The Pavlovian Maze: Islam's Bungled Vice-gerency

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

The Pavlovian Maze  Islam’s Bungled Vice-Gerency

In the Name of Allah, most Merciful and Beneficent:
Though Globalism’s Pathocracy offers rhetoric to the contrary, the odium of the Cult of Rome continues to permeate through international leadership and not a small fraction of humanity.  Its institutionalized heart disease ascends on waves of conformity to considerable disbelief as well as apathy and/or unawareness of its roguery, despite clear warnings from numerous writers and notables.
The historical reality of Wall Street Felons and Masonic treachery is established beyond doubt by many writers. Cain’s Creed furthers this fact of life as intelligibly as possible, but not because I believe the present attenuation of common sense can be remedied.  My purposes are (1) to awaken as many readers as possible before they’re handled by the mortician; (2) to deconstruct man’s appetite for deception and trespass;  and in addition (3) to provide gestalt perspective on the warps and woofs of the Apocoplyptic Beast so that, come the reader’s turn to feed its handlers, they might reflect.
This latter awareness is the essence of the Mujahid’s spiritual and eschatological maturity; one that nourishes the courage required to meet both enemy and death consciously: what Muslims call akhirah.  Unfortunately, many a Muslim pedestrian, scholiast and Imam have failed to identify and effectively study wickedness let alone Ponerology.  They have overlooked the ummah’s gravest of enemies and have continually bungled the burden of diligence, thus disabling the potency of Muslim vice-gerency as an effective polity.
Ensconced in White Tower havens of soothing naiveté and pretension, many a scholar bears a lethal dissociation from the people they claim to serve and has embraced sophism,[1] both witting and not. The misapplication of their gift of intellect is evident by deference to the regalia, icons (including the Star and Crescent), logos, banners, slogans, money and ism agendas of Occidental Jesuit elitists and Muslim World Leagues of collaborators such as the OIC et alia.  Being thus submitted to expediencies and monied personages that Hadrat Umar would disdain, they’ve become like so many creatures in a Pavlovian maze—conditioned to seek the permitted rewards of a system established by Olympian savants who service the Beast we all are consequently forced to feed.
The Mainstream Islamic Discourse has been set aside to accommodate protocols for popes of poneros whose heirophants intone contrived constructs in Gregorian-authorized Dialogue Temples; and if you don’t quite get the gist of this G-word pun, then all the more reason for me to write and for you to read on, especially if I just described your extancy.
Polished Muslim apologists trade platitudes over manufactured abstractions in order to repeatedly apply – ‘on cue’ – the moral absurdities of relativism to ever-worsening real-time existential relationships. Meanwhile, Grandmasters of Cain’s Creed slaughter and plunder the world’s peoples and wealth with impunity while their ambassadors tramp Muslim red-carpets to insure the deference continues.  The farce and players are called “inspiring,” “informative,” even “enlightening” by pundits and public who have been weened on half-truths specifically designed to thwart discernment and prevent the collective application of integrity in realms of political cognition and deed.
While the abandonment of Monotheism’s Authentic Discourse is derogated to marabouts and exiled to the near-leper status of once normative Fundamentalism, dialogical fiefdoms promote paper pushers of the redoubtable “Publish or Perish” pedigree—a rather impressive lot of toadies who cater to denatured public opinion pools.  Indelibly neutralized by Humanism’s taint, their laptops, laps and tongues are plopped on ecumania chairs of international “expertise” to seek impossible compromise with materialism’s Pontiffs in Rome, London and Washington D.C.—hence we have mounting dialogues and momentums lead by Muslim Monarchs towards realizing Papist-Zionist-Jesuit-Freemasonic ambitions in Jerusalem.  Like the Emperor’s New Wardrobe, archaic trivia and putative descriptives are granted the eminence of imperative concern while significant problems – for which they have neither power nor influence whatsoever to affect change – are gravely mentioned then cast aside in favor of British ‘High Tea’ with biscuits and political platforms favoring more of the same.
Worse yet, matters that further the cause of globalism’s sociopaths are attended to in the name of pluralism’s calls for (1) ‘Peace’, (2) ‘Unconditional Love’, (3) something called ‘Unity’, and (4) an undefined ‘tolerance’ of an undefined “other” while cultural identities are swept away by the homogenous tsunami of post-modern anarchy and Romanized Westernization.  If you doubt the last qualifier, I ask you once again to review the fascist regalia worn by Muslim Leaders both openly and in secret; count the number of Freemasonic Lodges operative in your “Muslim” nations; count the number of Jesuits and Catholic institutions and consultants close to throne and gendarme and then observe – in addition to multiple social maladies – the skyrocketing divorce rates, endemic family dysfunction and maltreatment of Muslim women and children, as well as the aberrant and intrusive laws of marriage and divorce that depart from the Sunnah.  You will soon realize that destroying or complicating marriage is an occult priority as mentioned in the verse regarding Harut and Marut in Al’Qur’an.  What’s more, is that all of these destructive paths of pride, reform, behavior, sedition, degeneracy and maladjustment lead to Rome and Rome leads to a god-man and he to a goddess—None lead to Allah.
Rarely in Islamic forums is heard the undaunted voice of hanif sobriety such as Sheikh Ihsaan Hendricks’, President of S. Africa’s Muslim Judicial Council;[i] in whose presence of mind and tongue Humanism’s entourage of sophist rhetoricians retreat to the dark caves of delusion from whence they came.  Unfortunately – and I write this with a heavy heart – for the most part, our ‘knock-off’ faculties are facilities for progressive ‘Islamizations’ whereby Orientalists “strongly suggest” conditions for Americanization, Germanification, Europianization and Pluralification of a homogenized Muslim ummah that meets standard requirements for the ongoing hegemony of the Roman Fourth Reich:
““… the Islamic Charta in thesis no. 15, postulates “a contemporary reading of the Islamic sources, which takes into account both the particulars of contemporary issues and the development of a properly European Muslim identity…”;[2]
This typical Jesuit ploy is a process of abject submission to an Islam of compromise and subjugation – a process calledintegration” — something one does with an ‘inferior race’ and/or culture (if I recall American history correctly) as it consumes and transforms its ‘assimilants’.  An additional insult to the subdued psyche of a truly cowed Muslim khassa is their touting of the oxymoron, Islamic Banking, as if it were a scientific term despite the incongruities of today’s Shylockian schemes for svelte brigands defended by bewildering PhD apologetics for the economic ponerism of all Central Banks.
Newly minted isms continually flow from revered pundits such as Jesuits like Christian Troll (SJ), Drs. John Voll and John Esposito[ii] et alia. amongst others; each of whom peddles the ecumanic unity-palaver in the name of a Universalism they well know their masters won’t tolerate.  Of course it’s against the conditions of their solemn vows to admits this—so they won’t!
Their tenders are replete with factual trends for the syncretic success of homogeneity laced with undefinable vagaries that disallow God’s Revelation to enter the fray unless it is demeaned by Rome’s catechismal rhetoric.  These fellows propose that the Church of Universalism is tenable without unadulterated Prophetic discourse, something else they well know their cult continues to outrage.  Such deliberate obfuscation is a talent at which Catholics excel, Jesuits in particular. The surfeit of sopho-moronic distractions they proffer forestalls confrontation with diplomats of their Plunder-Buddy Pathocracy.  Hence, the real work of defending and implememting Islam is left to marginalized pariahs such as the Mufti of Perlis, Malaysia.  The scenarios of the dialogues they patronize are carnivals of appeasement facilitating post-Orientalist barkers who call one and all to pay for and enjoy a circus of ‘false hope’ along with the farce of Obama’s presidency.  Nevertheless, I mournfully suspect that many a Muslim academic prays these toothless diversions will credit them with sufficient ‘good intentions’ when entering the grave.
Essentially, via Freemasonry, pop music. Holly-Bollywoods and Academia, the amalgamation and seduction of leadership in every nation has already taken place.  What remains is to entrap the masses via the World Council of Churches riding tandem with the World Parliament of Religions on a crusade to Jerusalem.
Meanwhile, the earth is raped while its oil peaks and leaks, its species are serially annihilated and it’s humans are murdered, enslaved, robbed, insulted, dumbed down and conditioned, interrogated, mesmerized, tortured, lied to, mercilessly bombed, sterilized, poisoned, infected, patronized, preached to and oppressed despite the UN’s tongue-wagged but useless Human Right’s Declaration.  So without elaborating further, I introduce an attempt to explain this woebegone dominion with sufficient unpolitically correct terms I pray will infuriate colleagues well enough to boost the sales of this book.

[1] A fallacious argument, especially one used deliberately to deceive.
[2]   … the announcement of such a new methodology and discourse will be more than welcomed.  Such a new reading hopefully would free Muslim minds and organisations in Europe to enter into a sincere dialogue with Christians and all people of good will…”
Prof. Christian Troll, SJ: “Dialogue as Encounter in Faith: Problems and Prospects” lecture (26 Nov 2008) at IAIS, KL, Malaysia, Occasional Papers Series 5
    (15 Oct 09) “Dear Dr. Omar, Dr. Christian W. Troll, SJ, is one of the foremost German Jesuits.  He, along with his Jesuit brethren, is plotting the return of fascism to Germany now overrun with Turkish Muslims.  It is no secret that Berlin is called “Little Istanbul.”  While calling for more and more dialogue as to how to live together which is impossible, the White German Roman Catholics are becoming angrier and angrier.  Kroll keeps the lid on the boiling pot fastened tightly under the guise of creating more understanding over time; secretly he is fomenting that explosion that must come one terrible day…
Sincerely, Brother Eric John Phelps”
See also: Malachi Martin, The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church


[i]       S. Africa’s Muslim Judicial Council 20 Cashel Ave, Athlone, Cape Town 7764, S.A. – PO Box 38311, Gatesville 7766, S.A.  Phone:  2721 6973016 email: [email protected]
[ii] Dear Dr Zaid, (30 Sep 1009)
Dr. John L. Esposito is most assuredly a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and certainly a Knight of a Papal Order.  He is not just a professor at Jesuit Georgetown, but a darling of the Company for many years. He was Loyola Professor of Middle East Studies, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, and Director of the Center for International Studies at Holy Cross – a key recruitment center for the CIA as per past graduates: SMOM Edward Bennett Williams and Robert Maheu (CIA/Mafia intermediary) during the Order’s JFK assassination.  Esposito is a darling of the CFR-ruled American press ruled by the Archbishop of New York City, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.  The man is a Jesuit coordinator of Sunni Islamic leaders worldwide, as you know the CIA being the master of Al Qaeda as well as all the Moslem heads of State including the Saudi king know this.  He is a vessel for the Maryland Jesuit Provincial overseeing Knight of Malta John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown University.  He is under orders to coordinate Sunni leaders in working with Western Intelligence agencies as we witness the destruction of the Shia Moslems, no matter how many Sunnis die in the process.  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE have opened their treasure chests to finance the American-led Crusade against the Shia soon to erupt into Iran.  Once the Shia are neutralized, the Crusade will be directed against the Sunnis – to unite them against the peoples of the pope’s 14th Amendment American Empire. This will include the destruction of the mosques in Mecca and Medina that will ignite a Jihad against every American in the world – as intended by the Black Pope.
 The Reformation West [Protestants] will be destroyed and Islam will be neutralized enabling the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple – for the pope in his revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.” Esposito is a coordinator to these ends.  He is no friend of the Islamic peoples, but a fellow traveler with the high Islamic leaders who are papal knights and Freemasons loyal to Rome.  If you watch him carefully he will show his hand. Then call him on his duplicity.  I shall end with a quote from Rome Stoops to Conquer by ex-Jesuit Dr. E. Boyd Barrett (1935) p. 180:
“The spirit of the Order can be gleaned from the extraordinary prayer of the greatest of Jesuit saints, Francis Xavier: ‘Put me some place where there are no Jews or Moslems,’ cried Francis.”  The Order hates the Moslems almost as much as it hates the Jews: one of the foremost purposes for the Order’s creation in 1534 was to take Jerusalem away from Islam. Both Moslems and Jews are deemed enemies of Rome and thus both must be eliminated if the pope is to be the unrivaled universal monarch of the world. I trust this is helpful.
Sincerely in faith, Brother Eric John Phelps