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Editor’s Note:
This extract from my book, Cain’s Creed, The Cult(s) of Rome, will help explain the mindset of the shadow world government.  After reading this you should come to understand that demonstrations such as the “Occupy” movement play right into their hand, and most likely have been stage-managed by them from the start.
There is also a Right Handed Path, the best example of this approach to condign governance is the Roman Catholic Church.  Here, the flock simply submits blindly to their exalted grandmaster(s) whereby those on the Left Hand are free to do the work of the jackals uninhibited by the mind-controlled masses. Catholics are perfect examples of the blind being led to slaughter by spiritually blinded leaders of the Left Handed Path of Satan. This is the essence of the Hegelian Dialectic.  – oz
The Left Handed Path
… The Right Hand Path takes some responsibility away from the individual by having a formal dogma, a code of ethics and behavior and by having the individual participate in an organized grouping, however loose that grouping may be. In brief, the identity of the individual is to some extent taken away – by the beliefs systems which that individual has to accept, and by them accepting some higher ‘authority’, be such authority an individual, a group or an ‘ideology’ (or even, sometimes, a supra-personal Being – a ‘god’ or ‘gods’).
In contradistinction, the LHP in its methods is non-structured. In the genuine LHP there is nothing that is not permitted – nothing that is forbidden or restricted. That is, the LHP means the individual takes sole responsibility for their actions and their quest. This makes the LHP both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse for anti-social behavior as they can be used to aid the fetishes and weaknesses of some individuals as well as lead some into forbidden and illegal acts. However, the genuine Initiate of the LHP is undertaking a quest, and as such is seeking something: that is, there is a dynamic, an imperative about their actions as well as the conscious understanding and appreciation that all such actions are only a part of that quest; they are not the quest itself. This arises because the LHP Initiate is seeking mastery and self-knowledge these being implicit in such an Initiation. Accordingly, the LHP Initiate sees methods as merely methods; experience as merely experience. Both are used, learned from and then discarded.
Because of this, the LHP is by its nature ruthless – the strong of character win through, the weak go under. There are no `safety nets’ of any kind on the LHP – there is no dogma or ideology to rely on, no one to provide comfort and soften the blows, no organization, individual or `Being’ to run to when things get difficult and which will provide support and sympathy and understanding. Or which, just as importantly, takes away the responsibility of the Initiate for their deeds. The LHP breeds self-achievement and self-excellence – or it destroys, either literally, or via delusion and madness. Further, the goal or aim of the LHP is individual specific – it is the raising of that individual to ‘god-head’; the fulfillment of individual potential and thus a discovery and fulfillment of their unique Destiny. That is, it breeds a unique character, a unique individual. The RHP, on the contrary, is concerned with ‘idealistic’ and thus supra-personal aims aiding ‘society’, ‘humanity’ and so on: the individual is `re-made’ by abstract and impersonal farms.
The LHP by its nature means that its Initiates work mostly on their own. Followers of the LHP are masters of their as yet unmanifest Destiny. And while they may accept guidance and advice, they eschew any form of subservience: they learn for themselves, by their own experience and from their own self-effort. This is crucial to an understanding of the true nature of the LHP. The LHP means this self-reliance, this self-experience, this self-effort, this personal struggle for achievement. The RHP means someone else – some individual, or some authority or some hierarchy – awards or confers upon the RHP Initiate a sign or symbol of their “progress.” That is, the RHP Initiate assumes the role of student, or ‘chela’ – and often that of sycophant. They rely on someone else or something beyond themselves, whereas the LHP Initiate relies only on themselves: their cunning, skill, character, desire, intelligence and so on. The successful LHP Initiate is the individual who learns from their own experiences and mistakes. The RHP Initiate tries to learn from theory – from what others have done. Essentially, the LHP Initiate is a free spirit, already possessed of a certain willful character, while the RHP Initiate is in thrall to other people’s ideas and ways of doing things.

Excerpt: The Mark of Cain: The Light of Iblis

AZOTHOZ: A Book of the Adversary (excerpts)

By Michael W. Ford, Succubus Publishing (2009)