THE LGBT PLAYGROUND: An Excerpt From My Latest Book

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
  • Donald Trump is the result of a long process of decay and assaults by corporate powers. He is a symptom, not the disease; the natural consequence of a degenerate society. ~ Chris Hedges, 2018

What follows justifies wider use of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist and should arrest arrested metaphysical introspection.
Generic LGBT gambits are penetrable, criminal, nearly sacralized, and often played out under noses of confederates in social welfare programs, sports venues, Hollywood, pre-school day care centers, scout groups and charities, etc., and commonly dressed as cultural or community service. Many religious institutions routinely outrage patriarchal cum matriarchal ethnic groups with impunity, allowing black market highways for young flesh and ritual murder to prosper under prayer ridden roofs and blue-ribboned auspices.
The Cult of the Robe, as previously noted, is a clear example of this militated lunacy. Their imaginative tribunes have baptized corporations with personhood minus accountability, thus giving us Trump. They’ve also imposed vaccine toxins on innocents, thus increasing corporate medical profits as well as LGBT and autistic constituencies; they’ve reversed discriminatory policies in favor of undeserving opportunists; and cut paths for unsung nuclear contamination(s) and sexual perversion [xiv]. All this and more comprise a fluid set of misplaced trust that grinds political and legal integrity into serpent-worthy dust heaps that poison professed creedal objectives [80]. This post-modern being lives due to Double Speak dynamics and an extremely stupid citizenry, exactly as described by Orwell and Rev. 13. The Viperdom is international, Satanic, and often affiliated with Freemasons and a menage of chutzpah Jews.

  • Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex. The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same [81].
  • Merav Michaeli of the Israeli Knesset wants to abolish marriage altogether.

LGBT moral faculties continuously wrestle with conflicting neurological and psychological oscillatory flutters generated by anomalously gendered nerves and soma. Hence, knotted messages, messengers and messaging forbid peaceful cognizant facilitation of gender complementarity and reciprocity, which is no light matter. A lesbian who truly falls in love with a woman, for example, does so because she cannot do otherwise. She may even abstractly desire what is heteronormative but does not have the physiology, empathy and sympathy to consummate the affair in summa. For her and any partner she chooses, even a man, gestalt integration of relational human existence is limited if not impossible. Incursions into heteronormative territory are, therefore, searches for impossible remedy, or political expediency (fraud), or pathological projection. Imagine an octopus copulating and establishing domesticity with a jellyfish to envision the moral and metaphysical enormity.
LGBT folks tentacalize heterosexuals imaginatively, ignorantly, fatuously and fraudulently under sepias of gender-fluid mania. The purblind rutting engages impulse drive fueled by restive wantonness due to an impossible-to-fill demand for oxytocin’s dopaminergic soma, which screams like a hungry ghost. Why? LGBT people do not generate normative male-to-female oscillatory amalgams of faithfully dedicated tenso-vibrational bio-magnetic resonance, nor can they profitably imbibe and metabolize them. In essence, their hungry ghost can eat but never be nourished. Satisfaction is not to be had because unnatural (endogenous) EM oscillations do not resonate in sync with naturally gendered EM oscillations.
A kind of metaphysical indigestion occurs that materially precipitates illness and dysfunction. There is no transmogrified transubstantiation to be had except for what brings harm, halts development and somehow frustrates fulfillment, despite outward appearances to the contrary. Climax follows penetration after which positive potentials vanish, flushed along with adsorptive sepia through hearts that can neither hold nor distribute the elixir of esoteric consummation. The same applies to non-normative EM oscillations from their own kind, which may be slightly more compatible but never complementary at quantic levels of logos touch. Hence, LGBT heart worthiness is limited, limiting and abstract rather than in-the-flesh real, despite the finest of intentions. The best of them, therefore, much like Oliver Sacks, for example, resign themselves to making the most of an inhospitable prison filled with unsuitably gendered tenso-vibrations. Thus, even when well partnered they cannot obtain the monogamous repose everyone seeks, but rather establish facsimiles robed in apologetic ostentation and poetic license to cradle untouchable egos, as did Liberace and Wilde.
The tenso vibrations under discussion are autonomous expressions of the divine word or logos that gives and sustains life and which continues from Unknowable realms over which men religiously murder each other as if they knew. It is, therefore, better to kneel in submission to the Unknowable’s ever present and evident works, as do the bravest and most knowledgeable of us, including folks like Michio Kaku.
Without submission to the logos hegemony of the heterosexual matrix, the LGBT minority cannot assist morally imbued cosmopolitanism without vying for tyrannical chairs. Comic containment or pretense to the contrary only threatens what is genuinely viable. Those who desist from futile rutting, as did Dr Sacks, withdraw tentacles and siphons to vigorously work within heterosexual finitude, which grants passage to reality orientation, much like crew members who handsomely assist captains and first mates aboard the Unknowable’s Matrix. Here we find exceptional people who settle for what touch they can or cannot get without insulting the God of finitude. These enter wiser living within containments for truer relations wherein they participate in the construction of meaningful purpose in a hearty struggle.
However, not a few unconverted belligerents abandon political morals to attend equal opportunity sexual orientation humbug rallies where they object like  circadias caught in the cosmic lizard’s beak. “Freedom!” they chirp. ‘To do what’, I ask? To rut what cannot be rutted — where uninvited, detested or forbidden? To harm the innocent and those they claim to love? To oscillate in abject desperation like childish clowns? Indeed, the great lizard of definitive restraint must swallow such chirps. It’s only natural.
In view of Native American precedents, therefore, I suggest (H10) that coming out of submerged hermetic pretense—what Wilde disastrously accomplished on his own—is an initial step in a lengthy developmental process that is best guided by informed mentors. This infers special education to aid honest integration with the heteronormative cardinal identity set. They should accept exclusion without political or social disenfranchisement beyond what is reasonable, per the Hare Psychopathy Checklist and similar screening. The blind do not qualify as Olympic sharpshooters nor do paraplegics seek professional football careers. LGBT handicaps should similarly recognize the pretense of venereal normality and return to faulty earth, in and upon which they seek to dwell in peace.
Except for a few, however, reality orientation is upstaged by immediacy. Being removed from deep aesthetic experiences of meaningful relations with each other and nature, their communities and sympathizers flock like pigeons to colorful confetti and post-enlightened post-modern bread crumb curricula. This intellectual tripe, as discussed in final chapters, antithetically entered education with more flatulence than the intercrural pederasty of practiced rabbis [82].
LGBT criminality makes it clear that equating them with heterosexual cardinality must be given the kibosh. Generic instability and defective cognitive faculties stamp gender ambivalence and undergird this polity with antipathy towards self and others. Without restraint and guidance, the mindset autonomously projects and invites harm. Its members maintain excellent rankings among pederasts, pedophiles, serial killers, common murderers (highest incidence per capita), sadists and cannibals [83]. These are facts.

  • The Gang’s All Queer illuminates largely unexamined ways in which queer people organize, collectivize and resist homophobic, misogynist and transphobic violence.
  • Queers account for 86% of male child molestation [84].
    Homosexual males are 3Xs more likely than straight men to engage in pedophilia … the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested … and only 5% of all cases are ever reported [85].
  • We must listen to our prophets. Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children’s sexuality … Surrounded by pious moralists with deadening anti-sexual rules, we must be shameless rule breakers, demonstrating our allegiance to a higher concept of love [as announced by Catholic Bishop recently]. We must do it for the children’s sake.
    ~ Ed Hougan (ed): THE GUIDE (1995) [86]
  • Of 100 child molesters at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons, 1/3 were heterosexual, 1/3 bisexual and 1/3 homosexual [87].

This 5-6% of the population commit more murders per capita and/or are murdered when attempting to:

  • secure impossible validation;
  • establish imagined sexual prowess;
  • pleasure themselves at someone’s expense;
  • spread venereal contagion [88].

Left unrestrained, the generic anomie of social incongruity remains hostile to beneficial relations on both sides of the divide. It is best overcome by self-possessed self-policing, aided by education and enforceable sanctions that, with few exceptions: (i) restrict LGBT sexual behavior to their own community (apartheid); and (ii) exile recalcitrant offenders who qualify as Hare psychopaths to impassable venues removed from communal fishing ponds. Let them be free in exile but not free to leave the unholy conclave. Like subterranean pizza lovers in the Vatican and DC, they are dangerously insensitive to the well-being of others. This is where histrionic hilarity meets Thor’s hammer and Freya’s sword. Any lack of intransigence is fatal, especially for the innocent.
Narratives, laws, matters of consequence, and cadres bearing epaulettes opposed to truth allow pederasts and pedophiles to destroy a child’s identity, and sense of self-worth along with mental, physical and emotional health. The insults prevent the child from entering heterosexual repose, generally for life. The murder of innocence removes the victim from relational purpose and meaningful normative outcomes. This affects everyone, mostly with a sense of suspended dismay because justice is also suspended, leaving the entire community gelded and dysphoric while perpetrators are tediously coddled, excused and set free by the Cult of The Robe & Perpetrators, Ltd. Hence, sober integration of the LGBT handicap demands that they acknowledge faulty constitutions and a horrid pathological potential that exudes from innards of a very busy minority. Presently, only professionals, researchers and victims are aware of these matters because The Circus Immoral frustrates efforts to inform the public in the same manner they protect those who practice human sacrifice. LGBT citizens should be refused unsupervised access to children until professionally assessed and qualified.
The psychopathology has a dreadful addendum that appears to be of no considerable moment to powers that be. Unlike cult conditioned believers who can deprogram, a power seeking contingent of LGBT constituents despises their disenfranchisement from heteronormativity so much that they generate incurable homicidal quanta. These are exceptionalists who view themselves superior, much like Zionist Jews and sundry psychopaths. One might consider them unnatural except that their altered nature is to be what they’ve come to pass as; which, in hindsight, cannot be altered and is certainly not normative. The ceaseless tension of bearing oscillating unwanted appendages has definitely evolved a misanthropic species of demonized serial killers and mass homicidal maniacs like Lenin, Ernst Rohm, JW Gacy, Israel Keyes and Jeffry Dahmer. The following tally represents only those who are caught. Read and consider yourself tattooed.

  • The homosexual footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children…  Homosexuals make up less than 3-5% of the American population yet they perpetrated ~68% of all serial killings in the last 20 years…
  • All cases involving eating or torturing of victims were committed by homosexuals…
  • A group (gays) constituting 1 to 5% of all men generated 43% (of those recorded in the most recent 14 years) of raped and murdered children. This group also accounts for a third of child molesters and commits a third to two-thirds of child rapes…
  • Judge John Martaugh, chief magistrate of the NYC’s Criminal Court said, “Homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities.”
  • Captain W Riddle of LAPD said, “30,000 sexually abused children in Los Angeles were victims of homosexuals” … 50% of women on death row are lesbians (Lesbian News, Jan., 1994) [89].

Since the best defense is offense, it is reasonable to find elevated numbers of ‘offenders’, murderers and self-banishing suicides in the LGBT polity. However, unlike cultists who occasionally opt for a more generous worldview, many of their malcontents remain flamingly volatile and exceptionally hostile [90]. Wrapping hidden conceit in unifying hatred [91] dressed as colorful promenades, many pretend to transform what cannot be changed into normative ‘being’. Howbeit, these are not a tribe of heyokas composed of Salvador Dali types with a transcendent purpose to straightening man’s thought processes. These are worse than debauched dissimulators because they carelessly anticipate the carnage wrought by a wholly immoral social model. Gay Pride Gay Pride is therefore the essence of radical evil (Arendt) and Spirit of Thanatos (Freud). It forbids the repose of Fisherman Zen, which requires submission to the hegemony of things as they are. Even so, what has this to do with maturity? It isn’t, is it not?
Those who captain ships and man crows nests on seas of social stability humbly submit to the Divine Performative’s reign over peace. This ‘salt-of-the-earth’ polity sees God in the moment. They boast no artificial regalia, nor declare unknown others ‘enemies of the state’. Like Cincinnatus, once a genuine cause is won, monarchs of heterosexual peace return to repose as King & Queen fishers in the communal ponds they never abandoned. Such is maturity.

~~~~~~~~~~ HUMAN SACRIFICE & PEDOPHILIA ~~~~~~~~~~

International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Problem: Victims Testify About Child Sex Trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse And Power Structure
The Judicial Commission is comprised of world leaders who have been involved in fighting child sex trafficking for years, and includes intelligence officers, politicians, legal scholars, and many others. (Website:
The International Tribunal was formed because most of the world’s government bodies today have been corrupted and no longer represent the people, but instead serve the interest of private corporations, and as such, justice is seldom found in most government judicial courts around the world today to stop such a heinous crime as child sex trafficking.
In fact, the child sex trafficking network today is actually facilitated by the rich and powerful, whose influence reaches into the political and judicial branches of society.
Today we know conclusively that many of these activities are being facilitated by politically and financially powerful individuals, government, and corporate organizations who perennially avoid being brought to account for their actions due to their affluence and influence.
This scourge persists because it is allowed to exist by the complicit authorities.
Pedophilia – a ‘love for children’ – is not an accurate term. There is no love for children manifest in any aspect of child slavery, sexual abuse, torture, murder, or body harvesting.
One of the most amazing victim testimonies given at the Judicial Commission was that of former Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard, who suffered through horrible sexual abuse as a child, and then became an abuser himself while working his way up into the elite sections of the global banking industry. Bernard claims that there are about 8000 to 8500 leaders in the banking industry that control most of the affairs of this world. He was on his way to becoming one of them, until they asked him to sacrifice a live baby.
A decorated 14-year veteran CIA agent made a public statement to expose the CIA for operating a child trafficking ring that procures children for global elite pedophiles. Former spy John Kiriakou, who also has deep ties to Hollywood from working as an advisor to the movie business, has revealed how the agency provides child sex slaves to powerful oligarchs in the entertainment industry, Washington D.C. and beyond. Kiriakou says that they have “sources” installed in the upper echelons of society, politics and the movie business. In return for information, the CIA provides these elite sources with a steady stream of “child prostitutes” who are usually raped and killed, and most likely never seen again
Monsters among us: Ritual child abuse in France
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