Towards Sustainable Cultural Renewal: Why it is Vital - Another Look at Shi'iah, Batinites & Jesuits et aliaby Dr. Omar

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zaidpub (old blog)

Author’s Note:  This lengthy piece represents the first chapter of an unpublished book.  If you skip the foot-end-notes, you will miss the full impact and purview.  In addition, the next four posts are actually supplementary Appendices.  Four serious readers, these are just as important.
Towards Sustainable Cultural Renewal: Why it is Vital
Reason One:   Global Elitism and Corporatocracy
Manufacturers, petroleum companies, bankers and most other major corporations on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific coast are chuckling all the way to the bank.  Corporate profits have shot up between twenty to over a hundred percent, (Financial Times August 10, 2010, p. 7).   In fact, corporate profits have risen higher than they were before the onset of the recession in 2008, particularly among the biggest corporations (Money Morning, March 31; Consensus Economics, August 12, 2010).
This buoyancy is a direct result of the deepening crises for working class, public and private employees, and small and medium size enterprises… many middle and small enterprises have suffered high rates of bankruptcy and losses, making them cheap and easy prey for buyouts for the ‘big fellows’ (Financial Times August 1, 2010).
The crisis of middle capital has led to the centralization of capital and has contributed to the rising rate of profits for the largest corporations…  It is clear that the recovery of corporate profit is based on the harshest exploitation of labor and the biggest transfers of public resources to the large private corporations…  simply stated the White House and Congress have plundered the public treasury in order to resuscitate capital
James Petras, World News Daily, 16 Aug 2010
Reason Two                                                                                                                            The Collusion of a Corrupt World Leadership
“The world needs a new international order to solve its conflicts and ensure peace.  More than ever, we need a new international order which draws on the experience and results of the United Nations… an order which is capable of finding adequate solutions to today’s problems, based on the dignity of human beings, on integrating all society, on solidarity between rich and poor countries on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technological progress.”
Pope John Paul II; 2004 New Year Message[i]
Being easy prey for big-fellows’ has become a traditional business dictum that should truthfully read: “scheduled buyouts by ‘Big Brother Ltd’.”  As a new norm for the post-modern criminal monetary system, it is one—amongst many others—that clearly opposes civility; most especially when supported by authorities that “raid public treasuries” in concert with Central Banks and sundry institutions reared on Anglo-American arrogance.  This Fascist corporatocracy is the result of the glacial Talmudic zeitgeist that came to permeate reprobate Jewry and Roman governance following its transfer from Pergamum following the post-Babylonian era.  They comprise a shadow kleptocracy that seems to own 90% of everything, its elite protectionism is assiduously guarded by inflation wrought purposely by worthless fiats, ten percent fractional reserve banking, and gambling dens mistakenly called stock markets, currency exchanges, insurance companies as well as the casino-culture that perennially justifies the entire decadent magnetism.
They confiscate truth and wealth with cunning propaganda apologized for by monocular scholars from Schools of Economics who enjoy and employ pundits and legalists who exist purely to defend self-gratifications as gleaned by the illusion of success.[1]
These and numerous other grave consequences stem from the imputed adoption of secular humanism in what were once predominantly introspective and contemplative, religiously minded nations.  The exclusivity of the progressive imperialism represents an arch-culture of plunderers described as the Khassa[ii] in traditional Arab speaking countries: a super-class of sub-humans presently reigning as international corporatism.  The core of this society is actually comprised of Luciferians[2] who boast a distinguished history of occult development when alone with their jinn, exactly as stated in the holy Qur’an.[iii]  They are presently causing economic genocide along with environmental geocide, and are responsible for pandemics of fraudulent leadership and in all spheres of life throughout the entire earth:
“The Chiefs alone knew whither they were going; the rest followed unsuspectingly.”
Eliphas Levi referring to Knights Templars, Histoire de la Magie, p. 277.
(19th Century Freemason, Jew, Kabalist, Sorcerer, French Catholic Priest)
“Structural adjustment is conducive to a form of economic genocide which is carried out through the conscious and deliberate manipulation of market forces.  When compared to previous forces of colonial history (forced labor and slavery), its social impact is devastating.  [The IMF’s lawmaking apparatus called] ‘structural adjustments’ are programs that directly affect the livelihood of more than four billion people.  This new form of economic and political domination is a form of economic and political domination through the seemingly “neutral” interplay of market force.”
Michel Chossudovsky, Prof. of Economics, University of Ottawa, 2009.[iv]

The Western half of this ‘Enlightenment was guided by crypto-Talmudists [v] and miscellaneous Magi [3] of Rosicrucian cum Illuminati affiliated cults that were spawned by ancient Mystery Religions that long outlived their officially recorded expiration dates.  With management provided by Saturnalia’s chief Satyr, they’ve created a culture of Humanist misguidance that has monetized man’s reason and sinfully militarized human resources and worldviews. A mindset of mercenary consumerism obscenely obscures revealed knowledge by deliberately prosecuting wars against reason, common sense and anything else naturally authentic.  From a cosmopolitan perspective, the condition is not only mercantile but juvenile as well, representing mankind’s descent subsequent to the reprobation of Iblis and Cain along with their detestation of the human species.
Monotheism has struggled against these progenies for millennia and most vividly since the launch of Rome’s unrelenting crusades which was confirmed by General Allenby’s visit to the grave of Sala’u’din in 1917.  Those who object to this analysis use words like polemicist, alarmist, protectionist, conspiracy theorist, Islamist, isolationist, extremist, fundamentalist and so forth in order to deflect the argument and justify its dismissal along with whoever presents these unwelcome facts of life to politically-correct automatons.  Nevertheless, the indictment is valid, empirical, endorsed by revelation and reason, as well as far more disturbing testimonials than these few marks of ink.
Out of the Islamic saga, a pristine example of this same institutional misguidance is unveiled by the perversity of the ‘Ubayd “Sultans” who were Kabalist Jews from Salamiyyah and/or Magians, Nizaris, et alia.  They infiltrated Islam and had a grand time masquerading as Fatimid Shi’ites in Egypt for 280 years but were actually a cult of assorted Gnostics otherwise known as al-Batinnyyah.[vi]  They were called the most dangerous enemies of Islam by Imam Abu al-Qasim at the time, a man who specifically said they had gone far beyond mere hypocrisy.
Another writer, Abu Bakar al-Baquillani, said that their patriarch, Ubayd Allah, was a Jew, a liar, and the occult leader of al-Qaramitah.[vii]  These indictments are confluent with time-honored endorsements of crypto-Jewish Talmudists and current Wall and Fleet Street cunning.  These folk remain a purely sinister menace and little has changed over the millennium except for the sophisticated disguise of their ascendency under European Black Nobility, the shield of anti-Semitism provided by the Holocaust myth, and globalism’s thematic which is handsomely accompanied daily by postludes on the war on terror. Imam Abu al-Qasim praised the Auyybids with the following poem:
Are you not the ones who did us the favors Of dethroning Banu ‘Ubayd; the disbeleivers?
Atheists, Shi’ites and fire worshippers are they,[4] With no tinge of righteousness of which to boast.
They harbor disbelief and reveal their Shi’ism To hide their deeds and spread their heathenism.
Abu Shamah went even further:
They alleged that they belonged to the family of Imam Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and concealed themselves in Shi’ism as al-Quramitah who used to claim they were aware of peoples secret conditions.  They were liars, and their main goal was to draw closer to the ignorant and common people so as to win them to their side.  (see endnote IX)
Hence, we see that this same manipulation of popular culture by crypto-Jews is an ancient political technique, which even Cicero is known to have fearfully respected.
Under the gestalt macroscope of Islamic tawhid, its devolution of wicked intent is seen as the misguidance of mankind’s true purpose.  To genuinely cosmopolitan humans be they urban or rural indigenes, what is naturally authentic in creation defines and upholds true meaning and purpose.  Without the respectful search for human purpose in things as they are, a kind of dissipation of human effort flourishes like cancer—a condition now considered endemic and proven to be man-made.  Furthermore, without what naturally conveys universal common sense with the will to act on its behalf, justice wanes while human volition denigrates towards appetite satisfaction.  Under this condition, the environment degenerates along with the waning enforcement of moral and ethical absolutes in modern human intercourse.
Indeed, all ecological and sociological projections prophecy universal dearth and bear a one hundred per cent correlation to scriptures that most pay lip service to when it comes to assuring justice.  Surely under the rule of crafty hypocrites and extremely shrewd miscreants who comprise the khassa of international kleptocracy, their several electorates exhibit pervasive intellectual and spiritual poverty along with advancing haplessness as social chaos naturally pursues embedded myths that openly oppose the will and reality of Heaven. The following gentlemen qualify and amend these observations and especially endorse those made by Mr. Claes as sighted in a prior essay:

  • By reducing religion to an individual, private matter, the secular nation state has succeeded in monopolizing power for itself and destroying all opposition except one – Islam.  It is here we see the limits of the Western liberal democratic claim to religious freedom and tolerance.  –  Dr. Ahmad F. Yousif; Religious Freedom, Minorities and IslamThinkers Library, KL, Malaysia, 1998
  • Devoid of real purpose, the pursuit of knowledge becomes a deviation from the truth, which necessarily puts into question the validity of such knowledge.   –  Syed Muhd Al-Naquib Al-Attas; Islam and Secularism, p. 36.

Our Post-Modern world is therefore, a particularly malignant treasury of degenerate ideologies.  As the legitimate heir of Modernity, Post-Modernism holds constructs that destroy the common-sense volition required for pre-emptive acts on behalf of communal welfare.  What these constructs systematically obliterate are the following:
a)       Hope: the loss of which causes insecurity and despair;
b)      Trust: by imputing there are no absolutes, hence causing universal paranoia;
c)       Faith: by imputing there is no purpose in life other than to enjoy it, hence, hedonism;
d)      Divine Order in society: by imputing the right of any individual’s or collective’s might, thereby causing endemic chaos metaphysically and otherwise while condescending self-centered brutes dictate whatever mores’ and lies they choose in order to cover and  justify wicked intent.
Mental, spiritual, social and physical well-being naturally follow this course of ruin, causing pre-mature demise not unlike that of a dolefully prolonged pregnancy that awaits the emergence of a stillborn anencephalic monster.
Nevertheless, badly misguided as it is, the Post-Modernist globalist mythos is, in fact, an extremely intelligent system of carefully crafted propaganda with the explicit goal of completely reordering the earth under the thumb of Western elites and Oriental cronies; the latter of whom will never be accepted as equals; hence that war is inevitable and remains ahead of us.
The two major post-modernist constructs with the greatest destructive potential are positivism and humanism, both of which confirm the death of God and thereby re-affirm the Machiavellian ‘right of might’ ethic.  This Counter-Reformation logo and dictum has been expounded, employed and perfected by upper degree Jesuit casuistry (they have four degrees of Initiation)[viii] for a full half-millennium so that their ends now justify any means. The key words here are ‘Counter-Reformationist’ as well as ‘ends’ and ‘means’ that become well defined only after an especially careful review of history that ascribes words, definitions and deeds to their authors, as per Abu Shamah’s remarks as cited earlier—something most folk (including a disheartening majority of pseudo-academics), don’t actually do.  So let’s do it with respect to the Vatican in general and the Jesuit founder in particular:

  • “. . . the chief aim of all our efforts ought to be to procure the confidence and favor of princes and men in places of distinction, to the end that no one might dare to offer opposition to us, but, on the contrary, that all should be subject to us.”  –  Ignatius Loyola (1545); Secret Instructions of the Jesuits [ix]
  • “The end justifies the means”…  If you investigate this philosophy it is steeped in a criminal culture.  Some distant “end’ that never materializes justifies criminal behavior.  A secretive criminal culture grows and begins feeding on the labor of others.  To what end, to feed some more, because that is their culture.  To avoid being victims of strangers, it must become our culture to take care of our families, our communities and ourselves.  We need to know personally the people we depend on, and not rely on some distant corrupt government agency.  The main problem with a world hierarchy is that everyone is lost in a sea of strangers, the most vicious of whom struggle to be at the top.
  • In my own personal religious beliefs, no man steps between me and my relationship with God.  This philosophy has served me well for a lifetime and I do not intend to change it.  I could never support the one-world religion, the promised “end” of the New World Order that supposedly will bring “Peace”.  A criminal culture can never bring peace because such a concept is not a part of their Means. –  Mauri; author of The Vatican Rat Line

These ‘ends’ were the self-same expressed almost verbatim by another crypto-Jew and Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt to his many gentile dupes such as the brilliant Voltaire.[5]  I doubt this is coincidence just as I doubt the first five Caliphasides were.  Therefore, with all due disrespect, Post-Modernism’s exponents, proponents and wolves dressed as scholars or black-robed  clerics on either side of the Euphrates comprise fascist Prep Schools for the New World Order’s panopticon tyranny with lap-dog scourgers named Petraeus or McChrystal (Assassin-in-Chief)[6] who defend ‘daycare’ NATO-ized nations of subordinates who now lack the frontal lobe foresight and visceral attentiveness God gave them at birth.
Considering then the several round-tabled fellows of social engineering expertise who support the Maltese Cross as well as New York’s CFR, London’s Chatham House and the ‘Club of Rome’ in addition to elitist Bilderbergers etc. etc.—the Papal rhetoric of John Paul II is likely far more than just catholic.  It is, in fact, a form of psychological conditioning or pop occulture known as architectronics;[x]a science that uses imagery, icono-graphy and catch-phrases like “One Malaysia” as exemplified by Herman Hesse in his Nobel novel, Magister Ludi,[xi] or as demonstrated by the eminent Dr. Goebbels on a modern nation considered free, civilized, progressive and well educated.
Returning to the Papal rhetoric however, in addition to its lack of scientific definitions and tactile historicity, the utopian theory and logo of global governance actually enhances the Occident’s penchant for assimilating every culture within reach while benefits thus garnered are reserved for elite, Grec0-Romanized citizens.  Furthermore, the caste system of its selective solidarity is historically more unyielding to egalitarianism than others, especially as Western constructs sedulously integrate and/or destroy cultures that resist imaginaires of cashless societies with micro-chipped citizen registries. [xii]
On another rhetorical front the hegemonic fervor of democracy mongers actually puts evangelical Christians to shame.  It is actually a disguised internationalist (i.e. communist) surge using undefined terms like ‘pluralism’, ‘relativism’, ‘humanism’, humanitarian, multi-culturalism and even ‘liberty and ‘justice for all’ [xiii] to elevate its Central Committee’ of Euro-Centric oligarchs to ‘trans-human’ demigod status.  This puts me in mind of the UN’s Star Trekian ‘World Council of Wise Persons’ or the Council of Europe’s “Group of Wise Persons” [xiv] who shelter under Europa’s pentagram logo, giving Gold Star status to the wizened Red Stars of Saints Stalin and Mao.  These facts are amongst the many that carefully-selected spokespersons from Academic safe-havens fail to mention during tightly ‘controlled’ dialogues at red carpet romps amongst the lesser, even ‘non-starred’, nations.

  • [In] Democratic societies … the state can’t control behavior by force. It can to some extent, but it’s much more limited in its capacity to control by force.  Therefore, it has to control what you think. … One of the ways you control what people think is by creating the illusion that there’s a debate going on, but making sure that that debate stays within very narrow margins.  Namely, you have to make sure that both sides in the debate accept certain assumptions, and those assumptions turn out to be the propaganda system.  As long as everyone accepts the propaganda system, then you can have a debate.”   – Noam Chomsky (24/10/1986)

This is the post-modern, post-Freudian/Skinner[7] conditioned mind-control described by many including John Kenneth Galbraith in his book, The Anatomy of Power (Boston, 1983).  Mr. Chomsky has perfectly defined the entire realm of academic debate and discourse I have witnessed since my entry to Academia just a few years ago—a fact I find deeply disturbing.  What is more troubling however, is that the few who challenge the premises adopted by those so conformed, are branded as near heretical or outrageous trouble-makers’ cum adab-breakers by fellows who would probably be censored by the very least of the Prophet’s companions (pbut).
“Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.”  –  Joseph Goebbels (09/01/1928)
“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”    Aldus Huxley (1936)
Hence, ‘branding’ is a psychological defense mechanism for conformists who support lies and liars in deference to rice in their bowels and a false sense of honor.  This is a sin committed commonly by both the witting and not as the photos on the preceding page vividly demonstrates.  Indeed, the several constructs, godsons and icons of this humanist neopox are not only ancient—ranging the Caesarean salute of Islamists from Hitler’s Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to the ranks of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah and Hamas (spanning some seventy odd years)—but are also the results of Orientalism’s systematic and evangelical” [xv]misguidance; after all, we should remember that both Hitler and Goebbels were staunch Catholics.
The poignant fact of this matter is that the brave young men you see vying with Nazi fervor for the crown of Shaheed, actually support the divisive tactics of Wall and Fleet Street pseudo-Semites and variegated Alliance enforcers for the kleptocracies of Rome, New York, London and Washington DC, et alia.[xvi]  This group is the very same criminal cult that put Stalin, Hitler and Mao into power, and now desires their UN branch office to relocate its internationalist pawn and power broking and breaking enterprise to Jerusalem.  For those of you who doubt this, I will quote the following men of authentic renown rather than the “outrageous trouble-maker” I seem to have become:

  • Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption in high places will follow until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.   –  Abraham Lincoln  (murdered by Freemasonic Catholics, see Appendix V)
  • I spent 33 years in the Marines. Most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.”   –  Major General Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket  (1935)[xvii]
  • “I was approached by senior executives of the Wall Street bond firm, Cantor Fitzgerald.  They asked me to oversee a unique research partnership between the firm and the Naval War College that would later yield a series of high powered war games involving national security policy makers, Wall Street heavy weights and academic experts … This blueprint is not about them [non-Westerners (Americans)] but about us—what we stand for and what we believe in.  –  Prof. Thomas PM Barnett, US Naval War College [xviii]

Ignore these testimonies if you like but know that Mr. Lincoln’s prophecy was achieved with the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which then proceeded to systematically enslave the so-called ‘Republic’ to British “gentlemen” in order to expand the venture globally as they devoured the US and its resources while demoralizing, enslaving and forever shaming its citizens.
Since their 13th Crusade presently confirms that this is the bone fide case in hand, be advised that Global elitists administer repeated doses of hefty exhibitions such as World Cup camaraderie along with Grand Prix Champaign parties and the Mythraic fire worship of Olympic Torches accompanied by flag clad bimbos and football punters for Guinness pints.  As you search your memories for the commentaries of Caesar or Marcus Aurelius on this wizened methodology, also bear in mind the pyramid and crescent-star fiddling on urban roof-tops, national flags, State Seals, grammar school foreheads, shopping centers and banks, as well as Freemasonic obelisks resting in villages, Masonic squares, cemeteries, the Vatican and Washington DC; these are in addition to the continuum of foreign excursions made by Georgetown, Rhodes and Fulbright ideologues (see Appendix III) who actively or by default support the roguish imperialism[xix]of Free Trade Zones that permit the modern slavery of sweat-shop mobility.
While many in the East adopt and adapt to the de-civilizing efforts of modern and post-modernist savor, there remains intellectual resistance in the now-lumbering once-slumbering giant of Napoleon’s admonition. Considering that China’s red-starred xenophobia was initially authored by Jesuits in 16th-17th century Paraguay (called Reductions)[8],[xx] — until recently the sino-colossus had not begun to pass muster with those who defend tradition despite its star-crossed storm troopers stomping about in the Himalayas.  Not a few of her ASEAN cousins have followed the piping of Marx, Engels and Lenin — each of whom were Westerners, Jewish and Jesuit educated Freemasons in the employ of Wall Street & Baron Rothschild’s retainers[xxi] — while other neighbors tout the panacea of democracy and secularized pluralism which have failed Madame Merkel’s increasingly Islamophobic Germany[xxii] leading to the red carpet receptions for the Pope John Paul II’s utopian plea.
It is also of note that we find the Orient swimming in the same Roman or Greek constructs that inspired Amerca’s so-called founders accompanied by Singapore’s Olympian logo.  Nevertheless, a few ASEAN legatees fail to be counted among China’s monk bashers or former crown colony, neo-money-laundering monetizers.[xxiii]  These strive to preserve the Patriarchal heritage their renowned sages bequeathed to them by divine approval.  Though a minority, this writer addresses this lot of policy makers, academics, movers, shakers and intellectuals whose common-sense appreciation for authentic cultural identity remains intact well enough to withstand the iconic onslaught of Western arrogance, traditional British impunity, and the Semitic cunning of Romanized rhetoric.
While most ignore the extremely clear implications of the occult icons from the centuries-old, trans-generational and trans-metaphysical persuasions pictured below, Islamophobia’s Westopian virus adds to the rolls of plaintiffs like bird flu.  Those who resist Washington’s post-9/11 humbug look for ways and means to counter the politically correct Amero-Euro centrism and the Zionist deference that authored the debacle with the aid of nano-thermite technicians.  Such opposition calls for the denunciation of Occidental imagionaires by strengthening authentic wisdom and traditions while correcting misguided technology and manhood:

  • “A plural society is not necessarily an obstacle to the achievement of harmonious inter-ethnic relations.  From the standpoint of Islam too, pluralism is actually a deliberate act of God, aimed at encouraging people from different backgrounds to know each other.  However, pluralism becomes an invidious factor when in takes the form of communalism.”   –  Hussain Mutalib; Islam and Ethnicity in Malay Politics, Oxf U Press, 1990.

Popularized examples of typical cyops iconography

The above icons intelligently promote the New World Order’s Cultural War agenda.  They are not in the least secular, but foster the ancient humanism of pharaoh’s self-godhood; the essence of Satanism.
Prof. Mutalib politely refers to the discriminatory policies of Malay or Arab tribalism, the ‘communalism’ he warns of.  When added to religion, communalism becomes a hideous form of repression and oppression.  As a social phenomenon it may be described by one word ‘sanctimonious’; that most venal of immoral characteristics that led to the inquisition.  We see forms of the latter in what are commonly called ‘honor killings’ and the same mindset has returned not-a-few Muslims to the pre-Islamic custom of murdering infants—many of which are abandoned due to incest.  We may add to this litany the several forms of sexual immorality that remain hidden because un-Islamic taboos forbid a frank discussion of human sexuality amongst today’s Muslims.  This was surely not the case during the time of the prophet or the immediate generations that followed. This UMNO-ized form of Islam is readily exploited by Islam’s enemies, especially in political arenas where entrapment, blackmail and bribery run literally amok in such fertile and un-holy ground.
Tribal communalism minus cosmopolitan constructs is also ‘secular’ because of the deference it pays to icons, agents, media and legalism that has marginalized Shari’ah within so-called ‘Islamic’ States and even Banks; and this is not to mention the male chauvinism that suffocates the feminine ethos.  But aside from blatant venality, hypocrisy, ignorance and brazenly open mimicry of the Anglo-American enemies of their faith, the most salient point of significance here is that of exclusivity vs. genuinely Islamic meritocracy while the latter is paid lip service.
Although I admit that thoroughgoing Islamic governance demands a certain degree of apartheid preference and distinction, it most certainly does not constitute racial bias, which is exactly what now occurs in Malaysia and other predominantly Muslim countries.  In my several years amongst the ‘alim’ of a speciously Muslim Malay administration, I repeatedly witnessed many a genius and/or competent individual ignored, castigated and/or marginalized by ‘special interest’ groups that favored the elevation of lesser minds dressed in appropriate tribal uniforms as if the latter were some sort of talisman.  This censorious discrimination is not only anathema to Islam but also lethal to cultural advance as the latter naturally demands fresh influences, both physically and metaphysically from exogenous sources lest inbred miasms cause an inevitable retrogression of healthy expression.  To avoid this one must not only have governance that discerns what is beneficial but also prefers it to any alliances with influences that bear naught but selfish intent dressed in what may appear to be authentically cosmopolitan, egalitarian and even “cultural” garb.
However, on review of the evident changes from 150-plus-years of photography, one readily appreciates a cultural involution and degeneration, and this is true of nearly all so-called Muslim cultures.  What’s more is that this ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ embraced entire regions where the dress, customs, manners and language of the real oppressors (Colonialists) were anxiously adopted and promoted to the scorn and distortion of genuine indigenous identity.   What now passes for Malay or even Thai garb are a far cry from what we see in photographs from a century ago or from what is preserved in hallowed but neglected museums.  What then of the essence of the once dignified national ethos that independently stood its ground as Allah intended?   The same may be asked of all cultures where its good men and women failed to halt the advance of venal sub-humans posing as masters. Is this not the intent and purpose of genuine Islamization?
The media, cyber clouds and airways of post-modern ponerocrats only appear to acknowledge authentic cultural integrity.  This vacant lip service is readily gainsaid by tourist attraction venues which appear to be the only theatres left for indigenous cultural displays aside from festivals.  Just recently I attended a Thai festival at a Buddhist Temple with barely a monk in site.  Attendees were poorly dressed in T-shirts and jeans and many women were scantily covered while drunken men gawked as go-go pole dancers writhed and mimed the satanic music of Occidental influence at the Temple’s entrance.
Daily life-ways are drenched in servitude to foreign masters of icons, central banks and X-Factor celebrity-itis. Awesome levels of tribal (special interest) preference and mistrust of the ‘other’ now reign within post-colonial multicultural melting pots;[xxiv] especially countries with flags that mimic their secular humanist manipulators.  This is a clear indicator that Islam is not effectively practiced in so-called ‘Muslim’ countries, and if one surveys the barred-prisons people call homes, one readily recognizes the extent and lack of effective justice as well as education.  This is not to mention the bloodshed and moral dissipation that emanates from reactionary nationalists who are often armed by hidden Anglo-American assets in the Gladio (Romanist) tradition; which is most likely the case in Thailand’s predominately Malay speaking southern provinces.
It therefore becomes clear to cogent observers that paeans for World Peace under globalist auspice with its pentagrammed flags and Olympian banners are actually authored, sponsored and sung by the same troubadours—via local facilitators—who also supply the world with:
a)      weapons of mass destruction;
b)     increasingly worthless fiats;
c)      a string of well engineered economic crises;
d)     copious numbers of spiritually inebriating icons;
e)      innumerable harmful drugs (legal and not); industrial and geo-engineered toxins, radiation, and iatrogenically dangerous immunizations in addition to race specific pathogens (germ warfare);
f)       and last but not least, the planned obsolescence of an unsustainable and ecologically unfriendly mercantilism called consumerism, for which ploy Muslims have fallen like rain, especially Muslim bankers and economists.
Surely this is completely immoral, unethical, venal, cowardly and un-Islamic in addition to being idolatrous because the obedience handed to one’s appetites is a form of self-worship: the actual goal of satanic humanism.
Yet, neither is Islam an enemy of egalitarian nor profitable human endeavor.  Quite the contrary is true because Islam, as a (i) political science; (ii) philosophy (way of life); and (iii) religion does stand monolithically in opposition to the prosecution of the extremely vibrant Western hegemony of evil-minded elite.  This is the true reason Muslims are vigorously persecuted as the ban on overt crusades has been lifted for all to bear witness.  The prosecution of this campaign is characterized by greed, dominionism and the unimaginable impunity of their Captains, Kings and globalized retainers; an ‘Alliance’ Muslims seem to emulate, especially in flagship states like Malaysia.
John F. Kennedy confirmed this assessment as he prepared to decommission their Federal Reserve cash cow six months before his well publicized, ritual murder and subsequent Warren Commission[9] White-Wash:
It’s a tightly knit, highly effective machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed.  No secret is revealed.   – JFK, 1963
Dismiss these observations if you wish but the sober amongst us must not.  The minority who hear, see and obey must strive all the harder to counteract the personal cognitive dissonance[xxv] of peers, superiors and plagues of sub-human appetite that destroy bona fide pluralism along with our once pristine environment.  Any victory in this effort, great or small, is achieved only by means that assure the integrity of authentic cultural identity, which is precisely why genuine cultural renewal is so vital and also the true reason psyops are now endemic.  Indeed, the divine plan commands it as per Hussain Mutalib and others, even if such measures call for benign apartheid policies that respectfully acknowledge and protect the very real differences that define our all-too-human communities:

  • Nationalism drew “lethal power from the assumption that a so-called ‘cultural identity’… corresponds to a ‘political identity’ … Bayart suggests that in the contemporary period, there is a haunting specter of the vanishing of difference (and a dilution of particularity) that accompanies the general “opening up” of societies (globalization); this engenders an exacerbation of particular identities (e.g. religious, national, ethnic, popular cultural), whereby heritage is overstated and innovation is concealed… Bayart argues that a troubling assumption that tends to accompany this (now) commonplace recognition is that “we belong to different species or sub-species” and that “communication between cultures is impossible in principle…  Bayart presents an insightful discussion of how particular hair-styles, clothing styles and culinary customs come to crystallize distinctive political subjectivities and modes of existence, albeit in contradictory and conflictual ways.”   –  On Jean-François Bayart’s The Illusion of Cultural Identity [xxvi]

Under the economic onslaught of Free Trade zones that began with Freemasonic Singapore after a visit from the British Viceroy of India, people feel culturally deprived and hence, more vulnerable.  It’s no small wonder the sub-conscious defense rises to hairdos as brown-skinned Madonnas spend hard earned fiats on skin whiteners.
Cultural conflicts are naturally ordained trials of a so-called ‘civility’ that is preserved and improved only when we adhere to protocols as prescribed by the divine order.  To quite the contrary, the opening of our societies by the Cult of Rome’s provenance and Knights Templar cum Malta in the name of “democracy” is a cultural war tactic.  Their Fulbright and Rhodes Scholar rogues like Bill Clinton are narcissistic automatons who may dominate popular, academic and management circles worldwide but from the time of their Tavistokian inception (a mere one-hundred years past) they have repeatedly failed to remedy the illnesses responsible for the most barbarous century in man’s history.  Indeed, many of them lent witless hands to causing it and the myriad of social maladies that now plague the world:

  • On 19 May 1919, Milner’s Round Table, together with the representatives of the following international bankers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Kuhn-Loeb met in Paris to found the ‘Institute of International Affairs’.  This organization had two branches the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in Britain and the ‘Council of Foreign Relations’ in the USA.  Professor Arnold Toynbee, head of studies at Chatham House at a conference of leading internationalists stated that:
  •  ‘He and they were engaged in removing the instruments of sovereignty from the hands of the local national states, that they were, in fact, doing with their hands what they were denying with their lips’.        — Rivera, View From the Wall, 2002, NY.

Hence, Rhodes-fellows may appear to have answers but their offerings unavoidably support the destructive policies and positions of their endowment’s patrons—creatures who limit the bounds of definition in dialogue and debate whereby illusions such as ‘multi-cultural melting-pot’ become house-hold terms that breed naught but false hope and chaos. They are almost as expert as Jesuit Casuists who make sin look worthy of divine approval.
With the help of God Almighty and a few students of authentic knowledge minus god-forsaken sanctimony, this little book will convincingly establish that cultural conflict is not adverse to progressive cooperation and that profitable alliances can and do prosper regionally or internationally as long as thrall keepers are remanded to regions forsaken by God and differences are respected and promoted while human dignity is upheld.  Islamic history readily establishes this fact with the caveat that hegemonic tendencies (monopolies of trade and power) are to be restrained by the wise.  The key to this success is acknowledgement and tolerance of cultural differences under the wise management of God-fearing leadership that requires accountably held under systematically established institutions whose attendants are permeated with universal ethics.  This is Islamization of the heart rather than knowledge, and belies the reality of IOK’s false construct.
The latter is an abstracted ideation divorced from street level practicum.  It is reserved for white tower seat warmers who reinvent academic wheels and do little else than write and talk, which is to the advantage of the enemies of their souls, peoples and religion.  Satanic elites gladly fund the nonsense in deference to academic inaction as opposed to socially effective, armed resistance.
Officials of effective cosmopolitan Islam must promote what is good while preventing the evils of all corruptors and their lackeys. This is what is known in Islam as the office of hisbah.  Such institutions can be established culturally and ethnically amongst and between peoples who abandon the architectronics of Western iconography and uphold the sound international codes of authentic universal ethics.   You may begin with the exile of your television.
 “Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.”   –  Noam Chomsky

“What luck for rulers that men do not think.” – Adolf Hitler

“We believe that these [secret] societies, great or small, related or unrelated, with or without ramifications, are manifestations, more or less apparent and more or less important, of a world other than the one in which we live … The rise of Nazism was one of those rare moments in the history of our civilization, when a door was noisily and ostentatiously opened on to something ‘Other’.
What is strange is that people pretend not to have seen or heard anything apart from the sights and sounds inseparable from war and political strife.”

 The Morning of the Magicians, Pauwels and Ber

[1]    See Appendix I:  Legal Wealth Confiscation by Wall Street
[2]     Freemasons being amongst them; their “Great Architect of the Universe” is Lucifer, according to both P. Manly Hall and Albert Pike; two of their most eminent scholars.
[3]      See Appendix II
[4]      Pseudo-Zororastrians with Mythraic accretions (Magi): The Roman Church Christianized the seven sacraments of Mythraic idolatry and the ‘eternal flame’ of Mythras is kept lit in their churches; it stays alight also at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC.
[5]   While Voltaire ’”broke lances” castigating Rome, he uprooted oaks defending the Jesuits.  – oz
“We know the passionate interest of Goethe in everything that touches on Islamism. He had translated Voltaire’s Mahomet (1), and eliminated everything hostile to the prophet’s memory. (2) When they met, on the 2nd October 1808, Goethe and Napoléon almost immediately started talking about Mahomet….  He added that I had translated French works, notably Voltaire’s Mahomet….  The Emperor replied, “That is not a good play.” And he further revealed in a very detailed fashion how little it suited the conqueror of the world (Mahomet) to make such an unfavorable portrayal of him. Napoleon wrote an extensive criticism of the play.  On perusal, it is very obvious that Voltaire’s pen was purposely venomous towards the Prophet (pbh).  May Allah have mercy on Napoleon for this defense?’


Published by UTUSAN Publishers, Kuala Lumpur, 2001

[6]    General McChrystal comes from a world where killing by any means is the norm and a blanket of secrecy provides the necessary protection. For five years he commanded the Pentagon’s super-secret Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which, among other things, ran what Seymour Hersh has described as an “executive assassination wing” out of Vice President Cheney’s office. (Cheney just returned the favor by giving the newly appointed general a ringing endorsement: “I think you’d be hard put to find anyone better than Stan McChrystal.”) Huffington Post, 3 Nov 2010
[7] Both B’nai Brith members: a Masonic Society for Jews only, secretly established by Albert Pike apart from his Scottish Rite lodges.
[8]       Famous Nazis like Martin Bormann, Doctor Josef Mengele, Heinrich Mueller found sanctuary in predominately Catholic S. America via Rome’s ‘Rat Line’ after WWII.
[9] Every member of this Commission of Prevarication was a Freemason.

[i]       “Pope Benedict XVI has reaffirmed the commitment of the Catholic Church to the ecumenical movement, and stated that ecumenism would be the “primary task” of his pontificate.”  (Matthew Bunson, Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, 2009, p 578)
Organs, obelisks, crosses on churches, ecumenism. Those who speak out against this have been persecuted Such persecution being logical antichrist activity (per White, supra). “And Dr. Hopkins, in “A Treatise on the Millennium,” declares: “There is no reason to consider the antichristian spirit and practices to be confined to that which is now called the Church of Rome.  The Protestant churches have much of antichrist in them, and are far from being wholly reformed from . . . corruptions and wickedness.”  Samuel Hopkins, Works, vol. 2, p. 328.” (Ellen White, The Great Controversy, p 384)
“The purpose of the WCC is to promote Christian unity.” (John Graz, Is The General Conference Involved in Ecumenism?, Reflections – A BRI Newsletter, Number 19, July 2007, p 2)  So like the pope’s task: “to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ’s followers.” (Matthew Bunson, Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, 2009, p 578
“The Roman Catholic Church is very influential within the WCC, but is not a member either.” (John Graz, Is The General Conference Involved in Ecumenism?, Reflections – A BRI Newsletter, Number 19, July 2007, p 2)
The top Jesuits who operate openly in monastic robes at the Vatican find that they like to meet with their Jesuit brethren (in mufti) in the Adventist church more often than just at the World Council of Churches meetings. And so they get together annually at the “Conference of Secretaries of the Christian World Communions”. “The Conference of Secretaries represents about two billion Christians and covers more churches than any other organization, including the WCC. The Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church are represented and so are the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Mennonite Conference, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Baptist World Alliance, and others. Adventists have played an important role in this Conference in opening it to Evangelicals. Bert B. Beach was the Secretary of the Conference for 32 years.” (John Graz, Is The General Conference Involved in Ecumenism?, Reflections – A BRI Newsletter, Number 19, July 2007, p 2)
“Some, understanding the deliberate infiltration of men bent upon the destruction of God’s church, often seek to expose the identity of such men.” “Of course there are Jesuits in our church.” (Russell R. Standish, Colin D. Standish, The General Conference Confronts Apostasy, Hartland Publications, 2006, p 201)
“The Catholic Church has, in the past, tried to prohibit the reading and distribution of the Word of God. In fact, the Scriptures were listed under the: “Index of Prohibited Books” by Pope Paul IV in 1599 and Archbishop Adolphus in 1462 broke up the printing establishments of Gutenberg and Schoeffer in order to prevent their circulation.” (Walter J. Veith, Truth Matters, Amazing Discoveries, 2007, p 207)
[ii]    Khassa: people of distinction, the establishment; people of power and wealth: Mercantile enmeshment with Politicians and the Military. Amma: the general population.  See: The New Mamluks: Egyptian Society and Modern Feudalism, Amira El-Azhary Sonbol, Syracuse Univ. Press, 2000
Amma: “The culture of the marginalized common people (or goy) …  unrecognized by the elite, a culture that is usually considered forbidden—or at best—worthless and irrelevant, though it is that of the majority, whose right it is to determine their own destiny but is ignored by the elite and is often suppressed.”   — Issa Boullata, Trends in Contemporary Arab Thought, Albany, State Univ. of N.Y. Press, 1990, p. 117.
[iii]     SEE my books:
Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth(160 pp) Comparative Religion & Christology, Pub. Penpress, England 2008;  //  The Hand of Iblis: an Anatomy of Evil (780 pp) Sumarry Observations on the New World Order; Analysis & History AS Nordeen, 2009;  //   Cain’s Creed, Vol One: The Cult of Rome, An Iconoclast’s Deconstruction of the Monotheist Saga  KL, scheduled for 2011 (800 pp);  //  Jerusalem, Zion & Sion: Truth Lies and Historicity (160 pp., scheduled for 2011);
[iv]     Author of The Globalization of Poverty, Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms, TWN, Penang and Zed Books, London, 1997.
[v]      Modern Jews, the Talmud & Kabala
        The conception of the Jews as the Chosen People who must eventually rule the world forms indeed the basis of Rabbinical Judaism… the Jewish religion now takes its stand on the Talmud rather than on the Bible.  “The modern Jew,” one of its latest Jewish translators observes, “is the product of the Talmud.”  The Talmud itself accords to the Bible only a secondary place.  Thus the Talmudic treatise Soferim says: “The Bible is like water, the Mischna is like wine, and the Gemara is like spiced wine.
        The Talmud is not a law of righteousness for all mankind, but a meticulous code applying to the Jew alone.  No human being outside the Jewish race could possibly go to the Talmud for help or comfort…  In the Talmud, Drach points out, “the precepts of justice, of equity, of charity towards one’s neighbor, are not only not applicable with regard to the Christian, but constitute a crime in anyone who would act differently…  The Talmud expressly forbids one to save a non-Jew from death… to restore lost goods, etc., to him, to have pity on him.”… [but] even the Jews are not unanimous in supporting the Talmud; indeed, as we have already seen, many Jews have protested against it as a barrier between themselves and the rest of the human race.… It is in the Cabala, still more than in the Talmud, that the Judaic dream of world-domination recurs with the greatest persistence.  The Zohar indeed refers to this as a fait accompli.  –  Michael Rodkinson (i.e. Rodkinssohn); Preface to his  translation of the Talmud, Vol. I. p. x.
The hope of world-domination is therefore not an idea attributed to the Jews by “anti-Semites,” but a very real and essential part of their traditions.  [This is also true of Lamaism. – oz] What then of their attitude to Christianity in the past?  We have already seen that hatred of the person and teaching of Christ did not end at Golgotha, but was kept alive by the Rabbis and perpetuated in the Talmud and the Toledot Yeshu.  The Cabala also contains passages referring both to Christ and to Mohammed so unspeakably foul that it would be impossible to quote them here:
[Kabalism] has contributed to the formation of modern Judaism, for, without the influence of the Kabala, Judaism today might have been one-sided, lacking in warmth and imagination.  Indeed, so deeply has it penetrated into the body of the faith that many ideas and prayers are now immovably rooted in the general body of orthodox doctrine and practice.  This element has not only become incorporated, but it has fixed its hold on the affections of the Jews and cannot be eradicated…  Assuredly sectarian Freethinkers swarm, who flatter themselves on having borrowed nothing from the synagogue and on hating equally Jehovah and Jesus.  But the modern Jewish world is itself also detached from any supernatural belief, and the Messianic tradition, of which it preserves the cult, reduces itself to considering the Jewish race as the veritable Messiah.  – Hastings’ Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics, article on the Kabala by H. Loewe; Eugène Tavernier; La Religion Nouvelle , p. 265 (1905).
[vi]   References for Fatimids and Al’Batinnyyah
(a)    Imam Abd ar-Rahman ibn ‘Ali ibn Nasrash-Shasi’s Ar-Radd ‘Ala Al Batinniyah;
(b)    Abu Shamah’s (Abd ar-Rahman ibn Isma’il ibn Ibrahim, murdered by these Assassins in 665 AH/1169CE) Kitab Ar-  Rawdatayn Fi Ahkbar Ad-Dawlatayn;
      (c)    Judge ‘Abd al-Jabbar as-Basri’s Tathbit An-Nubuwwah;
      (d)    Dr. Muhammad Musa Al-Shareef, op.cit.
The Kadarites, or Kadariyya (from Arabic kadr, ‘power’), were known by that name because they were exponents of the doctrine of man’s free will, and Professor E. G. Browne makes a particular allusion to the spurious Mohammedan tradition – al-Kadariyyatu Majau hadihi ‘L Ummati, ‘the Partisans of Free Will are the Magians of this Church.  A similar citation may be quoted from the eleventh-century Arabic work of al-Baghdadi (d. 1037) entitled Al-Fark bain al-Firak, in which he says: ‘It is reported of the Prophet [i.e. Muhammad] that he condemned the Kadarites [for their free-will doctrine], calling them the Magians of this people.’

Muhammadan References to the Magians, or Zoroastrians, and Free Will by Abraham Jackson; Monogram, Zorastrian Educational Institute, 2007

See: Browne, Lit. Hist. I. ; H. Steiner, Die Mu‘taziliten, p. 28 and n. 3. Leipzig, 1865. Mrs. K. C. Seelye, Moslem Schisms and Sects, p. 22.

It is narrated that Magians were Ahlu’l-Kitaab who later worship the fire [i.e., Mithras, the Catholic sacramental predecessor]. Abd-Allah Ibn Abbas (ra) said regarding them: “When the prophet of the Persian died, iblis taught them Magisian.” (Abu Dawud).  There is ittifaaq among the scholars that the slaughter of the Magians cannot be eaten and their women cannot be married but jizya can be taken from them so they can be ahl dhimma.  –  The Slaughter of the Magians, the Sabians, other mushriks and the Murtad, Abu Isra’il, 2009

[vii]    “The Karamathians (Arabic: al-Qaramitah / in Oman), are the most un-Islamic sect in Islam.”  – Yusuf Estes
Isma’ilism was based on four key elements:
1.      A secret mystical (esoteric) teaching, which under the outward form of Islam contained a syncretistic mix of metaphysical traditions from many sources.
2.     A compact organisation as a secret society effectively ruled by the hierarchy.
3.     An effective propaganda (missionary) machine.
4.     A ruthless political programme. It greatly influenced other extreme Shi’a groups (Ghulat) such as the Druze, ‘Alawis, Yezidis and ‘Ali-Ilahis and had a great influence on Sufism and on Twelver Shi’a doctrine.
The Isma’ilis integrated into their belief system ideas taken from Jewish and Christian mysticism, Gnosticism, Manichaeism, Neo-Platonism, Hinduism and Buddhism.  At present there are two main Isma’ili groups – the Nizaris headed by the Aga Khan and the Bohras (or Tayybis) whose leaders are called Da’i Mutlaq.
Isma’ilis penetrated into Yemen about 880 AD. From there they sent out missionaries to North Africa, who converted the Berber Kutamah tribe of Ifriqiyeh (Tunisia) to their faith. The Berbers, amongst whom there had been Gnostic and Manichaean sects in the pre-Islamic period, found Isma’ili doctrine very appealing.  With the ground well prepared by his emissaries, the Isma’ili Imam, ‘Ubaid Allah al-Mahdi, who had been living in secret in Salammiyah, Syria, was proclaimed in 908 as the first Fatimid Caliph in Ifriqiyeh.  The Fatimid government was highly centralised and divided into three branches: civil, military and religious. The Wazir supervised the military and civil branches, whilst the Chief Da’i headed the religious establishment. This included the higher schools of learning and the propaganda branch of the Isma’ilis. The Chief Da’i directed a vast network of agents throughout the Islamic world.
The Qaramitah were an extreme Isma’ili party of the peasants and the poor named after their founder Hamdan Qarmat who first appeared in Iraq in 890. They actively tried to de-stabilize the ‘Abassid regime by carefully planned plots and violent rebellion. Between 901 and 906 their armed bands ravaged Syria, Palestine and northern Mesopotamia.  The Qaramitah seem to have had communistic tendencies. They rejected many outward religious forms such as prayer, fasting and the pilgrimage and encouraged wine drinking and music.  They conquered al-Hasa on the Gulf coast of north-eastern Arabia where they founded a Qaramitah state which included Bahrain. In 930 the Qaramitah of al-Hasa under Abu-Tahir Sulayman advanced on Mecca, massacred pilgrims and inhabitants and took the holy Black Stone to al-Hasa. This act was meant to symbolize the end of the Islamic era and the beginning of the new cycle. Twenty years later they returned the stone under pressure from the Fatimid Caliph al-Mansur. The Qaramitah were finally overthrown by the ‘Abassids in 1077 [i.e., by Sala’u’din].
[viii]           “We Imbue into him spiritual forces which he would find very difficult to eliminate later, these forces can come up again unto the surface sometimes after years of not even mentioning them, and become so imperative that the will finds itself unable to oppose any obstacle, and has to follow their irresistible impulse.”    –     H. Boehmer, Les Jesuits
[ix]     Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Charles Chiniquy, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House,1968; originally published in 1886) pp 53-4
[x]     POP OCCULTURE reveals the backstory on the role of the occult as a counterpoint in modern and postmodern society. These undercurrents have their roots in the Utopian-socialist movement, Tavistock Institute, and global cultural engineering. The iconic roles of Aleister Crowley, Timothy Leary, Hunter S. Thompson, Robert Anton Wilson and other revolutionary thinkers are foundational to understanding counterculture. It is the root of their postmodern and post-postmodern counterparts, like Genesis P-Orridge and Lydia Lunch. Subjects run the gamut of related themes and personal counter-measures.
CULTURAL ENGINEERING: We will morph from Cyber-culture to PSI-ber Culture, with challenges humanity has never faced. We may not even be “humanity,” but trans-human moving toward a post-human hybrid of high tech and tissue as communication and computing technologies amplify. We already have voluntary and synthetic telepathy. The advent of the cellular camera/phone means we are never alone, and always accountable, and surveilled on GPS. Now cellular is beginning to provide mindless entertainment on tiny TV and YOUTube with expanded content. In the global era, there is no more first-person singular. “They” are inside your head and potentially watching and conditioning your every move.
[xi]   Hermann Hesse not only wrote the classic introspective novels Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, but won the Nobel prize in Literature (1946) for his final masterwork published under two titles in English: The Glass Bead Game or Magister Ludi. This work (set in the 23rd Century) describes a cadre of individuals and their headmaster — the Magister Ludi — engrossed in interdisciplinary play engineering cultural values from behind the scenes. Hesse never forthrightly explained just how the game is played, but gave many hints to its structure for future aspirants seeking solutions to the critical predicament of mankind through Global Architectronics.  The Glass Bead Game requires that its players synthesize aesthetics and philosophy. The Glass Bead Game is thus a mode of playing with the total contents and values of our culture; it plays with them as, say, in the great age of the arts a painter might have played with the colors on his palette. The Game’s synthetic, non-linear information play is a forerunner of virtual reality.  – Iona Miller, April, 2007
[xii] The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.” Extract:  page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1, section B:
‘‘(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to information respecting a device described in paragraph (1), including claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary”
Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an “implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.” The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.”
[xiii]           “…representative democracy" [is] an oxymoron that refers to little more than a republican oligarchy of the chosen few who ostensibly speak for the powerless many.”      Murray Bookchin, 2001
[xiv] See: Council of Europe’s Ministers’ Deputies CM Documents: CM(2006)203; 979bis Meeting, 15 November 2006, “Report of the Group of Wise Persons to the Committee of Ministers”
[xv] E.W. Said, Orientalism, Harvard Univ. Press, 2000, p. 122
[xvi] International Monetary/Banking Cartel owns or controls, from its base in the financial District of London and other undisclosed places, all large international corporations. Wall Street and the Federal Reserve banks of the US are merely the Cartel’s American subsidiaries. The Cartel’s ownership of so much is hidden with various interlinked, interlocked directorships, proxies, nominees, sophisticated fronts, and the like. Their many corporations own shares of other corporations, which own still more shares of other corporations. Socialist author, geo/political analyst, and activist Mr. Ralph Schoeman estimates that less than one percent of the world’s population comprises the capitalist/ banking Cartel’s infrastructures; yet this private Cartel owns over 95 percent of the world’s wealth, with each member holding an average of 14 large corporate directorships.
[xvii]           “I have co-published the 75th Anniversary Edition of Major General Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket.  This simple, yet eloquent treatise on the greed of the elite class to the pain and suffering of our class should be in every home, classroom, school library, and shelf of your local peace group.”  – Cindy Sheehan; “Racketeers for Capitalism,” World News Daily , (Aug. 2010)
[xviii]       The Pentagon’s New Map: Blueprint for Action; Putnam, 2005
[xix] “The literary-cultural establishment as a whole has declared the serious study of imperialism and culture off limits. For Orientalism brings one up directly against the question of realizing that political imperialism governs an entire field of study, imagination, and scholarly institutions—in such a way as to make its avoidance an intellectual and historical impossibility.” – E.W. Said, Orientalism, pp. 13-14.
Cecil Rhodes was the 19th century British explorer, who became the Prime minister of the Cape Provence of South Africa, and more importantly gained total control of the diamond and gold fields of Southern and Central Africa. Rhodes had a vision of creating an Anglo Saxon dominated one world Govt. To achieve this end he founded a secret society on the 5th Feb. 1891 based upon the Freemasons. Rhodes himself was a leading freemason. The dream or nightmare of Rhodes was financed by the Rothschild international bankers. Professor Carrol Quiqley stated in his book ‘Tragedy and Hope’.  “With financial support from Lord Rothschild and Alfred Beit he was able to monopolize the diamond mines of South Africa as Debeers Consolidated mines and build up a great gold mining enterprise as Consolidated Gold Mines.”
On May 19th 1919, Milners Round Table, together with the representatives of the following international bankers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Kuhn-Loeb met in Paris to found the ‘Institute of International Affairs’. This organization had 2 branches the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in Britain and the ‘Council of Foreign relations’ in the USA. Professor Arnold Toynbee, head of studies at Chatham House at a conference of leading internationalists stated that ‘He and they were engaged in removing the instruments of sovereignty from the hands of the local national states, that they were, in fact, doing with their hands what they were denying with their lips’.   –  David Allen Rivera, View From the Wall, 2002, NY
Behind the facade of free markets and international institutions, lies an imperial system ruled from Washington. That leaves Beijing with two options; they can either bow to US pressure and fall in line or shrug off Washington’s demands and continue on the same path. If they choose to resist, relations with the US will grow more acrimonious and the probability of conflict will rise.

Mike Whitney; 21 Oct 2010 Information Clearing House

[xx]   Jaenike wrote the following to Father Klaiber regarding the use of “communist” in describing the commoners’ rebellions: “I took a bit of license with the term ‘communist’ based on O’Neill p179 where he wrote, We have spoken of the remarkable movement called the ‘Communeros‘ and have said that it resembled more of a medieval ‘jacquerie’ than a modern Communist outbreak. Yet with it the words ‘Commune’ and ‘Communists’ as we now employ them, seem to have acquired their meaning. The supremacy of the common man…that was the inspiring idea. (O’Neill uses the term communist several times later in the chapter.) …Charlevoix mentions communists.”  This magnificent, deeply and scrupulously researched book will always have a place of honor in my library. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Latin American history— and that includes the history of Baja California because of the parallel stories of their Jesuit missions.  This one goes on my annual 10 list.        –   Jeffrey Klaiber, S.J. of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Published in the Catholic Historical Review.  April 2009; Review of:

 Black Robes in Paraguay by Catherine M. Mayo, award-winning author of acclaimed  non-fiction and fiction about Mexico, including the historical novel The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, a Library Journal Best Book of 2009.

Also See: Martin Borman, Nazi In Exile, by Paul Manning, Pub. Lyle Stuart, 1981, and VATICAN RAT LINES: The Vatican, the Nazis and the New World Order by MAURI

  • “The Jesuits did not transform one species of government into another. They erected their imposing structure on the crude foundation that was natural to the Guarani, a foundation that was already strongly tinged with practical socialism.”
  • “The crops of yerba and tobacco, dry pulse, and cotton . . . were stored with hides, timber, and coarse hand-woven stuffs in public garners under the direction of the padres. After feeding and clothing his lieges, King Jesuit exported the remains of the common stock in his own boats, and exchanged it at Buenos Aires for the general wants—hardware, drugs, looms, agricultural implements, fine clothes to be given as prizes, and splendid stuffs and ornaments for the church. No Guarani could buy  or sell ; he was, however, graciously permitted to change one kind of food for another.”  –  Jesuit Missions in Paraguay, by W. H. Koebel, Stanley Paul & Co., London,
[xxi] See: Omar Zaid; The Hand of Iblis, AS Nordeen, (2009) for details
“The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.  In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”  –   Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928;  See also: Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand
[xxii]          The reason Rome has brought the Muslims into Europe is to unite the Whites against a common enemy once driven to utter desperation.  Berlin is called “Little Istanbul” and the Germans are fuming about it!  When Rome’s wayward White Roman Catholic Europeans have had enough, they will join the fascist movement of their nation, heartily enlist in the Crusade against Islam and kill out every Muslim in Europe—including Albania and the Balkans.  Orthodox Serbia has been humbled and crushed thanks to the Pope’s US Air Force; therefore there is no more need for the criminal Sunni Muslim presence in the region.  –  Eric Phelps, Correspondent and Counter-Reformation Pundit
[xxiii]       Democratic politicians are the best agents for big business because of the popular belief that Democratic politicians will protect the public from the abuses of financial oligarchs, an easily provable myth. It’s a sad truth that Democratic voters, who see financial plutocrats as their greatest adversaries, blindly support these oligarchs with ever bigger government, with more laws and regulations. These same voters do not have a clue that the very laws they campaign for are written by the Cartel’s think tanks, to more enrich and empower themselves.   –  J. Speer-Williams; Who Killed the Gulf?, 22 July 2010
[xxiv]          Harvard professor of political science, Robert D. Putnam, conducted a nearly decade long study how multiculturalism affects social trust  He surveyed 26,200 people in 40 American communities, finding that when the data were adjusted for class, income and other factors, the more racially diverse a community is, the greater the loss of trust. People in diverse communities “don’t trust the local mayor, they don’t trust the local paper, they don’t trust other people and they don’t trust institutions,” writes Putnam. In the presence of such ethnic diversity, Putnam maintains that:

  • “We hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.”

Ethnologist Frank Salter writes:
Relatively homogeneous societies invest more in public goods, indicating a higher level of public altruism. For example, the degree of ethnic homogeneity correlates with the government’s share of gross domestic product as well as the average wealth of citizens. Case studies of the United States, Africa and South-East Asia find that multi-ethnic societies are less charitable and less able to cooperate to develop public infrastructure. Moscow beggars receive more gifts from fellow ethnics than from others. A recent multi-city study of municipal spending on public goods in the United States found that ethnically or racially diverse cities spend a smaller portion of their budgets and less per capita on public services than do the more homogenous cities.

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[xxv]           Cognitive Dissonance is the uneasy and disturbing feelings one has, caused by holding two contradictory beliefs, ideas, or attitudes at the same time.
[xxvi]          Canadian Journal of Sociology July–August 2007; Review By Tara H. Milbrandt, Trent University [email protected] – Tara Milbrandt is an assistant professor in the Sociology department at Trent University, where she teaches classical theory and introductory sociology. Her current research explores the negotiated order of the city through interpretive inquiry into the contested terrain of public spaces, with a focus upon contemporary