The Malady of Sectarianism Continued: Messianic Mania by Dr. Omar

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  • Islam is a well fortified wall with a solid gate. The wall represents justice; and its gate is truth. If the wall is torn down and the gate destroyed, then Islam loses its protective strength which lies in the fulfillment of truth and justice and not in killing with swords or the lashing of whips.
  • ‘Umar ibn Sa’d, Companion and Governor of Hums;
    from Men Around the Messenger by Khalid Mohd. Khalid, 2005,
    Islamic Books Trust, KL, Malaysia

I’ve read so many commentaries on the Mahdi and Second Advent of Prophet Isa my head spins; and despite repeated prayers for guidance, all I glean is confusion from the tendered fodder. Either I’m an ignorant sot or the devil has done his work extremely well, and like most, I’d rather stick with the second possibility. It’s not that I discount the advent of either man, it’s just that everything else about Islam’s doctrines, history prophecy and eschatology is fairly straightforward once you by-pass the deviants. On this account however, wave upon wave of contradictory or obfuscating traditions knock one’s logic senseless enough to enjoy the relief of being dragged out to sea.
It seems the trouble with messianic madness is that it sidetracks nations either with chauvinist obsession or combustive ‘sudden entries’ to post-mortem foreverland. This opposes the rather mundane collective efforts of civility that include irrigation; roads; transportation; education; health care; cultivating food instead of poppies; building houses instead of blowing them up; cooking; changing nappies; loving and actually helping your wives; planting trees instead of land mines; establishing trustworthy economies without riba; practicing honest labor instead of time-honored smuggling and Ali-Baba requisitioning, etc. This is to say: the substance of living rather than dealing death and mischief. But I guess I’m just an ordinary brick! What do I know?
By now, I would have thought our Mahdist brethren would have learned a lesson from forebears or from Jews who have repeatedly thrown themselves over cliffs of Messianic fervor for centuries and are about to do it again. Alas for widows, orphans, battered women, sexual slaves, abandoned fields, famine, ruined infrastructure, deserted schools, absent economies, emptied pockets, dulled wits and the murdered, politically shunned, sequestered or exiled professionals capable of managing these problems ― not to mention those who are deluded enough to think Muslim States actually represent Islam while their leaders receive funds from malukiyyah whose economies are entirely subject to Kafr management, debt, distribution and riba. I’d say ‘Denial’ appears to be one of the most bizarre of human conditions. Denial is the psychological rejection of reality by substituting imaginative fantasy, a common medical phenomenon. As an example:

  • The strange thing is that this situation has repeated itself throughout history. When the recent events happened in the Haram in Mecca, some of those who claimed that their leader was actually the Mahdi were so filled with the idea that, after he was killed, they claimed that he did not die but had escaped and fled. A person is often willing to deny the evidence of his own senses because of some notion that has enthralled him. He cannot bring himself to admit that he was mistaken or deceived or that the idea he held so dear was false.

Sheikh Salman al-Oudah, Saudi Arabia, Islam Today, 2002

In this case the denial took the form of a mass hysteria that is similar to the many cultural norms of affected religious creeds and sects that require dogmatic faith rather than reason; of such is the Christian Trinity.
Zionist Fanatics, on the other hand, have finally learned their lesson and actively prepare for the real Messiah this time round. No more hoodwinked psychotics for sons of Isaac — No sir! They have managed to get the whole world’s attention focused on camera-one for the Oscar and I can’t help thinking we’re in for a big surprise. Even Christians queue for tickets to the gala and it wouldn’t astonish me in the least if a majority of Muslims approve the candidate of al’Dajjal’s choice; especially when one considers the polar change of sentiment towards the Shia delusion amongst Sunni sectarians in light of Iran’s saber-rattling ascension. This is surely consistent with what al’Hadith predicts, stating Muslims would follow both groups ‘step by step’.
Thanks to Professor Siddiqui, the late Director of the Muslim Institute in London, I have a better appreciation for the Shia position in Iran and certainly applaud the progress made by their Usulioon. However, their Revolution and ambitious evangelism completely evades the sinister roots of Ishmaili Twelvers, Sixers and Sevener (Batinis) or their Yesidi Brethren who worship Peacock idols of genitals, Shaitan’s jinn, and practice voodoo and even glory in flagellation like Hindus for Shiva — not to mention the initiation doctrines and rituals that parallel Freemasonic baptisms rather too closely for coincidental accretion. I’m afraid I’ll keep congratulations in reserve until an Ayutullic Fatwah flows against grave kissing, Pir worship, sacred flagellants or sanguine head-bangers like punk-rock adepts at a Rave Festival in L.A.
The carefully wrapped apologies for Iran’s achievement of its purported ‘Islamic’ Statehood is disturbing because, as I understand it, Mohammad (pbuh) destroyed all idols and icons—including Stalinesque portraits of Saints and bearded Sacerdotes—denounced necromantic reverence for mausoleums as shrines, and also gave self-flogging lamenters sixteen months to exchange bloody stripes for monotheist prostrations or get out of town before losing their bruiseable foreheads. Correct me if I’ve misunderstood the Messenger’s opposition to such typically religious Social Engineering in the maner of the ancient Mystery cults.

  • “There are indeed people who boast of their dead ancestors; but in the sight of God they are more contemptible than the black beetle that rolls a piece of dung with its nose…”

– The Prophet, on Authority of Al-Tirmidhi & Abu Da’ud,
quoted by Mohd. Asad, p. 32 of Principles of Islamic Government

Our diplomatic commentators and polite academics refer to this mourning business as ‘deviancy’ rather than contrived subjugation as per the antique social-conditioning of necromantic hero-worship, – despite the fact that it mimics pagan mores’ entrenched by millennia of Brahmanized tyrants in those very regions. I suppose they are trying to maintain conciliatory efforts towards an abstracted veneer of Muslim Unity until such time as Iranian wailers evolve or Bush’s pipeline is built; otherwise, Ayutullahs might find themselves on the wrong end of too many whips without enough takings to start over ― or ― perhaps they really are too frightened to repent.
As I said, ‘Bricks will be Bricks’ but please don’t call this process of offloaded sub-human misery Islam. It is pure degeneracy as predicted by the Prophet and attempts to dress it with intellectual gobble-de-gook only aid the New World Order Shamans who cunningly armed and returned the region to black-robed hierophants of Himmlerian regency; being fully cognizant of the advantages of further polarization between Sunni and Shia sectarians. Illuminati adepts of Kabbalist Magick know that after stirring the right emotive broth, mobs of masochist maniacs will gladly self-destruct in the time honored wake of Alamut brainwashing and take as many as possible along with them. Besides, East-West cliques of Iblitic Initiates are in collusion, witting and not. Furthermore: What does Iblis care who destroys who or how? I can only surmise that analysts have forgotten the nefarious and purposely adumbrated jinn-factor, or have diminished appreciation for Al’Qur’an’s clear warnings on the matter of its reality and dire consequences, both here and Hereafter.
It is my position that Dar-al-Islam cannot be built by masochists or festooned sadists who promote and reward heathenish humiliation as a tool for political motivation and dare call it Islam. Shi’ites and their related occult brethren have obviously made ‘Covenant’ with the dead-end creed of Cain’s Pole, and nowhere in the history of “Prophetic Literature” is there any evidence of an ‘occultation’ of human leadership―especially one whose reputation eclipses Caligula. Furthermore, the dogmatic belief of a ‘translated’ Imam ruling by proxy of Babs or extra-humanoid mannequins is a fantasy of equal status to the Trinitarian imagination—excepting of course the very real jinn who fed them the rubbish after mystical excursions to the Astral Realm. And if you don’t understand the latter statement, it is better to remain silent rather than nay-say the observation.
Nevertheless, these fancies have proven invaluable to mobilize the masses with Goebelian gusto, and if Iran has succeeded, this is the psycho-political tool reflecting the magic of its fascisto triumph and it surely calls for respect if not approbation. In essence, it is no different from the Freemasonic rallying cry of ‘Remember the Alamo’ or communist ditties that caused Sino-tides to exterminate sophisticated citizens with relish and exhaust the supply of American bullets and morale in Korea and Vietnam, much to Satan’s delight.
Raising a flag to a dead man or hair raising Ayatollah is not equivalent to hoisting a banner that says “With the help of Allah” ― though the results, on occasion, may appear to be so. It is the use of an intermediary agent between man and God, imagined or not, and for this reason Iran’s nec-romantic icons will fall in due season. “For God and Country” or ‘For Allah and Hussein,” what indeed is the difference between these Caesarian calls to arms? Both are well-honed ideological drumbeats of warmongering mischief makers that require no help from Allah and bring results that are predictably conditioned. There is nothing at all ‘Divine’ or Islamic about the matter. Noble, courageous, intelligent, valiant and indomitable are all terms describing such sectarians but the same can be said about the Zulus or people of Ho Chi Min.
Plainly stated, what the Iranian Ulama achieved was to regain and refine what the Chinese never lost: a pragmatic politicization of pseudo-patriarchal unity that grants power to those in control of the local lodge and TV stations. It is this network of traditional relationships that will ultimately defeat America’s Patrician façade, but do not confuse it with either Sunnah or Sirah because the Prophet (pbuh) and Rightly Guided Imams would never permit demoniac ritual or Bolshevik iconography. Hence, such power is certainly a similitude of Divine Government, but as I will demonstrate throughout this text, it cannot have come from Rightly Guided Islamic servants.
However, since ‘Allah’s Will is Power’ (59:23) and the Qur’an makes it clear that God indeed Wills deviants to self-destruct, the strength of such unity, pagan or not, cannot be denied as it is a predetermined inverse of the Spiritual Law that shepherds the grace and blessing of peace and security. Its curse is no different than that which required the hammer of Ghenghis. It defeated America in Korea and Vietnam as a prelude, and the defeat of America is exactly what Illuminati jinn-mongers desire. Therefore, Iran’s fascist regieme will certainly stand for a time, but not upon hallowed ground until Hadrat Mahdi or Prophet Isa cleanse the earth of such grievous misconduct.
Perhaps you share my concern for our Mahdist brethren. Look how far they’ve come since Karbala and how deeply enmeshed they remain in the schemes of Iblis and his Batini henchmen in the West. This spiritual fornication is no different than Rome’s papal pretense or the interminable Crusader zeitgeist of Orientalist chauvinism. It is merely an Eastern counterpart dressed as Islam for Howler’s Eve festivities and is excused as deviancy with the suggestion that deviants might be acceptable to Allah, or, God forbid, actually orthodox.
If I’m mistaken, let the usulic Imams silence the cries of ‘Ali, Ali’, burn the whips, destroy the shrines, and stop the whelps of blood that flow from deluded brows as did the Holy Prophet in Medina who clearly described such behavior as shirk. Let them also recognize the ultimate reality so implicit in the address of Abu Bakr upon the Prophet’s death, which silenced even the foolish lamentation of the great Hadrat Umar:

  • O men, if you have been worshipping Mohammad, Mohammad is dead. But if you have been worshipping God, then know that God is living and never dies.

Substitute “Ali’ or “Hussein” for “Mohammad”, and the Iranian delusion fades like the mirage it is. After all, 300 odd years of progressive deliberations on the Sunnah should certainly shed light on this digression of reason! But then again, where is it written that un-baked heedless clay is a sensible constituent for the House of God? Ponder the disquieting phenomenon and you will come to understand it is no different than any polity’s errant reform or disobedience in light of the ‘lesser luminary’ described by Prophet Musa in the Book of Genesis.

  • Those who equate creatures with God Almighty.
  • Reprobates, defined in later essays
  • Al’Dajjal appears to be an allegorical term representing the actual polity of Iblis during the End Time, and is referred to in the Christian apocalyptic literature as ‘The Man of Sin’, just as Islam is referred to as the New Man.
  • Ulama (educated leaders) engaged in ijtihad (subjective reasoning) of usul (basic Islamic Principles) for the last two centuries culminating in the Current Revolution.
  • “In the first half of the twelfth century (Hijra) the Islamic World had reached its extreme decline, degradation and utter fall. The atmosphere was very gloomy and darkness had covered all its regions. Moral degradation and corruption was rampant everywhere. As for religion, it was decadent as everything else. The pure and austere monotheism (TAWHEED) of the Prophet (sal) had become corrupted with the burgeoning growth of superstition and mysticism. The mosques stood empty, unfrequented and even deserted. The ignorant multitude decked out in amulets, charms and rosaries listened to and blindly followed squalid faqeers and ecstatic dervishes. These men urged them to perform pilgrimages to the tombs of Saints and seek their intercession with Allah. As for the moral precepts ordained by the Qur’an, they too were ignored as well as defied. Even the consumption of intoxicants and opium were well nigh universal. In all certainty, the life had been bulldozed out of Islam, leaving behind naught but a dry husk of meaningless ritual and degrading superstition. The period of the Pious Predecessors being already passed, innovations and superstitions cropped up and vastly mushroomed. The people went back to their old practices of idolatry. They started paying homage to shrines and graves, so much so that they even directed their devotional prayers and supplications towards the graves to the exclusion of Allah. They gave precedence to the philosophical views and taqleed (blind following) over the Sunnah. They divested Allah of His essential attributes by making false interpretations on the Qur’anic texts.”

Sheikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al Wahhab,
Hidaayah Islamic Foundation [ Sri Lanka ]

I, the author, do not endorse the Wahhabi approach to Islam. It is little more than another deviant sect of extremism in my view, and has been a major factor in Islamia’s demise during the last 200 years, as well as a great facilitator of Occidental hegemony. Nevertheless, this observation by the Sheikh is valid, though the ensuing ‘cure’ offered by the Sheikh and Mohd, ibn Saud is to be absolutely condemned.

  • “Recite to them (O Muhammad) the news of him whom We had given Our signs, but he abandoned them and the devil pursued him so that he became one of the deviants; if We willed, We would have exalted him through those signs, but he gravitated down to the earth and followed his own desires.” (7: 175-76)
  • Necromancy, n. the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future, or obtain divine favors; also clearly associated with witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic in general.
  • “It is only Satan who frightens his followers.” (3: 175)
  • It is well known and accepted among Jews that the Likud Government is leading Israel towards destruction in a ‘time-honoured’ historical pattern of messianic insanity. For a complete and documented account of this fact, please read: One Nation Under Israel, by Andrew Hurley, ISBN0-967-62470-3.
  • The place of Hadrat Husayn’s death.
  • Hadiths 652 through 657, Summarized by al’Bukhari, make it abundantly clear that this behavior is pagan. Muslim, on the Authority of Abu Huraira reports another from Aisha: “May God censure the Christians and Jews who turned the graves of their prophets into places of worship.” Imam Ahmad and others add that such persons would be the worst afflicted on Judgment Day.
  • For startling details on the Ismi’ili and related occult history, see appendices: The Sufi Delight.