The Nature of Evil in Relation to Jesuit Catholicism

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In Cain’s Creed, Dr. Zaid has attempted the seemingly impossible.  His posture, vis-à-vis contemporary Muslim and Christian cultures, is that of the’ insider-outsider’.  But it is only the latter who can truly picture his contemporary history in the manner of the cartographer.  Do not read this book unless you are prepared to be tossed like a pendulum between the rich Islamic tradition and the huge repertoire of the dialectics in Christian religious patrimony. This book is a sine qua non for teachers who know that unless the world learns the truth, it shall remain hostage to ignorance, international “politiricks” and the cults of greediness, nepotism and profanity.”
Assist. Prof. Oladosu A. Afis Ph.D., ISTAC (visiting scholar 2009-10); Fulbright Scholar, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts & Coordinator for Postgraduate Programs, AIS, University, Ibadan, Nigeria. (DEC 2010)


Ishma’ilis of the West
by Omar Zaid, (an excerpt from Cain’s Creed)

In the absence of human restraint — meaning good or righteous governance — evil manifests by means of conscious and even unconscious perpetration.  Therefore, and by necessity, evil is a personified manifestation of activities for which I offer the following definition(s):  
Evils are foreseeable intolerable harms produced by culpable wrongdoing.
The Atrocity Paradigm, Claudia Card, Oxford University Press, 2002, p. 3.
Evil is the persistent violation of the rights of creation and/or creatures by any self-aware mature human or non-human whose cognitions and deeds lack God’s grace by means of willful disobedience to Divine Law, thereby causing harm inherently, even if for a moment and regardless of all rationale to the contrary.   – oz
For Muslims this includes ignorant souls who perpetrate evil by default due to the lack of oversight and restraint by apathetic governors who know better, which therefore makes the latter complicit and hence responsible under the ever present, divinely appointed recording angels.  An example of the latter is Malaysia’s corrupt central government whose unofficial larcenous policies create environments in which crime flourishes while women are forced into sexual slavery and Muslim daughters suffer incest as well as increasing incidence of divorce and abandonment due to an unrestrained exercise of male chauvinism and racism, both of which are anathema to Islam.
Those accepting the definitions offered are also wise to acknowledge associations wholly dedicated to evil such as Britain’s Order of Nine Angles[i], certain political parties and similar cults.  However, the greater challenge is more difficult to acknowledge, as evil intent is presently normalized under doctrines of toleration and democracy etc., and further organized into NGO and governmental associations at local, national and international levels for the propagation of non-compliance with divine directives.  One cannot easily dismiss the White Man’s mass sterilization or repeated genocide of non-whites, often overseen by Jesuits such as the recent Canadian debacle; or the UN’s Investment Banking and business conglomerates that impose armed force in support of anti-social policies and hegemony disguised as altruism along with fully socialized bureaucracies that support atheism, hedonism, religions of accretion, and secret liaisons with ‘not-to-mention’ global mafias of illicit drugs and human trafficking.  These institutions are endemic under UN international auspice and threaten every nation’s autonomy and security, both externally and internally.  But what is most disconcerting and daunting as my collective works demonstrate, is that these works of iniquity have become subject to various forms of Romanism.
Under the definition of evil offered, the Jesuit dictum ‘the ends justify the means’ [1] finds no role for man’s benefit excepting the challenge it presents to those who choose to defend what is beneficial.  In fact, the entire Jesuit-Catholic platform and constitution appear to be drawn from stores of fancy that thrive on malevolence, artifice and self-inflated vanity in the name of God, and yet defy God’s Law even at the Universalist realm, which fully qualifies as hypocrisy:
There is no longer any doubt — it is incontestable — it is demonstrated by texts submitted to evidence of the most opposite character, from Blaise Pascal [1623-1662, Rosicrucian] to our days, that the theological works of the best accredited members of the Jesuits contain justification or excuse for — theft, adultery, violation and murder …   [these descriptives represent] the abominable spirit of the Constitution of the Company of Jesus and the books of their classic theologians.[2]
So hurtful [harmful] was the Jesuit Order found to be that, up to 1860, it was expelled no fewer than seventy times from countries which had suffered from its machinations… In spite of Continental warnings, England [under Queen Victoria (1837-1901) who opened communication with the Vatican in 1877] has become a Jesuit dumping-ground.  Those, whom other countries have found from sad experience to be enemies, Britain allows to land on her shores, and carry on unmolested their work of iniquity.  We are carrying toleration to excess, and unless there is a change of policy, this nation will one day pay a heavy penalty.[3], [ii]
Every day the general receives a number of reports which severally check each other. There are in the central house, at Rome, huge registers, wherein are inscribed the names of all the Jesuits and of all the important persons, friends, or enemies, with whom they have any connection. In those registers are recorded . . . facts relating to the lives of each individual. It is the most gigantic biographical collection that has ever been formed. The conduct of a light woman, the hidden failings of a statesman, are recounted in these books with cold impartiality. . . When it is required to act in any way upon an individual, they open the book and become immediately acquainted with his life, his character, his qualities, his defects, his projects, his family, his friends, his most secret acquaintances.
Abbate Leon; The Secret Plan of the Order, preface by M. Victor Considerant,  p. 33, London: 1848.
In Cain’s Creed, The Cult of Rome, I outline and in some cases specify the historical course of this moral blindness by delineating the path of a vast number of human beings who submitted themselves to sub-human Jesuit and pre-Jesuitical governance willingly or passively without critical thought.  The latter qualification is an alarming continuum of a post-modern social conditioning that is consciously prosecuted and now extends beyond Catholic flocks via engineered pathocracies as defined and described in this text, now called The New World Order to which many attend wholeheartedly:
The problem has reached unprecedented degrees of gravity, going far beyond the implications of the reductionist and secular theories of human nature that have prevailed in Western thought since the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods and affected, in varying degrees, philosophical and social thought in the world.  The alarming gravity we are now witnessing is more than the enhancement and refinement of the techniques and means of social control and engineering aimed at shaping human personality and directing it in accordance with some specific ideological models.  It consists of a sort of demonic manipulation [sorcery] of the very human constitution to reengineer human beings and make them come into existence at will and upon demand.[4]
With good reason, there are numerous qualified students of history who deem the Jesuit-Catholic hierarchy responsible for monstrous crimes.  This includes the present pandemic of anti-social behavior with its serial instances of mass murder, assiduous political assassinations, cold-blooded genocides, contemptible frauds, and an incredible pilferage of mankind’s heritage and fortune.  Most of their crimes remain unpunished and forgotten due to campaigns that remove truth and evidence from political and educational agendas as well as the first ten pages of the press.  Their immunity is enigmatic and defies all political will for righteous recompense because, or so it seems, they’ve finally rid the earth of adversaries regarded well enough by God to withstand them, which includes Muslim nobles.
How then have we come to know their secrets?  On occasion, one or the other repents and confesses in a book or otherwise, for which there are several references.  On other occasions, God intervenes and/or causes a certain lack of attention to detail leading to error and public disclosure.  Such was the case of the Illuminati messenger in Bavaria struck by lightning, another is as follows:
It was a fundamental maxim with the Jesuits, from their first institution, not to publish the rules of their order.  These they kept concealed as an impenetrable mystery. They never communicated them to strangers, nor even to the greater part of their own members. They refused to produce them when required by courts of justice.” But during a lawsuit at Paris, in 1760, Father Montigny committed the blunder of placing the two volumes of their “Constitutions” (the Prague ed., 1757) in the hands of the French court. By the aid of these authentic records the principles of their government may be delineated.[5]
The signs and symptoms of evil, i.e., perpetrators, victims and evidential debris, are commonly studied by Sociologists, Psychologists, Criminologists and Forensic Scientists as well as by the new science of Ponerology which is singularly dedicated to all such Institutionalized malevolence.  One might call Ponerology ‘The Science of Political Evil’.  However, here we must bear in mind that wickedness has degrees and that its quintessential profession is the now un-politically-correct fine art of sorcery, the focus of Hermeticists who’ve worked arduously for centuries to institute and prepare the present Age of Harm as described later.  Therefore, the astute monotheist must take any reductionist definition offered by Ponerologists as partial because even this discipline fails to acknowledge the metaphysical dimensions of Creation that include demonic powers, principalities of both men and jinn who willfully exercise abject disobedience towards our Creator and have, hence, become the embodiment of evil’s institutionally successive hegemony by God’s design in the absence of any politically organized and potent opposition of righteousness.
The devolution of this sociopathy via programs of social engineering has systematically dehumanized post-modern culture by alienating men from their inborn proclivity towards God and the moral imperatives that scientifically qualify the descriptive, ‘Human’.  For those who doubt the preceding definitions or indictments or even the last statement with reference to Jesuits I provide ample substantiation for sober reconsideration such as the following:
The first generation will not belong to us; the second will nearly belong to us; the third will entirely belong to us.  You well know that what we aim at is the Empire of the World.[6]
–  Jesuit Council of Cheiri, 1825
Every Jesuit.., should permit themselves to be moved and directed under divine Providence by their Superiors just as if they were a corpse, which allows itself to be moved and handled in any way …. Thus obedient he should execute anything on which the Superior chooses to employ him ”   – Constitutions, Id., pp. 55, 56.
These sentiments, especially the taqlid or blind following are similar to what Freemasons, Communists and even the Muslim Brotherhood have professed in different venues and times.  But Muslims especially should ask:  What progress, excepting that of the further fragmentation of the ummah, presently belongs to the latters’ effort which mimics this furtive Occidental shadow?  Indeed, Al’Banna’s father and uncles were Freemasons, and the phenomenal scale of the woeful reality under consideration has not spared Muslims or Egypt in the least and indicates the contrary: a universal failure of righteousness when one reviews statistics related to anti-social behavior by the many who claim to follow Mohammad and other prophets (pbt); considering also that the Brotherhood permits the barbaric mutilation of their women’s genitals three generations after Hassan Al’Banna’s example.  Moreover, the novel manifestation of endemic iniquity has accompanied the post-Enlightenment with its advancing alienation of authentic Human-Nature as multiply evidenced by post-modernity’s mass murders and media’s numerous abstractions and diversions; most of which deflect cognition from nature and hence also from the inborn knowledge of God.
The modern archetype of this phenomenon was the aggression initiated by WWII’s ‘Axis Powers’ that successfully mobilized their nations to annihilate ‘others’ by utilizing the most ingenious inhumane methods of efficient human slaughter.  What is now coming to greater light is that this misanthropic carnage was artfully conducted by the unimpeachable hierarchies mentioned above, who just as easily mounted the inhumane response of the Allies and guided both death machines towards Romanist advantage:
The seeds of hate between Germany and England were planted in those two glorious Protestant countries by the Jesuits so that they might develop in time to block the celebration of the Protestant Reformation (1522-1534) on its four hundredth Anniversary—an event which was planned to surpass anything of the kind the world has ever seen, a celebration which would have set Protestantism fifty years ahead.  The Jesuits, anticipating this, staged the World War which completely sidetracked it. [7]
There is abundance of incontestable proof that the forces of religion, as represented by the Catholic Church, have succeeded in dominating the political and social field, and that there exists a close bond between them and the origins, methods and objectives of the whole Nazi-Fascist movement in Europe… We can go even so far as to state that Nazi-Fascism had its origin in the Society of Jesus, and that, like other movements in the past analogous to Fascism today, it was planned to serve the traditional aims of the disciples of Ignatius Loyola. [8]
This treatise [Cain’s Creed] describes the iniquitous ideations, traditions, cultures, Mystery Religions and associations from ancient to modern times that have ventured into post-modern hegemony in order to establish, propagate and protect evil in the name of false gods and genuine appetites.  The contemporary example and most onerously known happens to be that of Jesuit Catholicism, but even so, neither is this book about Jesuits alone; although the scale of their heartless treachery, barbarism and cruelty distinguishes Romanism above other religions and does make for an excellent study of sub-human nature.  The book is rather concerned with the several Gnostic rationales utilized for millennia that have led to the creation of such an exquisitely designed society of psychopaths disguised as human beings.
The members of the Society are divided into four classes—the Professed, Coadjutors, Scholars, and Novices. There is also a secret fifth class, known only to the General and a few faithful Jesuits, which, perhaps, more than any other, contributes to the dreaded and mysterious power of the order.  It is composed of laymen of all ranks, from the minister to the humble shoe-boy…  These are affiliated to the Society, but not bound by any vows… they are persons who will make themselves useful… they act as the spies of the order… and serve, often unwittingly, as the tools and accomplices in dark and mysterious crimes.  The Jesuit Father Francis Pellico… candidly confesses that ‘the many illustrious friends of the Society remain occult, and obliged to be silent. [9]
The teachings of the order clearly sanction equivocation and perjury, theft, bribery, even the bribery of judges, the grossest immorality, the deposition of kings and rulers, the release of subjects from their allegiance, and even the commission of murder and regicide.”[10]
Lord Robert Montague, 1886
This particular cult, one of many, well deserves the cognomen The Ismai’lis of the West, as explained later in the text.  They were constituted some 400 odd years ago in response to the Reformation’s attempt to adjust Christian accretion towards genuine Monotheism; an advent that announced the ‘end of days’ by bringing about what Francis Fukuyama says has become our ‘post-human future’.[11]  The allusion is to the a pan-antisocial worldview that has removed mankind from the pursuit of the moral imperatives required for civilized relations.  The situation is so advanced that truly enlightened souls wishing to oppose its progress have been globally disassociated from seats of power by evil’s several institutions.  As you will come to know, the Jesuits and other Catholic Societies such as the Knights of Malta, Columbus & Constantine are far more than black robes with Dravidian tonsures and crucifix fixations.
To place this dreadful state of affairs in a gestalt context before proceeding with my historical revision, an exposition on the Law of Grace follows in order to juxtapose free-will, good, evil, the moral imperatives, contemporary society, governance, and our impending post-mortem dispositions in proper perspective.  This represents an exercise in authentic adab, which is the justified naming and proper positioning of people, creatures, events, places and things.  In other words, I tell it like it is rather than how sanctimonious ritualists and philosophers otherwise wish it were as they endorse wickedness with the pretense of polite denial or impossibly complex definitions, hoping it will just go away or that somebody else will suffer the consequences of defending truth before the beast knocks on their door.



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[ii] The Papal Bull of Jesuit Suppression
Pope Clement XIV (pic above), after four years of investigation, felt compelled to abolish the Jesuit Order. In his Bull of Suppression, issued July 21, 1773, he wrote, that repeated warnings had been given to the Society of “the most imminent dangers, if it concerned itself with temporal matters, and which relate to political affairs, and the administration of government.” It was “strictly forbidden to all the members of the society, to interfere in any manner whatever in public affairs.” Clement then cites eleven popes who “employed without effect all their efforts… to restore peace to the Church” by keeping the Jesuits out of “secular affairs, with which the company ought not to have interfered,” as they had done “in Europe, Africa, and America.”
The Pope continues:
We have seen, in the grief of our heart, that neither these remedies, nor an infinity of others, since employed, have produced their due effect, or silenced the accusations and complaints against the said society …. In vain [were all efforts.]  – Bull of Clement XIV, in “Constitutions of the Society of Jesus,” pp. 116, 117. London:1838.
After so many storms, troubles, and divisions . . . the times became more difficult and tempestuous; complaints and quarrels were multiplied on every side; in some places dangerous seditions arose, tumults, discords, dissensions, scandals, which weakening or entirely breaking the bonds of Christian charity, excited the faithful to all the rage of party hatreds and enmities. Desolation and danger grew to such a height, that . . . the kings of France, Spain, Portugal, and Sicily,–found themselves reduced to the necessity of expelling and driving from their states, kingdoms, and provinces, these very companions of Jesus; persuaded that there remained no other remedy to so great evils; and that this step was necessary in order to prevent the Christians from rising one against another, and from massacring each other in the very bosom of our common mother the Holy Church. The said our dear sons in Jesus Christ having since considered that even this remedy would not be sufficient towards reconciling the whole Christian world, unless the said society was absolutely abolished and suppressed, made known – their demands and wills in this matter to our said predecessor Clement XIII” –Id., p. 118.
After a mature deliberation, we do, out of our certain knowledge, and the fulness of our apostolical power, suppress and abolish the said company …. We abrogate and annul its statutes, rules, customs, decrees, and constitutions, even though confirmed by oath, and approved by the Holy See …. We declare . . . the said society to be for ever annulled and extinguished.  – Id., pp. 119, 120.
Our will and meaning is, that the suppression and destruction of the said society, and of all its parts, shall have an immediate and instantaneous effect.  –Id., p. 124.
Our will and pleasure is, that these our letters should for ever and to all eternity be valid, permanent, and efficacious, have and obtain their full force and effect …. Given at Rome, at St. Mary the Greater, under the seal of the Fisherman, the 21st day of July, 1773, in the fifth year of our Pontificate”–”Bull for the Effectual Suppression of the Order of Jesuits.” Quoted in “Constitutions of the Society of Jesus.   p. 126.
We now respectfully ask: Can any Roman Catholic doubt that the pope is telling the truth about the Jesuits?  If he is telling the truth, can we be blamed for feeling that there is a Jesuit danger, after that society has been reinstated and has labored incessantly for more than a century, and is unchanged in principle?
If the political activities of the Jesuits, of which Pope Clement XIV complained so pathetically, are not a serious problem to civil governments, then why were the Jesuits expelled from so many states, Catholic as well as Protestant, as the following table shows? Francis T. Morton, Member of the Massachusetts Bar, gives the following:
Jesuit Expulsions:
Canton Grisons
La Palinterre
Naples again
France again
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Canton Soleure
Antwerp, Portugal, etc
Brest (by the people)
England again
Russia again
England again
Spain again
England again
Rouen Cathedral (by the people)
Belgium, schools
Hungary & Transylvania
France, 8 colleges closed
Britain and Ireland
France again
Touron and Berne
From entering Saxony
England again
England again
Spain again
Denmark, Venice, etc
Rheims (by the people)
Venice again
From entering Lucerne
Amura, Japan
Lucerne again
France again
Naples and Netherlands
Bavaria and Genoa
China and India
Papal States, by Pius IX, Sardinia, Vienna, Austria
Several Italian states
Sicily again
Spain again
German Empire
Mexico (by the viceroy)
Prohibited in France
Mexico (by Comonfort)
France again
Mexico (by Congress)
Spain, colonies, Sicilies, Naples
New Granada since
Parma and Malta
All Christendom, by bull of Clement XIV
Argentine Republic
France again
France again
To those who wish to study this subject further we recommend the careful reading of the following books, besides those referred to in this chapter:
History of the Jesuits,by Andrew Steinmetz, London, 1848;
History of the Jesuits, by G. B. Nicolini, London, 1854;
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits, translated from the Latin by W. C. Brownlee, D. D., New York, 1841;
The Footprints of the Jesuits, by R. W. Thompson;
The Jesuit Enigma, by E. Boyd Barrett;
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The Jesuit Morals, collected by a Doctor of the College of Sorbonne in Paris, translated into English, London, 1670.