The Malady of Sectarianism & Reform Continued: Exegesis on the Book of Genesis by Dr. Omar

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Papa newExegesis on the Book of Genesis
There are two works of Creation full of countless dominions chronicled in Genesis 1:1. Though pointedly brief, this verse covers aeons of what we perceive as time and contains initial reference to the ‘foundation of the world’ or cosmos. This is inferred by Gen 1:2, which is woefully rendered in most translations, as the original Hebrew has no word for ‘was’ nor does the Hebrew imply such a word. It is better read:

  • ‘… became or came to pass waste and empty’,

which may be less palatable to reformed grey-matter but more accurately represents the author’s intent. Verses that follow describe in detail an Adamic Re-Creation filled with mysterious allegories; then comes Chapter Two with the stories of Eden, Adam and his fall, and then the story of Cain’s sin and judgment followed by his generation’s lineage.  Genesis 1:1-3 is more accurately rendered as follows:

  • From the best (or first fruits), Elohim shape the abode of judgment and the firm place. The firm place came to pass waste and empty; and darkness was upon the countenance of deep places, and the breath of Elohim brooded before the presence of the waters. Elohim said: ‘Become Light’, after which fire (or judgment) came to pass. Elohim inspected the light (judgment) that it was good, and set apart the light in the midst of the darkness.

Water is not cited as being created yet it is present at the end of verse two. This may indicate that water already existed. Being essential for life and as an important allegorical substance throughout scripture, why then is there no resounding “Let there be Water” recorded? Neither did Moses write that God said “Let there be light!” What he did write is more accurately translated above. Allah swt hovered before the ‘waters’ then spoke an imperative command: ‘become light’, after which ‘light’ (with fire as its source, according to the Hebrew root word), ‘came to pass’ and was ‘set apart in the midst of the darkness’. These ‘waters’ therefore, assimilated this light.
The allegory relates the plan of salvation. Apostle Paul, in keeping with God’s having set ‘the light apart’ in the midst of the darkness, states, in agreement with John, that God chose His children “from the beginning’. This may allude to God’s foreknowledge of those who would obey or disobey rather than divine pre-determination of obedience or disobedience. John says this ‘darkness’ is passing away because true light is now shining on the condition that we ‘love our brother’ whom Isa taught is “he who does the will of the Father.” Such love is not the tolerant ‘niceness so popular among exponents of politically-correct New-Age rhetoric; but, to the contrary, it is specific obedience to God’s commands.
Satan’s work and that of his minions is the darkness that covered the surface of the deep: the ‘deep’ representing God’s Wisdom. This darkness preceded the Adamic Prophetic Race and most likely enveloped various archaic species of hominids. Presently, it continues through the iniquity of sectarians, who, like Cain, fabricate their own religions. The darkness mentioned in Genesis is not a lack of sunlight but rather the absence of God’s significant light, His government: i.e. His Kingdom in a man’s heart and a nation’s social spheres of activity.
The mystery thereby revealed in the Book of Genesis is in accordance with Al’Qur’an, in that all ‘waters’ were baptized by God into a covenant of light that recognized His absolute Sovereignty. Further inquiry reveals that any ‘reformed’ light is the darkness that veils God’s authentic governance from the eyes and deeds of men. This heedlessness is the result of choice rather than pre-destination, as predestination is itself a pre-determined consequence of man’s free-will to choose what is beneficial or harmful. What is pre-destined therefore, are the consequences of the choice. The mechanisms of these determinants are singular and peculiar to each individual, and we need not concern ourselves with particulars as the end-results are merely gradations of reward for either good or evil.
Satan ardently desires to take as many to hell as possible and will use any means necessary. His finest skills are manifest in the arts of religious sectarianism and the current impetus for social engineering or human resource management, which are euphemisms for economic slavery. Ephesians 6:12, clearly states that a kingdom of darkness governs the present age (one of many perhaps), and we know this age is reserved unto the judgment of fire (justice); fire being the source of all light and the root of the Hebrew word used by Moses in Genesis.
Therefore, in the beginning, God qualified and appointed all waters (men) to partake of His infinite beneficence by commanding them to become light. The root of this light is fire, i.e. fear and reverence for the judgment, justice and absolute holiness of God’s Word, which is Divine Law—i.e. “Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord” as said Prophet Sulieman (pbh). This means that the ‘Day of the Lord’ is ‘the ‘Day of Fire’ – the Day of Judgment.
When God inspected (the Hebrew terms in Genesis directly infer ‘inspection’) and saw those men (waters) whom would adopt Satan’s suggestions as their law, He set aside the faithfully lighted waters from the darkness (apartheid) upon a hill representing His authentic light or government. This is why Zion and later Jerusalem stood on a hill, both before and after King David, and why the Ark of Noah came to symbolically rest on the mountains of Ararat. God chose and marked these fire-lighted waters from the beginning and God is determined to ‘save’ them. The Ark and its Temple and its people were destroyed, and the hill of God’s First Man, Israel, is no longer His vice-gerent. It now resides, as before, in our hearts. Islam, the final Polity, once had the opportunity to reign supreme but its Imams also succumbed to worldly passions and sectarianism.
Stand before a mirror and you’ll see an image of yourself as you are. Stand before Al’Qur’an and you will see the image in which you were created and the ends to which men are destined. Both similes are real and true, but only one is holy or ‘reserved for God’. Those who are veiled by submission to Satanic suggestion cannot perceive holiness as stated in surat 7:179 and will always revert to religious pride and self-righteous anger.
To the contrary, those who remember their pre-primordial covenant are ‘reborn from above’ spiritually when shamed and humbled by the knowledge (brought to their knees). These folk weep and beg God (not man) for mercy that by the power of grace they might conform to the image God viewed upon the ‘face of those waters.’
Therefore, beware of revolutions and reformers: they are dark waters who have rejected the oil of God’s Light and the fire of His Judgment. Do not sympathize or apologize for them, and neither fight them unless they refuse to depart in peace. Warn them, and if possible, prevent them from doing wrong.
‘The Church of Neglect’ reflects disobedience to divine law and cannot be apologized for at death or on Judgment Day, because the grace of Divine respite for all Schismatics ends when the silver cord is cut and the veil of inebriating pride and apostasy is removed. For this reason, the Prophet said:

  • “Help your brother be he a wrongdoer or wronged.”

When asked for an explanation, he replied:

  • “You must prevent him from doing wrong: that will be your help to him.”

By grace are believers invited to salvation through faith and the reward of good deeds; by grace are all miracles performed; and by grace is any polity of believers imbued with power. Power is what sectarians and feminists desire above all else, and it is the grace of this authentic power the ummah lost long ago.
This tome and its siblings describe Cain’s posterity and their systematic institutionalization of the insignificant illumination of humanism under Iblitic insinuations vis-à-vis the Creed of Cain’s impressive Reformations of God’s Cause in the earth. May Allah reward your thirst and quench it, and thereby grant you the means and circumspection required to save the seed under your sway from schizoidal reformers and their skirtoid henchmen.

  • Skirtoids are vital, egotistical, and thick-skinned individuals who make good soldiers because of their endurance and psychological resistance. In peacetime, however, they are incapable of understanding life’s subtler matters or rearing children prudently [America’s ‘Good-ole-Boys’, with ‘boys’ being the qualifier – oz]. They are happy in primitive surroundings; a comfortable environment easily causes hysterization within them. They are rigidly conservative in all areas and supportive of governments that rule with a heavy hand.
  • Kretschmer was of the opinion that this anomaly was a biodynamic phenomenon caused by the crossing of two widely separated ethnic groups, which is frequent in that area of Europe. If that were the case, North America should be full of skirtoids, a hypothesis that deserves observation. We may assume that skirtoidism is inherited normally; not sex-linked.
  • This anomaly should be taken into consideration if we wish to understand the history of Russia, as well as the history of Poland, to a lesser extent. Another interesting question suggests itself: what kind of people are the so-called “jackals”, hired as professional and mercenary killers by various groups, and who so quickly and easily take up arms as a means of political struggle? They offer themselves as specialists who perform the duty as accepted; no human feelings interfere with their nefarious plans. They are most certainly not normal people, but none of the deviations described herein fits this picture. As a rule, essential psychopaths are talkative and incapable of such carefully planned activity.
  • Perhaps, we should assume this type to be the product of a cross between lesser taints of various deviations. Even if we accept the statistical probability of the appearance of such hybrids, taking into account the quantitative data, they should be an extremely rare phenomena. However, mate-selection psychology produces pairings which bilaterally represent various anomalies. Carriers of two or even three lesser deviational factors should thus be more frequent. A jackal could then be imagined as the carrier of schizoidal traits in combination with some other psychopathy, e.g. essential psychopathy or skirtoidism. More frequent instances of such hybrids are a large part of a society’s pool of hereditary pathological ponerogenic factors.

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  • Rev 17:14: “And one of the seven angels, which had the seven bowls, came and spoke with me, saying, Come here, I will show thee the sentence of the great harlot who sits upon the many waters; And he says to me, “The waters which thou sawest, where the harlot sits, are people and multitudes and nations and tongues.”
  • “His example is that of a man who built a house and then offered therein a banquet and sent an inviter (messenger) to invite the people. So whoever accepted the invitation of the inviter, entered the house and ate of the Banquet, and whoever did not accept the invitation of the inviter, did not enter the house, nor did he eat of the banquet.” — Jabir bin’Abdullah, p V, The Noble Qur’an, trans. by Al’Hilali and Mushin Khan, Medinah, KSA
  • David Rockefeller confided to Aaron Russo that Feminism was espoused by the Illuminati so that women would enter the work force and pay taxes. This was in addition to their abandonment of children to ‘Day Care’ centers and television wherin the innocents are indoctrinated to serve the State rather than their parents.

The Boy Scouts of King George VI’s Masonic Lodge