spring wherefrom the servants of Allah drink.  They cause it to gush forth through their own efforts.   [76:6-7]


The earthly trees’ are good deeds and intentions sent forth to establish gardens in the hereafter.  The ‘drink’ is God’s Grace of Communion representing the wisdom that follows the conscious knowledge of receiving divine guidance. The ‘camphor’ is an extraordinary grace gift from God that overcomes worldly passions.  The ‘effort’ comprises prayer, study, honest work and patience. 

The moral virtues cannot be acquired or perfected without effort or God’s Camphor as an active supra-natural force that helps us subdues worldly passion in favor of virtuous restraint in deference to appropriate actions.   An example is the reservation of passionate sexual delight to marriage, whether monogamous or polygamous.  Artificial camphor never works (the pretense of ritual religious fetishism), which is why men who affect virtue suddenly run amuck, commit suicide, or frequent brothels etc. 

The ‘Rest’ or Peace of God is manifest as the call of holiness in normal social settings.  It is the conscious reserving of one’s self for God’s Cause in the earth.   Here is meant the stage of maturity where Unity with God is attained in thought, word, and deed as Isa said ‘I and my Originator are one’ – or as stated in the Koran:


Allah’s hand is above their hands. (48:11) 

It was not thou who didst throw, but it was Allah who threw. (8:18)

Virtue, therefore, is the highest elevation of the moral qualities whereby the middle path of taqua
’s balance is maintained via direct communion with the divine Word of Command in harmony with Spiritual Law.   It is not achieved by maintaining a balance between good and evil as Magi or Freemasons like Albert Pike taught.  Virtue is keeping the exact middle path between two major insults to self and heaven: excess or niggardliness in all thought word and deed.  Do not turn the other cheek to someone who is about to murder you and your family or should you succeed in subduing him, do not forgo justice if it allows him to harm someone else.  Do not give alms to a man of sloth, and do not give so much you impoverish yourself or tempt the recipient to excess.   Do not cover the crimes of a thief if it permits him to steal again.  In other words, be appropriate in your judgments according to God’s Law and not dubious interpretations made by unconscious Divines who eats jinn-crisp semiotics and scriptural interpolations instead of truth.

This being the reality of the Moral Law, it is imperative that parents nurture children towards the acquisition of the camphorated grace of Allah, otherwise, their efforts will fall short of the mark.  The Straight Path is actually quite easy; the difficulty lay in sectarian influences that readily distract natural instincts which must be guided towards moral imperatives with conscious sincerity.  This requires not only education but also example, which is where Muslims have failed miserably as have all others.  What to do?  Simple: Obey God’s Laws.[5]

[1]     The definitive text on this law is The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, first published in Lahore, India, 1896.  I will merely attempt to give a précis of that noble work for it cannot be stated in better terms.  I urge the reader to study his book thoroughly despite his obvious mania.

[2]       Experience  teaches us, first of all, that [man’s] natural world view has  permanent and characteristic tendencies toward deformation dictated by our instinctive and  emotional  features [egotism] . . . we often meet with sensible people endowed  with  a  well-developed  natural  world  view  as  regards psychological,  societal,  and  moral  aspects, frequently refined via literary influences, religious deliberations, and philosophical  reflections.  Such persons have a pronounced tendency to overrate the values of their world view, behaving as though it were an objective basis for judging other people.  They do not take into account the fact that such a system of  apprehending human matters can also be erroneous, since it is insufficiently objective. Let us call such an attitude the “egotism of the natural world view”.                                  

– Political Ponerology, op. cit. p. 53

[3]     This ‘natural’ state typifies the racial bias of Arabs, Jews, and Malays for example.  It is the essence of apartheid.

[4]     Most British Nobles are Freemasons of upper rank, at which degrees they secretly but knowingly worship Lucifer.

[5]     “O ye who believe!  Why say ye that which ye do not?  Grievously hateful is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not.”  (61:2-3)