THE WAY I SEE IT --- by dr omar --- Illumination & Perrenialism; Why Muslims Neglect the Sword of Hisbah (Justice)

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zaidpub (old blog)

Beginning with Boy and Girl Scouts iconography, the ismology of the New World Order is integrated with that of an ancient Arcadian (Greco-Roman) hedonism with fraternities and sororities that infuse their entire educational system.  All of this is modeled on the Freemasonic system of priviledge spawned from Jesuit intrigue[i] via Kabalist cum Rosicrucian imginaires in the service of Hermetic magi of the Luciferian tradition — the cult established by Cain & Sons, Ltd.  This is the Serpent Society of Fertility Religions: e.g. the Kurdish Yezidis, or reprobate Benjamintes & Danites, and sundry other Libertines that hail from the Land of Nod in ancient Dravidia.  All of this was taken up earnestly by post-Babylonian Pharisees who established the Judaic Talmud as god and must not be mis-construed with the religion of Bani-Israel, which was Islam.[1]
This system’s icons are transcendent imaginative symbols of intuition that deeply affect the human sub-conscious and are traditionally linked to intuitive visions of Fertility Cult Magi such as the Egyptian Pharaohs whom Freemasons adore and from which arises the term, Hermeneutics.  Hermes, the Greek term for Thoth, was the first Egyptian initiate whom interpolators audaciously claim was also the first Sufi Abbot, Prophet Idris (Seth).  Nevertheless, King Thoth’s blood-curdling oaths remain in the occult literature that most Hermeticists (Gnostics) still access; which makes their claim to Adamic Prophethood patently false.  The confrontation between Musa and Pharaoh confirms this fact as it fostered the repentance of Pharoah’s chief magi who then suffered typical satanic crucifixions according to the said oaths.  Yes, that’s correct: neither repentance nor Musa saved them from the ordeal to which they had been sworn by the blood oath of Tehuti (Thoth).
All this aside, I find the praise of “symbolism” by Muslim Perrenialists disturbingly ascribed to the process of ta’wil as an “empirical direct experience of the spirit or ‘the unseen’.  Prof. Osman Bakar goes so far as to even call this subjective methodology ‘Orthodox Islamic Illumination’.[2]  As I recall it, ‘Illumination was one of Adam Weishoupt’s (a Jesuit mole) favorite words.  He also liked the word “dupe”, a descriptive he reserved for Academicians and clerics who adored symbols like the Owl of Isis and Eye of Horus and Pyramids that have become popular trademarks in Muslim Urbania.
Even before being visited by the “Virgin Mary” and dedicating his army of black robes to her sacred heart in ‘sworn-to-bleed-or-else’ service to Rome’s Papacy, ‘Illumination’ was what Ignatius Loyola also claimed as an Alumbrados initiate.  Illumination was also lauded by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf who founded the Thule Society based on Bektashi Sufi-claimers from remote haunts in Turkey.  This deviant approach to non-Islamic tasawwuf aided Hitler’s covey of occult metaphysicians (mostly Jews) as he kissed the hand of his master, Pope Pious XII, then dutifully modeled his Gestapo and SS Corps on the absolute blind-following of the Jesuit Army, with Himmler’s uncle (a Jesuit priest of the Fourth Vow) as shadow director.[3]   Jesuits also wrote Mein Kamph as well as the Patriot Act in addition to lending a hand to the Protocols of Zion.  One must also be mindful that Jesuit agents don’t always wear the dog collar of Satan and remember, the Pope traditionally blesses both sides of dialectic militarism ever since Napoleon’s sortie ushered in the re-installation of Loyola’s curs.  If you don’t know this particular aspect of history you should ask why?

  • Above all, I have learned from the Jesuits. And so did Lenin too, as far as I recall. The world has never known anything quite so splendid as the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the use of the Party.   – Adolph Hitler

This latter Illuminated phenomenon was so beloved in the Middle East that fascist fires were sociologically kindled wherever Freemasonic feet trod.  These boots carried men such as Mohammad Rashid Rida, publisher of The Lighthouse,[ii] a mouthpiece of the Salafiyya movement’s propaganda from 1897-1944.  This same boy-scout lent substantial literary hands to bringing down the Caliphate which gave Jerusalem to Zionists and allowed Allenby’s boot to tramp on Sala’u’din’s grave.  Oh, lest we forget, we should also mention the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who raised a 500,000 man army of Muslims who joined the SS by taking an occult oath and then fought for der Fuehrer.

  • SAY, `I do not say to you: I possess the treasures of ALLAH, nor do I know the unseen; nor do I say to you: I am an angel, I follow only that which is revealed to me.’ Say, `Can a blind man and one who sees be alike?’ Will you not then reflect… And with HIM are the keys of the unseen; none knows them but HE.      (S. 6:50, 59)

Hence, illumination is dubious at best and now that it casts its shadow over the damnably-grand manipulation of the ummah, I personally suggest the term is avoided when referencing Islam’s traditional dialogue.
On another front, several surats and hadith confirm that what is claimed by artisans of the improbable is actually impossible if not ridiculous, that is unless the “Light Bearer” Lucifer lends a hand in the divinely sanctioned miscarriage of the hierophant.  Therefore, what many subjectively experience and claim is the path of haqiqah (soul purification: an ancient Gnostic concept claiming union with the divine) leading to the illumination that permits “intellectual intuition” to perceive truth directly vis-à-vis symbolism as per Herrs Schuon, Nasr and Bakar, et. alia. is dubious at best. [4] 
Aside from delusions that also captured multifarious imaginations and led to Romanist genocides, we must note that none of the Muslim fellows just mentioned are traditionally trained Alim.  I have this fact on the authority of Dr. Arrifin Suhaimi (retired vice rector of IIUM, and present Asst. Director of PERKIM in KL, Malaysia).  He specifically related this fact during a conversation in 2010 and went further to mention that none of them measure up to standards set by genuinely marginalized Qari’’, a group of gentlemen they seem to have displaced from dais of honor in the eyes of academic Islam.  Bearing this in mind therefore, ‘academic’ is a formidable scientific term that thoroughly applies in this matter.
Setting this valid and disturbing dispute aside however, after fourteen hundred odd years I am compelled to ask why didn’t Muslim’s continue their ascension on Institutions of genuinely Illuminated haqiqah which should have granted eminence and imminence of divine guidance and protection instead of the present groveling at banks, conglomerates, armies and universities funded or owned by Lord Rothschild, the pre-eminent Bal Shem of London, or papist Illuminati such as Jesuits John Esposito and John Voll, whom cited Perennialists admire sufficiently to repeatedly invite to Muslim academic and public forums, much to the Pope’s delight I’m sure?
A claim of even greater Illumination than Loyola’s was made by the Jew, Catholic and theosophist, Rudolph Steiner (discussed later).  It’s on rarely read public record that Dr. Steiner was once a member of a very private cult called the Golden Dawn.  This group of initiates was/is a favorite of top British Royals and rumored to be the Rothschild’s personal coven.  It also ushered Mr. Aleister Crowley into influential cliques, a man who restored the OTO (Order Templar Orientalis) which is a fiercely Satanic coven filled to the brim with globalist, Freemasons, crypto-Catholics, Illuminati and professional sexual predators of the highest order.
I wish to make it clear that I do not doubt the power of ‘creative intuition’ as divinely dispensed “wherever the wind listed” by Allah SWT to any pious tassawuf hierophant or freewheeling scientists like Nicholas Tesla or Albert Einstein.  Nevertheless, as a prior Catholic, Anthroposophist, theosophist, Freemason and well read student of the occult now returned to Islam’s fold, I have known a number of well placed enemies of Islam intimately from within the camps of their worldview adepts.  As such, I am forced to question sources that gave birth to and nourished the Cause of Religio Perennis as well as the Muslim principals who promote it; folks who, to my knowledge, boast not a Qari’, salihin, recognized traditional alim or awliya in their midst.
The IOK group especially seems to initially hail from institutions founded, funded or directly affiliated with Occidental Hermeticists, Batinites, Jesuits, Freemasons, Rhodes Scholars, Illuminati filled UN Foundations or Institutes inundated with Rockefeller, Fulbright, CFR and UN Theosophists, Et. Alia, not to mention funds from the foul black gold-diggers of the Middle east.  These groups are deeply infiltrated by Euro-friendly intelligence agents documented to have had intimate relations with Nazis, Mossad, the CIA and MI6.[5]  I am deeply disturbed by the proximity of Muslim scholars to institutions and personages of the greatest importance to societies that are professionally associated with dissecting or murdering the ummah and who wish to establish their future world capital in Jerusalem.
Neither am I calling for miracles or ghost-busting psychic phenomena.  But rather than reams of academic brouhaha on the matter I’d prefer to review hard evidence of Muslim superiority by virtue of the example of our prophet (bph) according to divine directives in keeping with his sunnah. This should be an estate that would allow wisdom enough to prepare one’s people to war against the many incursions and insults Muslims generically suffer.  This is also an estate that appears to deny Gnostic claims of direct perception of the unseen unless Allah opens the heavens of His accord rather than having the barrier breeched by human effort.
Hence again I must ask:  Qua est is?  Are such phenomena reserved for Shamans of sanctimonious cloisters that have withstood centuries of mankind’s foolishness?  This is surely not an unreasonable query but I fear it is a tall order for venerable lords of laudable Western scientific thoroughness, not to mention Muslim academics and sultans of consumption who’d rather not confront the supeerage of marginalized Qari’; for if it were otherwise, I believe Nuclear Magnetic Resonant brain mapping of authentic Imams would already have occurred.  I doubt academia would dare approach such a study as it would demonstrate an incompetence they sub-consciously avoid discovering.
I have wasted many an hour listening to PhD sophism on the Middle East from experts who are continually consulted.  Yet the only known Imam of merit in this realm who clearly understands what is taking place is Maulana Imran Hosein whom they wouldn’t dare invite to London or Georgetown University fetes for this very reason.  Instead they roll out carpets for Madame Clinton while he publishes his own materials in order to educate the ummah of Mohammad because official alim have failed and wouldn’t dare sully their reputations with lending hand or imprint.  What hypocrisy and damnable impudence.
On another hand, non-scientists—a term that absurdly qualifies many Muslim writers on the subject of Islamic Science—are extremely slow to appreciate what I’ve just written due to in-bred deference to well-heeled political correctness and mind-warping abstractions that put bungalows and gold on their women.  Unfortunately, and as experience is also knowledge, this trenchant college is permanently handicapped by the very privilege that prevents hands and gray matter from getting soiled in lab coats; hence, their inexperience and ignorance of scientific rigor only adds to the generic disregard and disrespect for dons of innovative imagination.
Even the eminent S.H. Nasr left the study of hard sciences to pursue Sophia Perennis, a mystical siren with whom he’s been engaged for sixty odd years.  Nevertheless, as encouraged by the occult lobbies of well synchronized Western counterparts, his tribe of sophists continues to impress each other with inundations of comforting conjecture and easy-chair rhetoric, carefully avoiding the mirrors of authentic wisdom, hard science, and most especially the practical matters of politically incorrect action.  They prefer book launches, jet lag and dining on the well connected doles of dubious sponsors.  In true Jacobin style, they keep everyone’s eye on Madame Sophia’s abstracted wardrobe and Islam’s lost Glory, a psyops matter that is analyzed below and equates with the Emperor’s new wardrobe for courts of the misguided — the result of strong delusion.

  • … in his attempt to solve the problems of an intellectual and religious nature faced by the Malay community during his time.  ‘Abd al-Samad perceived the basic problem faced by Malays was their confusion on the orthodoxy of the Sufi tradition as intellectually adhered to and religiously practiced by some of the Malay scholars and their followers in the Sufi orders (turuq).  He connected this problem to two main factors: first, the lack of knowledge among the Malays on the essential teachings of tasawwuf; and second, scholars who suffered from self-delusion and who misled their students.


Academic delusion is a sport that catalyzes a divorce from sound reason and utilitarian knowledge.  It always seems to initiate with persons who think they possess portions of especially reserved knowledge which therefore qualifies them as Brahmin-like know-it-alls. They are ‘in the know’ so to speak, as are/were Freemasons and the likes of Rene’ Gueron, a Jesuit educated, Freemasonic Theosophist and Freewheeling metaphysician who maintained intimate ties with Catholicism during his most productive years[6] — their occulted patriarch.
On the other hand, authentic knowledge and reason appear to go wanting:

  • Confucius further noted that knowledge is the innate ability to distinguish one’s possession of knowledge from one’s non-possession of knowledge. He also made a point which was considered similarly as important by Muslim authorities, namely, that a combination of reason and knowledge is a necessary requirement and that the absence of the one or the other results in creating situations that are either useless or dangerous.[7]

Consider also:

  • The willingness of ordinary people to let themselves be guided by slogans becomes obvious at certain periods in history and is easily accounted for. However, the endurance and effectiveness of slogans over long stretches of time or the entire lifetime of civilizations are difficult, if not impossible, to calculate and to explain. [8]

Spending one’s time speculating on the unseen seems a bit useless and hence most definitely unreasonable and dangerous; especially when joined to slogans like ‘1-Malaysia’ as proffered by politicians who demand party loyalty rather than the justice offered by hisbah or the erudition of Islam Hadhari.[9]
If thus far I offered too little to place in the coffer of taking issue, be mindful that the call of ‘universalism’ is Catholic and that of ‘democracy’ is Jacobin.  Both are sirens traditionally used to call would-be saints into temples that conform to a misguidance commonly called ‘Peace on Earth’; an impossibility that any logician worth their salt admits can’t be had until the damned are corralled by the Hand of Allah swt.  Peace is a call that can only be maintained as a treaty between the strong as long as their strength is restrained but maintained, nourished and handed on.  And as all power rests with God almighty, this dictum was made clear when Muslims lost their strength and autonomy.  As it is now, the quest for “peace” made by many respectable pundits, is a call that avoids scientific clarity. The latter demands the necessary confrontation of criticism and most especially calls for proofs of exalted concepts that promise ethereal reward or daily chicken soup with un-islamic retirement packages imported from Rothschild Pension Managers.  Peace is a concept that suits sentimental pacifists who march, write and perhaps pray rather than courageous realists who know they must pay the price for his/her position: those men and women who fully expect that knock on the door at three AM.
The Universal Soul of the sentimentalist Religio Perennis cult cannot be proven in the least and thus is fertile imaginative soil for all causes that divert man’s attention from institutional wickedness.  It keeps them wondering and talking away as if that were life’s purpose.  The existence of this Hinduphilic imaginaire is mentioned on page seventy-five of Dr. Osman Bakar’s otherwise remarkable book, Tawhid and Science.  He claims this enormous unseen entity was bequeathed by Traditional Islam to Muslims as orthodox Islamic Science. Is it? I have read the Koran several times and seem to have missed the divine dissertation.  Ah, I see, it’s one of those Batinite passages is it?
At the same time, and distressingly so, many authors by-pass Islam’s classic logicians in favor of esoteric transcendence that opens doors for Jesuits and their metaphysical kin to subsume Islam within folds of papist Ecumenicism; which, for those of us who professionally recognize Satanic agents and agencies, allows me to submit that this is the true purpose of religio perennis and its proponents, both witting and not.  And, for the record, I fully believe Prof. Bakar is one of the latter; a major motive for this essay.
The Failure of Islamization is Obvious
In order to preserve academic pretense along with invented isms that pass for knowledge, many confrères digress in favor of High Teas funded by slogan mongers such as the nation building ‘One Malaysia’ lot who intelligently corral ‘pluralist’ minions for the Imperialist graft of Anglo-centric adepts.  This same band of sympathetic ooglers dropped Islam Hadari like a hot durian.  Need I say why?  Ok then, I will.
‘One Malaysia’ is patriotic and globalist while Islam Hadari is, well, ‘Islamic’.  When you add patriotism to Arab or Malay Neo-Patriarchy (which is narcissistic sociopathy with a dash of male chauvinism), in addition to reductionism plus the lack of Bildungswissen—(the effort to improve individual personality, something relative value salesmen have distinctively removed from British and American models of Fabian Socialism)—Muslims are confronted by an indelibly compound problem:

  • The Lebanese social psychologist, Ali Zay’our, in his analysis of the patriarchal family in Arab society, approaches the problem from the standpoint of the production of personality. His central thesis focuses on the “lostness” of the individual in the father-dominated family and the neo-patriarchally organized society, and the denial by both of the possibility of “self-fulfillment.”
  • The family is relentless in its repression. [The child] is brought up to become an obedient youth, subservient to those above him—his father, older brother, clan chief, president.
  • The father, the prototypical neopatriarchal figure, is the central agent of repression. His power and influence are “grounded in punishment.”
  • The main concern is that the child be obedient, well-mannered, ignorant about sexual matters, “better” than his fellows. . . . By being compared to others to underscore his failure he is driven to view himself negatively and to lose self-esteem (to the extent of self-punishment at times).[1]

One may continue to focus on Sufi-Claimers of Religio Perennis or to the contrary, tackle the very real problems just cited.  Judging by the mounting Muslim divorce rates in SE Asia which no one discusses consequently while the Malay government sweeps statistics under carpets of pretense and non-disclosure policies, I’d say there’s little to no room for critical assessment. In real terms this translates as no possibility for the impeachment of ‘evil doings’ or irresponsible lapses of superiors.  Hence, in an attempt to salvage our waning alim from the euphoria of utilitarian lethargy—a group whom Imran Hosein has termed “pathetic”—the discipline of ‘logic’ (al’burhân)[2]  must be reintroduced.  Logic is readily entertained by hard scientists but less so by many who enjoy lame didactics based on inconsequent reasoning.  This latter reality manifests as complimentary adjuncts to Nationalist dialogues and the generic ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ that describes post-Colonial Islamia:

  • The historian Hisham Sharabi uses the term neopatriarchy to describe the “absence equally of genuine traditionalism and of genuine modernity.  He in fact argues that it is conditions of “neopatriarchy”—in which true tradition has been destroyed but modernity not achieved—that transform patriarchal forms of authority into authoritarian ones.[3]  “Over the last one hundred years,” he writes, “the patriarchal structures of Arab society, far from being displaced or truly modernized, have only been strengthened and deformed, in ‘modernized’ forms.” From families to regimes and all along the networks of fluid proto-familial patron-clientage that link them, neopatriarchal forms of relationship adapt to conditions of underdevelopment, yielding a society of “forced consensus based on ritual and coercion from top to bottom, one that is “incapable of performing as an integrated social or political system, as an economy, or as a military structure.”    – Sharbi, Neopatriarchy

This misdirection via ritual coercion is a form of Nazi[4] magic that throws logic into airs of suspense while magi dissect a country’s ability to integrate its resources after which they focus attention on emptying its coffers.  I imagine Iblis salivating at the number of fascinated souls he’s trapped in sub-human preoccupation with appetite satisfaction.  Is that simple enough to understand?  Naguib Mahfouz puts it in plainer terms:
In this new society he [Muslim neo-patriarchy] has been afflicted with a split personality: half of him believes, prays, fasts and makes the pilgrimage. The other half renders his values void in banks and courts and in the streets, even in the cinemas and theaters, perhaps even at home among his family before the television set.
Servants of Western magi among Muslim Political Parties have become expert at this con game which describes the etiology of an essentially untreated mass psychosis.  How then can Muslims represent either Islamic Science or their Creator under such wicked influences?  I propose it is time to stop the surrender of reason to psyop magicians as such a dementia is surely not the sunnah.
If my several positions remain insufficient to stimulate reasonable doubt as to the direction Islamization policy makers have taken, I pose the following challenge.  After sixty years of IOK lectures, literature, conferences, pamphlets education sorties and miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam:

  1. where is the fruit of this purported Tree of the Sunnah.
  2. Where are the new generations of tassawuf alawyi involved in hard science on behalf of thoroughly Islamized Institutions underwritten by independent and authentic Muslim Imamates?
  3. Where has action cum practicum been achieved by IOK initiatives that return dominion to the ummah of our prophet (pbh)?
  4. Why after all this while are post-Colonial Muslim polities capitulating one-by-one to planned chaos and Blackwater Crusades?
  5. Why do the imperialist icons of the unholy Judeo-Christian Alliance remain honored in capitals and shopping malls of Muslim nations?

This is an estate that was specifically predicted as well as condemned in Hadith and Al’Qur’an to the effect that those who have turned to the Alliance and kissed the unholy hand for protection and provision have lost their Islam. Except for Jesuits and their sympathizers, I trust this is not an opinion open for debate but much rather a statement of fact.
In order to explain this surrender of faith and reason along with the Rights of God’s people, one must honestly compare present and past with the cosmopolitan verve that reflects non-Catholic universalism. Thus we can avoid folds within the papist garb of eumenicism.  For this I turn not to lapsed glories but to a master from the Orient:

  • However, Chinese and, in particular, Neo-Confucian thought was thoroughly dominated by the idea of the inseparability of knowledge from action. In the Chinese view, action, and not knowledge, is the chief concern of the individual and of society. Action was regarded “as more important, more trustworthy, more easily grasped, or more difficult, and hence of greater concern.[5]
  • In contrast to the Greeks, the Chinese engage only in practical work. They are men of the active life and, therefore, do not inquire into the motive powers behind their activities.   – al-Jâhiz [6]

Do hard scientists of the tassawuf alawyi mold exist or are they only found in deviant Iran or Western Institutions under Illuminati governance, in someone else’s spacecraft-cum ‘Star Wars’ weapon systems as a politically-correct tag-along in honor of the execrable Alliance and in anticipation of Papal photo ops?  Or perhaps our Neo-Patriarchal Sunnis are intelligently practicing taquiyah while holding Muslim League Whahabi Conferences on writing the proposal and deciding who to invite besides facilitators from Georgetown, George Washington,[7] McGill, Fordham, George Washington and Temple universities or the Fabian expertise of University of London economists and other CFR friendly neo-Orientalist scholars? [8]
On another note of hard science, neurophysiology has finally evolved sufficiently to prove that both Confucius and Islam’s Traditional tassawuf alawyi were correct.  Observe:

  • … My experiments … have taught me that the artificial intelligence model is not how the brain works.  Its connections are extraordinarily labile and dynamic. Perceptions emerge as a result of reverberations of signals between different levels of the sensory hierarchy, indeed even across different senses.  The fact that visual input can eliminate the spasm of a nonexistent arm and then erase the associated memory of pain vividly illustrates how extensive and profound these interactions are.
  •   – V. S. Ramachandran, Phantoms in the Brain, 130.

When adding this to the Oxford Don who proved that children naturally believe in God, I’s say that non-Muslims are making great inroads towards Islamizing Science, wouldn’t you? Of course this indicates that habit has the effect of overriding erroneous percepts in order to assure righteous action, which also means that the inverse is just as true.  As I see it then, it is no small wonder that the endemic avoidance of a) consequent contemplation, b) of righteous action (hisbah) and c) of real scientific effort plagues the ummah since it has become habituated, from top to bottom, to injustice.
Reflection that fixate on metaphysics, soft science, religious protocols and Shari’ah while at the same time absent themselves from the strong arm of hisbah (Real Politics) amount to the impotence of sanctimony.  Zionist magi know this well and depend upon it, which is why they make certain that inconsequential OIC and IOK Conferences are lavishly funded by infiltrators. When one adds Universalist simulation without societal implementations that defend the veracity, strength and dominion of Mohammad’s ummah as his vice-gerent, the sum is not only futility but also negative.  This is specifically because the causes of failure are not forcibly removed or remediated due to an imbalance that is readily and demonstrably manipulated.  Dear reader, I am not alone in this opinion:

  • To any that desires the tilth of the Hereafter, We give Increase in his tilth, and to any that desires the tilth of this world, We grant somewhat thereof. (42:20).
  • Western countries have abided by these rules: of perseverance, labor, persistant work and rational means.  They employed the rules of the universe which are related to digging the earth. It is like what He — Glorious and exalted is He — has said:
  • “They dug the earth and built upon it more than these (those before them). Messengers of their own came unto them with clear proofs.” (30:9)
  • Digging the earth is fulfilled by construction and by searching for metals and water. The civilizations which preceded them drew out the treasures of the earth — and all of this is Allah’s way and whoever establishes these methods will find success. Hence, the question is not about having in possession the Qur’an or not understanding it. It is about failing to follow its teachings. We are not abiding by the Qur’an which ordered us to act:
  • “And say (Oh Mohammad) … unto them: Act.” (9:105)
  • It ordered us to renounce our idleness and to prepare our strength:
  • “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power.” (8:60)
  • Yet we fail to obey the Qur’anic injunctions and put them into execution. This matter, which is obvious, is about failure and neglect.

– Shaykh ‘Abdallah b. Bayyah; Trans. by Y. Ahmed, -1429 H

Hence, one readily appreciates the relationship of inaction to the strong delusions offered by the sanctimonious mindset, and I might add superstitious preoccupations like the ‘World Soul’.  Therefore, as long as one contemplates useless concepts such as philosophia perennis, one will neglect the prescribed sword of hisbah meant to destroy the activities of its mentor, Iblis.  In addition and in closing this section, my several years among Malay Muslims has only confirmed the extremely clear and exquisitely sound logic of Shaykh Bayyah and other scientists cited above—as the good man said: “It is obvious.”

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[i] But the Jesuits alone shroud themselves intentionally in a darkness, which the laity are completely forbidden to penetrate, and the veil is not even uplifted to many of the members. There are among them a large number who have taken merely three vows, but not the fourth, and who are in consequence, not at all, or at any rate, not properly instructed regarding the true principles, institutions and liberties of the order; this secret, on the other hand, is entrusted, as is known to His Holiness, to only a small number, and whatever is especially important is known only to the Superiors and the General.’   – M. F. Cusack, The Black Pope, 1896

[ii]    Lighthouse is an occult Freemasonic term indicating hidden light or Illumination.  Rida openly agitated against the Ottomans for the British cause and praised the Young Turks!