Understanding the Present Crisis: Barry Chamish on Shabtai Tzvi, Jesuits & The Whole Lot

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Shabatai Tzvi & Jacob Frank
Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust barrychamish.com
[Transcriber notes: Barry Chamish is an amazingly brave man ? a leader among the honorable Jews.  And he bears the scars of a dedicated leader. He grew up in Canada and at some point moved to
Israel, for obvious reasons ? it’s his homeland. There in Israel, Barry started discovering that many prominent leaders were making secret deals with the opponents and enemies of Israel. Those deals were endangering the security of Israel, giving away essential land, and continuing to deliberately destroy the lives of the honorable Jewish people who hold that the Holy Land is sacred. In his research, Barry discovered a history of criminal families back to the 1700s, including the Rothschild family.
Before the US Civil War (1861-1865), the Rothschilds and their criminal agents started working themselves into the financial and political system of the United States ? so we have a common enemy. Barry was in Israel at the time of the Rabin murder and then started doing the research. Barry, and others like him, found many documents and have talked with many eyewitnesses that prove that Shimon Peres had Rabin murdered. After Barry clearly exposed Peres as the man behind the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, he was poisoned twice and almost died. But, God saved Barry’s life and is continuing to use him to expose criminals and their crimes. Peres hasn’t gotten caught yet, but we expect that it won’t be long until his crimes do catch up to Peres and his fellow cronies.
The speech below is a transcribed version of his speech ‘Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust’, which Barry gave to a group of people in Denver, Colorado. He gave this speech (apparently) shortly before the 2004 US Presidential Elections and the 2005 Bush/Sharon ‘Disengagement’. In this transcript of Barry’s speech, Barry starts right into a discussion about Netanyahu. Netanyahu was a nobody, working as a banker, and was discovered by a talent-scout for the Sabbateans. And that is how he became a prominent political leader ? this story is a key detail, and a helpful example that highlights the CFR pattern in US and Israeli politics. Barry then covers some history of Israel, their influential leaders, and some key details in Europe and the US that allowed the holocaust.
Barry is heartbroken that these criminals are getting away with their crimes, for now. We don’t expect it to stay that way. Please share this with your friends. I added brief clarifications to help a wider audience of Americans to understand the significance. Most Americans, in our country, have been brainwashed by the ‘mainstream media’ and are having to learn the truth behind re-written history. My clarifications are in blue, bold brackets… like this note is. ~ ~ ~]
(Barry speaking)
So, he gives him a job at First Boston Group. He’s earning $150,000 a year ? Netanyahu now. But he quits after only a few months too, to go back to Israel and work selling furniture for a chain called Rim for about $15,000 a year. He’s selling sofas instead of working for First Boston. But three months after that ? 3 or 4 months, he organizes an anti-terror conference. And remember, this guy’s a nothing. He’s a 27 year-old sofa salesman. But who shows up for his conference? George Bush (then head of the CIA), George Schultz (don-CFR), Richard Perle (don-CFR ? ‘Council of Foreign Relations’) ? they all show up for nobody’s anti-terror conference. Conference ends, and Netanyahu is back selling Hassocks and Ottomans and whatever else he was selling. But, a few months ? it was almost a year, almost a year..
Moshe Arens, now Ambassador to Washington, and he invites Netanyahu as his deputy. And let me tell you ? the Israeli media were furious over that. Whoever appoints a furniture salesman to the second highest diplomatic post in the world?! And plenty of diplomats were pretty ticked about that too. And Arens explains why he appointed the sofa-salesman. He said: ‘Mr. Schultz and Bush were very impressed by the way he organized his conference in Jerusalem.’ Netanyahu was brought in by both Schultz and Bush.
Afterwards, Netanyahu, of course, becomes UN Ambassador, where George Schultz is his handler. And, eventually ? in the ’96 elections, he promises in his campaign that he will turn Oslo back, and provide other alternatives [to giving up land for ‘peace’]. Within two days [of being prime minister], he was hugging Arafat. A year and a half later, he appoints Sharon as his Foreign Minister. And I put this out on the internet ? I said, ‘Folks, we are going to have a big withdrawal if Sharon is Foreign Minister.
We’ve got something big going on.’ That ‘big’ was the ‘Wye Conference’ [Wye River Conference] held at the Aspen Institute, CFR Institute. Netanyahu gave up more than any… anyone. It was a stage-by-stage. How long did it take for Netanyahu to withdrawal from Hebron? A day? It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Sixty-seven percent of Israelis voted for Sharon, thinking that they were getting an alternative to Barak, and they’re getting Barak. And they’re totally demoralized. They don’t understand being lied to so much. They’re worn down, and they’re in no mood to fight back. They’re worn out…
Joel Bainerman phoned me up in 1998. He was in New York at an economics conference. And he saw at this economics conference, Sharon enter a conference room with [Henry ] Kissinger. And he phoned me up and he said, ‘You won’t believe who I saw together.’ And the next day, I phoned up Raanan Gissin, Sharon’s spokesman. I said, ‘What was he doing in the room with Kissinger in New York?’ And Gissin says to me, ‘They were discussing peace in the Middle East.’ At the time, Sharon was the Infrastructure Minister… Okay, so, it was before ’98 ? forgive dates. It was before ’98 then… He [Sharon] was in charge of building roads, and sewers, and things. So, I said to Raanan Gissin, ‘Why would the Infrastructure Minister be talking peace with him.[ Kissinger]?’ He says, ‘You’re right, they were talking roads.’ Just like that ? he’s like ‘you’re right. They were talking roads. You got it right.’ I said, ‘What was he doing with Kissinger? Just a straight answer.’ He said, ‘The minister has been meeting with him every trip to New York since 1974.’ I said, ‘Has he.’ He said, ‘Yeah. Yeah.’ Now, I’ll tell you what happened. This is a bit.. Oh and I asked him, by the way, ‘What about.. Do you know anything about Kissinger’s ties to the Council on Foreign Relations?’ And Gissin says, ‘The minister has requested that I do not speak about this subject until he writes his memoirs.’ Yeah ? Gissin knows.
Now, here’s what happened in the Yom Kippur War leading up finally to Sharon. You see Sharon founded a party called ‘Shlom Zion’ before the war broke out. And it was a left-wing party. Sharon was raised on a left-wing Kibbutz. His best friends were all left-wing. Peres is his best buddy. And his party was leftwing. He invited Yossi Sarid, the leftist, to be his deputy. Then the war broke out and he was the only one who ended up a hero. The Yom Kippur War we almost lost. I’ll explain that shortly. I’ll talk about the traitor Moshe Dayan, and who forced Menachim Begin to put Dayan back into the cabinet, against all of Israel’s wishes, because he was a plant. [Moshe] Dayan was a Sabbatean. And I will go into that shortly too.
Just remember that term [Sabbatean] ? it means something. And the war broke out. And Sharon was the only general who disobeyed the central command, and he came out a hero. And now he was a political figure. So, he was called in early 1974 to New York to meet with Henry Kissinger. And Kissinger said here’s the… I don’t know how he persuaded him to do this. But, he said [to Sharon] your function is to enter the right, not the left. Your function is to destroy the Herut movement of Menachem Begin ? destroy it from within. Which he has done. There is not one Herut member of the Knesset. And Sharon was appointed as a spy and he is today, in their midst, nothing but a spy. So, when I say, ‘Look out ? there’s going to be a withdrawal!’ I mean business. I know who he is.
Now here’s what happened in the Yom Kippur War. The war breaks out. Nine days later, Israel is out of ammunition, supposedly… By the way, I want to add one thing. I interviewed Benny Begin ? I’m going to return to this. And Benny Begin just said out-right, ‘You don’t know who Sharon is. You don’t know what he did to my father.’ He says: ‘You have no idea who Sharon is and I’m not going to tell you.’ That’s all he said to me. He says, ‘He [Sharon ]killed my father.’
But now, the Yom Kippur War. It breaks out. Nine days later, Israel is supposedly out of ammunition. And the Russians are sending Antonovs [large military aircraft] by the dozens a day, resupplying Syria. So, what happens is that Kissinger refuses to resupply Israel. He wants Israel gone. A little pressure later, a deal is cut with Golda Meir. You’ll get your weapons, but you’re going to resign after this war and you’re going to appoint Yitzhak Rabin to Prime Minister. The war ends… Now remember, Rabin never sat in the Knesset. He was a general. He was an Ambassador. He was never a Knesset member. He was, who knows… #80 on the Mapai list [Israel’s secretive founding and ruling Sabbatean party]. But, Golda Meir makes him a minister, for a few months, of labor and then appoints him, her successor.
It’s now end of Yom Kippur War. Henry Kissinger comes to the region ? conducts shuttle-diplomacy. He must have gone between Jerusalem and Damascus a hundred times. And they could not.. they just couldn’t budge. The Syrians wanted the Golan [Heights ], and would take nothing less. Then they had this brilliant stroke of genius. Rabin couldn’t give up the Golan after all that war… This brilliant stroke of genius ? Well, the Syrians also want Lebanon, so let’s give them Lebanon instead of the Golan. This was agreed to by Kissinger, Rabin [Israel ], Assad [Syria ]? with sanction of King Hussein [Jordan ].. later that came out.
Now, you can’t just walk into Lebanon. Syria just could not have walked into Lebanon. They needed a good excuse. So, they [Kissinger and the Arabs] ignited a civil war, and then the Syrians came in as peace-makers. Yeah.. Now, Benny Begin told me this ? Rabin told him the story of the deal. And Benny Begin said [to Rabin] ‘What are you smiling about? 300,000 people [brave honorable Jewish citizens] died in this war.’ And Rabin, still smiling said, ‘It was a good deal for us.’ That’s how wars start in the Middle East. That’s how the Yom Kippur War started. And these are still our leaders ? nothing’s changed. Now, what I’m going to do.. Oh, I should add… After Peres left power, and Netanyahu took over, he [Peres] did 2 last things.
He bribed the Norwegian, his name was Terje Larsen, UN Commander.. Chief of Gaza. Rabin and Arafat both got Nobel Prize nominations. He [Peres] wanted one too, so he gave Larsen $100,000 to bribe the Nobel committee to give him a peace prize as well. It’s been widely report, but this year, a Nobel committee member named Carrie Christensen opened his mouth and said, ‘Yeah, I saw the bribes ? Larsen bribed to get Peres a Nobel prize…’ And then the last thing Peres did in 1996, he and George Tenet, head of the CIA – CFR-don, George Tenet – agreed that the PLO aren’t doing a good enough job, they need advanced training. They sent a contingent of CFR-soldiers, policemen to Virginia for advanced CIA sniper and ambush training. And ever since then, the Jews have been dying ? they [PLO ? Abbas’ Al Fatah party] got good. They got very good at what they were supposed to do.
Now, why? Why would our leadership be doing this to us? What kind of leadership is forcing it’s people to commit suicide. That’s what they are doing. They’re forcing Israelis to die. On purpose. Sabbatean ? Shabtai Tzvi.
Now, here’s… This is not going to be easy for you. I made notes last night to try to simplify what is truly a very very scary thing. Now, Rabbi Marvin Antelman in 1974 wrote a book called ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’. On every list of classic conspiracy books you’ll ever find, you’ll find ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’. He was the Rabbi who ex-communicated Kissinger from Judaism in his rabbinical council in 1974, for his [Kissinger’s] ties to the CFR and his attempt to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur War. He [ Antelman] has been doing this a while [exposing criminal Jewish Sabbateans].
Now, I’ve read him [Antelman] before, but never quite understood him. His claim was that the Sabbateans, followers of a false messiah, named Shabtai Tzvi, went underground and have been trying to destroy Israel since the 17th Century. Any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah, has no right to live ? it’s that serious. Now, Shabtai Tzvi was born in Smyrna, Turkey.
[Transcriber’s notes: Smyrna has a long history of false teachers and persecution of those who honor God. In Revelation 2:9- 10 says, Jesus says this to the Church in Smyrna: “And to the messenger of the church in Smyrna write, ‘These things says the First and the Last [Y’shua], who was dead, and came to life: I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” – Here, in this brief passage, God exposes and explains false ‘Jewish’ religions like the Sabbateans, their roots and how to handle their cruelty.]
And Turkey is important to this… just keep in mind that he was a Turkish Jew. He started a movement that was anti-Jewish. In his movement, ‘messianic days were upon us’ ? ‘redemption was upon us’, and in those days, god [their false god] permitted everything. Everything. This was anti-Judaism. ‘Do not kill.’ – Kill. ‘Do not adulter.’ – Adulter. ‘Do not lie.’ – Lie. It [Shabtai Tzvi’s religion] was the opposite of Torah and Talmud, that his movement promulgated. And somehow or another… Oh, by the way. Their [ Sabbatean’s] chief blessing, was: ‘Blessed is he who permits the forbidden.’ That was the main Sabbatean blessing… More than half of world-Jewry bought into this. This thing spread like wildfire.
People all over the world sold their homes… a dollar… a penny on a dollar ? it didn’t matter. Because ‘the day of redemption was coming’. They [the Jewish people] just sat on hilltops. Because Shabtai Tzvi declared his messiah… declared that he was the messiah ? however it’s said, on June 18, 1666. And I’m certain he planned that date, knowing what he was doing. June ? the sixth month, 18 is 6 x 3, and 1666 is obvious enough. He knew what he was doing.
And now it was the period of redemption where the Jews just broke every single law in the Torah, all over the world. And this was carrying on and on. Essentially debauchery became theology. That’s what this ‘messiah’ was teaching. But, then in September of 1666, the Sultan of Turkey had him arrested. He [this sultan] had had enough of this guy. And eventually threatened him with a horrible, long, torturous death unless he renounced his Judaism [twisted Judaism called Sabbateanism] and turned to Islam.
Which he did. And most of Judaism [Shabtai Tzvi’s followers] were crushed, fallen, and gave up any belief in Shabtai Tzvi, and went back to being [ honorable] Jews. But not everyone. There was a cult in Turkey ? the Donmeh cult, who saw in Shabtai Tzvi’s conversion a message. The message is: ‘We infiltrate Islam and other religions, but keep our Sabbatean beliefs with us at all times.’ They [Sabbateans infiltrating other religions] exist to this day – in numbers.
Now, here [in Turkey], it lay dormant, until the 1770s, when Jacob Frank, the Sabbatean leader of Europe ? of Poland, gained a lot of power. Rabbi Antelman.. And I do have Rabbi Antelman’s books. For this lecture, I didn’t just bring my books, I brought the secret holocaust books, that your not supposed to read, written by very proud [ honorable]and wonderful Jews. And I brought Rabbi Antelman ? ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’ for you, just to get a perspective no else is getting.. just let me tell you ? no one else is getting this perspective….
So, here is Jacob Frank now. And he convinces the bishop of his Polish province that they [his group] are not Jews ? they were suppressing the Jews at the time. We are anti-Talmudist. And this bishop offered him protection of his diocese. Immediately after offering Frank the protection, all Talmuds were burned in the diocese. And then, the Frankish now had verification… they had a major, major base from which to work and they had some money. And in the little province of Poland, sex orgies now became the purification of the soul. Purim became the annual wife-swapping event of Judaism.
Jacob Frank had brought Sabbateanism to Poland in a huge way. And he started baptizing his people into Christianity. In one ceremony, he baptized 5,000 ? you can call them ‘Frankists’ (because that’s what they called that at that time), or Sabbateans. And they were used ? these converts were used as agents of political intrigue. Clandestined cells, causing incredible political turmoils, were set up throughout Europe, and the Balkans, and Turkey. And that’s how he was making money, somewhat. But, he ran out of money. This plan didn’t work out so well. And in 1786, he moved out of Poland and settled, immediately, in Frankfurt. And, on the spot, he became extremely wealthy ? and all the history books can’t explain this. All kinds of books have tried to explain this immediate wealth, but I know what happened.
In 1786, Frankfurt was the headquarters of one Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit who founded the Illuminati. [The Jesuits were a group of corrupt Jews that kept their Jewishness a secret, and who joined Catholicism – creating their own branch.] The ‘reason de etra’ [goal] of the Illuminati was to roll back the Protestant Reformation and return things to the good old days, where you had one pope overseeing all religions throughout the planet. That is what the Illuminati was all about ? getting people to abandon their religion and turning back to Rome ? no matter what was in Rome. That was what the Jesuits ? the Jesuit movement and the Illuminati were doing.
And who else was in Frankfurt, but Mayer Amshel Rothschild. And he [ Rothschild] was financing the Illuminati at the time. In come the Frankists. You’ve got 3 branches now. You’ve got the Illuminati, you have Rothschild funding the Illuminati, but they’re getting nowhere. Three years later, they got somewhere ? that’s when France… all Hell broke out in France. But, at the time, they were missing one important element ? the agents, the spies, the cells. That Jacob Frank could provide, all through the known world to these people. And an alliance was founded that has ruined this planet ever since. And that alliance was between the Sabbateans, the Illuminati, funded by Mayer Amshel Rothschild. On one corner: ‘eliminate all alternative religions to Rome’s’. On the other ? the Sabbateans, ‘turn Judaism back to it’s false messiah ? it’s messiah, Shabtai Tzvi, or eliminate the Judaism that exists ? the good Judaism. Eliminate it. Totally – and turn it into Sabbateanism.’
But Rothschild, he just wanted money – he just wanted the control of the world’s finances. And between the Jesuits and the Sabbateans, he had the people who could bring it to him. Now during.. It was 1785 or ’86, the Illuminati was discovered just before the French Revolution. The story is that a horse, horseman fell and died, and in his satchel were the plans for French Revolution. That’s the story we are given… But, they plans of the Illuminati were uncovered ? it was banned, first in Bavaria, and then everywhere. The Illuminati was banned throughout Europe. So, they [ Illuminati and Sabbateans] had to come up with a way to keep the movement going.
They came up with a great plan: ‘We are going to infiltrate British Free-Masonry. They’ve got the chapters ? all of the lodges, everywhere ? all over the world. All we have to do is change their tenets and replace them with ours.’ Or mix them. And that’s what they did. The Illuminati went to London, and it went to Scotland, and infiltrated the lodges of Free-Masonry, and spread world-wide, including to this country ? the founders of this country came right from that. [Barry is speaking of the US.]
Now, what happened after… we now have another branch. You see, now you’ve got London in the picture. The headquarters of all of this was Frankfurt, Germany. But, now London with his [ Rothschild] Free-Masonry headquarters, is also now in the picture. You’ve got really a highway between Germany and London, changing the world. Well, for instance, the German apostate Jews: Karl Marx, Frederick Engels ? go from Germany to London, write the ‘Communist Manifesto’ ? used brilliantly by the Jesuits in South America where they enslave all the Indians in these, on these communes ? the ones they didn’t slaughter previously. You now have political movements coming out of London from Sabbatean breeding in Germany ? every-which way. The one today, by the way, is Leo Strauss ? University of Chicago. The German Jew who inspired the people who are raping and pillaging Iraq right now. It’s just another Sabbatean war ? the war in Iraq. Young Americans dying for Sabbateans ? that’s all it is.
Now, you have one missing element, and that is America. The Rockefellers have no influence in America yet. Then in the 1850s, he [Mayer Amshel Rothschild] sends, John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff from Frankfurt [Germany ]to America to start controlling things there. Including the Civil War ? the Civil War was a Sabbatean war as well. Judah Benjamin, the adviser to the Southern government ? the Confederate government, came straight from Frankfurt ? came straight over from Germany. He was another Rothschild crony. The next step in the take-over of America financially, on behalf of the Illuminati and the Sabbateans… And that element of the Sabbateans is totally unknown. You look at the internet, you’ll find an awful lot about Free-Masonry ? all you want. You’ll find an awful lot about the Illuminati. You won’t find an awful lot about the Sabbateans. They are the best hiders of the lot. And they use, of course, the fronts. What Schiff and Astor did is they financed robber barons ? the most corrupt people you had in America: the railroad builders ? they were good… The most corrupt business men you had in America were promised immense wealth, control, power ? provided they in exchange promoted the Illuminati agenda. And that’s where Rockefeller [oil empire] comes in. That’s where Carnegie [steel empire] comes in. Morgan ? they are all now getting wealthy through Rothschild’s agent(s) in America ? Schiff, Astor, later Warburg.
So, America now has.. I’m going to just jump to 1922 when the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] was founded by Morgan and Rockefeller, as fronts for this Illuminati. They were founded to overturn the American government and turn your country into an Illuminati country. But, we’ve got the same thing where we’re from [in Israel]. Now, in the 1880s, a decision was made. Up ’till then, the Sabbateans had tried to overturn Judaism, and turn Judaism into Sabbateanism, through humane means. From Germany, came the ‘Reform Movement’. And later the ‘Conservative Movement’ ? that was also Germany through Britain. They were going to dilute the Judaism and introduce elements completely foreign to Judaism. And the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn introduced an ‘Enlightenment’ that was completely anti-religious.
But, the Jews just weren’t cooperating ? they kept staying Jews. They [the honorable Jewish people] weren’t turning into what they [ Sabbateans] wanted them to. So, a new plan was devised. It was called Zionism. Zionism was founded by the Sabbateans. That’s what they did in the 1870s – ’80s ? using British Free-Masonry as the pump for this movement. And the idea was to take over Israel and turn it into a Sabbatean state. Israel was conceived in utter sin. Utter sin. However, just like in Europe, the Jews didn’t sin ? the Jews just didn’t play ball. They kept staying moral. The fight in Israel today ? Oslo is between the good and decent vast majority of Israel and these Sabbateans ruling them.
Now, to get the Jews to Israel was a little tricky. Why go there? No point. So, they [ Sabbateans] from the 1880s on, they made life so miserable in Europe ? European Jews had to get out of Europe or die. You begin with the pogroms of the 1880s. You can thank the Jesuits ? they provided the cossacks [militaristic communities – cells], but they Sabbateans provided the Communists. And they made life a living Hell for anyone caught under the Russian influence, and the Jews left ? 2,000,000 of them, but they didn’t go to ‘Palestine’. Most of them went to America. And they [ Sabbateans] had to overcome that. And they did later on, incidentally. Colonel House, who is under control of this Illuminati/Sabbatean conspiracy [evil conspiring against honorable people], he got President Wilson to ban large scale immigration to the United States. They cut off the doors to America to get them eventually to ‘Palestine’.
But, first the Zionist Movement ? all German. It starts in Vienna. Natan Birnbaum, Peretz Smoleskin ? they write the first doctrines. But these people just.. They’re very good writers, but they’re not convincing people ? they have no charisma. But, another Viennese [from Vienna] reporter, Theodore Herzl, was an extremely magnetic personality. He had the charisma ? and they [ Sabbateans] used him. He became the leader of the Zionist movement. Now, you look at any biography of Herzl ? they all say the same thing. He was supposed to have written ‘Der Judenstaat’ ? ‘The Jewish State’ in Paris one summer after the Dreyfus affair. He wasn’t in Paris. He wasn’t in Paris that summer [1935 ]. He couldn’t have written the book. And there is no real answer to that, except that it was written for him. Now, I read Herzl’s plays before he wrote the ‘Judenstaat’ ? boy was he a bad writer. He got good awfully fast… And Herzl is now replacing these poorly… nice writers, but they can’t lead a movement. Herzl’s doing an amazing job.
Now, I want you to know ? Herzl went to Britain in 1901. He was sincere ? Herzl. He thought a Jewisstate was the answer to the oppression. I don’t believe he was Sabbatean. I think he was just a handsome guy who was used. He went to the sultan of Turkey, by the way. And tried to buy ‘Palestine’ legitimately. The sultan of Turkey turned him down. And I believe that had he [the Turkish sultan]said yes, there wouldn’t have been a World War I and no need for the British to take ‘Palestine’ from the Turks. But, in 1901, Herzl showed up in Britain and he was not well received. He said that ‘ ‘Palestine’ is not the answer’ ? ‘The sultan turned me down. There’s no way we’re going to get that land. You have land in East Africa ? you have a way to save the Jews. We’ll take Uganda. We’ll take some empty tracts in Africa.’ ~ And this would have ruined the whole Sabbatean plot. They needed to take over Judaism ?
they needed ancient Israel. Not Uganda…
Herzl died shortly afterwards. He was 43 years old. Nobody knows how he died. When I was raised, they told me that he [Herzl] worked so hard, his heart stopped… I was raise with that. In fact, he entered a Paris sanatorium for a condition nobody… Try and find out what for ? you won’t. And he [Herzl] never came out. He died there a couple of weeks later. I have no problem believing that he was murdered in there ? no problem at all. This is the pattern of these Sabbateans: they eliminate people they don’t like. They eliminate people who threaten them. But, I can’t prove that obviously [Herzl’s suspicious death]… [the murder of] Rabin I can prove ? there are some I can prove…. But, he [Herzl] died very young. And even back in 1905, 44 was pretty young to die.
But, he was [Herzl] replaced by the German-educated Chaim Weizmann. Words do not describe the damage this man has done to the world. Now, what we were told is that Chaim Weizmann took on the Zionist movement. And during World War I, he developed a way to make acetone from dried paint ? peeling paint, and that process ‘saved the war.’ Now, I want you to know, I checked… There was a little factory built ? he was a chemist. Not one bomb in World War I used his method ? not a one. And even so, the story we are told is: ‘The British were so for this wonderful new way to make explosives, they gave him ‘Palestine’.’ … [with sarcasm ] Yeah, sure…. that’s the way things work. ‘Uh, thanks for the acetone ? have a state.’ This is the myth… you know. This is the myth that we have been raised with.n Poor Turkey. If they had just acquiesced. If they had just acquiesced… But, they didn’t. And then the Donmeh. The Sabbateans of Turkey ? they formed a little movement called the ‘Young Turks’. And the ‘Young Turks’ got rid of that sultan.
But far worse, the ‘Young Turks’ prepared for our holocaust [of the Jews] with the holocaust of the Armenians. The Armenian holocaust was a Sabbatean holocaust. And shortly, I’m going to prove this ? this I can prove. And you now have a situation where there is nowhere for the Jews to go except ‘Palestine’, but they still won’t go. Who would want to? It’s a miserable place to go ? they’re still staying in Poland. They’re still staying throughout Europe.
They [Sabbatean] can’t get this movement off the ground. In 1932, do you know how many Jewish agencies represented nGerman Jewry? Over 250. In 1934, just 1 ~ Labor Zionism. ‘The Jewish agency’, run by Chaim Weizmann, cut a deal with the German Nazis ? it was called the ‘Transfer Agreement’. While all the rest of the world Jewry were fighting to boycott the Nazis, to put an end to this regime, the ‘Jewish Agency of Jerusalem’ was propping them up. The ‘Transfer Agreement’ worked like this ~ ‘We want your Jews to come to ‘Palestine’. You have no money – your regime is going to fall. So, you get them to ‘Palestine’ our way, and we’ll make sure they buy all their goods only from you ? it will be enough to keep you going. That was the ‘Transfer Agreement’. There was a great, great Zionist ? Vladimir Jabotinsky… There was another side to Zionism ? there was an honest side to it. And, by the way, that is what the Israelis have been choosing year after year, since 1977. That’s what the Israelis want ? they want the honest side of it. Back then, it was called ‘Revisionist Zionism’.
In 1933, there was a conference in Basel [France ] and the revisionists were fighting this ‘Transfer Agreement’ and all its immorality, and Chaim Weizmann and [David] Ben-Gurion had Jabotinsky thrown out of the Zionist movement through a phony murder of someone named Chaim Arlozorov. Chaim Arlozorov was the mediator between the Nazis and the Jewish agency for the ‘Transfer Agreement’. He was murdered on the beach in Tel Aviv. The revisionists were blamed for it and thrown out of the Zionist movement. Exactly the same thing they [ Sabbateans] did with Rabin. Exactly ? no difference. They [ Revisionist Zionist Jews] didn’t do the murder ? the murder was used against them. The good Zionists fought throughout World War II to save the Jews ? those are the books out there. The Sabbateans of America and the world made sure those Jews died. They [ Sabbateans] got the Jews out of Germany ? they got 60,000 Jews to ‘Palestine’ ? that was enough, they didn’t want anymore.
Any Jew who got on a boat, on a ship from Germany to anywhere in the world ? the word was out diplomatically everywhere: ‘If that ship isn’t going to ‘Palestine’, you send these Jews back to their death.’ Worldwide. Ship after ship. Every country. They don’t escape. They don’t like ‘Palestine’, they die. And in 1939, the British passed their ‘White Paper’. Once all the German Jews were in ‘Palestine’ and the holocaust was about to begin, they closed the doors to ‘Palestine’. The Jews were trapped in Europe now, on purpose. Rabbi Antelman’s chapter is called: ‘Burnt Offerings’. The Sabbateans gained great, great energy from the torturous death of other Jews. Any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah deserves to die in torture ? this is how they [ Sabbateans] think.
After the war ended, Israel begins a new life as a nation, but they just don’t have enough people to defend themselves against the Arabs. So, anti-Semitism is fomented throughout the Middle East. And the Middle Eastern leaders, one after another, send their Jews to ‘Palestine’. [Said sarcastically] Now can you imagine: ‘Sure, I’ll send soldiers to the Jewish army in ‘Palestine’. No problem. Here, empty out all of Morocco ? send them to ‘Palestine’ ? we like soldiers!’… [yeah right…] Their leaders were bribed with the Jewish assets. If they weren’t bribed, they were killed. There were coups all over in the early ’50s. And once they got there, what they did ? these Sephardim were traditional, they were religious. Once they go there, these Sabbateans had to turn them into Sabbateans in a hurry…
I’m going to tell you one thing? They [ Sabbateans] took an entire generation of Sephardim children, over 100,000 of them, told them they had scalp ringworm and dosed them with 35,000 times the amount of X-rays a human being is allowed to take ? right through the brain. An entire generation of Sephardim were turned numb, so that they would abandon their traditions and become someone else. We’re talking here [about] a form of evil that is just not understood because it isn’t Jewish. It’s something foreign to Judaism. Had there been no ‘Zionism’, there would have been on holocaust. But, now we’re stuck there, and we have to fight for our lives because they are trying to do it again to us. They’re trying to do it again to us.
Now, just so you know what the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] is.. [good points made with sarcasm:] Now, let’s see the Jews that just ‘discovered’ that they’re Jews… Why there’s: Kerry ? just ‘discovers’ his father was Jewish. Wesley Clark ? just ‘discovers’ his father was Jewish. Madeleine Albright ? completely ‘forgot’ that everyone was Jewish in her family. Huh? All these people are following the Sabbatean tradition of infiltrating other religions and denying their Judaism. And they’re all running for President ? all at once: Wesley Clark and Kerry are running hand in hand… Now, last election, it was really neat. Al Gore… well his daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff. Gore’s Sabbatean too. This is who they run ? the CFR runs the whole ship. What have you got now?… Bush is ‘Skull and Bones’ ? I don’t even want to do the…
Can you imagine an organization ? in 280,000,000 people [in the US], there are 800 members of a secret occultic organization and both [‘Skull and Bones’ candidates] are running for President. You figure out the statistics. Huh?… Well, if that’s what moves you… Even if they were both buying the same car ? it’s impossible. And no one thinks twice about this.
Now, I’m going to do just a few quotes ? not from me… It’s time you heard from other people. The first is now the holocaust in America. A little background first though. The ‘Young Turks’. This is from.. There are very few, but they’re brilliant ? ant-Sabbatean writers. This is from Avrum Ehrlich. He wrote me ? I don’t think this has ever been published. This is his own research. ‘The evidence is overwhelming that the massacre of the Armenians was a deliberate planned genocide. The ‘Young Turks’ allied themselves with Germany and used World War I as a cover for their slaughter of Armenians, as did the Nazis in World War II. The ‘Turks’ used their intended victims as slave laborers. It was via these Masonic lodges that made the Donmeh Jews (seculars who were less accepted in mainstream society) were able to meet on equal footing ? many of them becoming major instruments of the revolution.
The Donmeh thrived in the Masonic environment, allowing them to be both secretive and influential, maintaining their religious ideas in a nondogmatic
atmosphere, bridging the gap between Jews and Muslims. They [Masonic lodges] seemed to represent the happy medium of the ‘Young Turk’ revolution. It is curious that Israel’s first and second prime minister, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, and her [ Israel’s] second President [ figurehead position] Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, had lived and studied in Istanbul, and had embraced the concept of “lehitatmen”, Hebrew for “to become an Ottoman”.’ Ben-Gurion was Sabbatean, through and through. Ben-Zvi is thought by many to be a descendant of a Sabbatean family ? our [ Israel’s] first President. Sharett, our second Prime Minister served in the Ottoman army in World War I. Ben-Gurion gave up Russian citizenship for Ottoman citizenship. And on and on and on… – Israel’s first leaders.
‘Most interesting is the movement’s choice of messianic terminology when describing the peace process with Israel’s Arab neighbours, including [They use terms like]: ‘New World Order’ [or Middle Eastern New World Order]… Further, a curious similarity between the Israeli Left and the Sabbatean movement is illustrated in the Left’s strong public ties with Arabs and Islam while privately rejecting and even despising their lifestyle, morality and habits. Stark similarities are evident with the Donmeh who showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam. ‘
I hope you are seeing the pattern. Now, we are getting to the holocaust, and what American Jewry did. The leading figures [Jewish leaders in America]…. This is from David Morrison’s book ? it’s out there, ‘Heroes and Anti-Heroes’. ‘The leading figures [pre-holocaust] were Judge Mayer Sulzberger, Louis Marshall, Cyrus Adler and Jacob Schiff. Schiff was the towering figure of that group that, to a large degree, represented wealthy American Jews of German background…
In 1875 he [Jacob Schiff] won the hand in marriage of the daughter of Solomon Loeb and a full partnership in the firm. His specialty was railroad finance. Working with E.H. Harriman, he acquired the Union Pacific Railroad
in 1897.’ E.H. Harriman was the funnel to the Nazis. That’s where Prescott.. That was the company Prescott Bush worked for to funnel money. Start making the ties ? they’re real. ‘If Bush wasn’t elected last time around, Al Gore would have been president. His daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff, assuredly meaning he is Sabbatean.’ That’s not me folks, that’s someone else. ‘Millions of dollars were channeled through the Aid Society of German Jews that included Max Warburg. Brandeis protested to Felix Warburg that the German group supported the ban on immigration of Polish Jews into Germany’… and escape. ‘Schiff’s brother-in-law, Max Warburg, was a German delegate to the economic talks at Versailles. He had discussions with John Foster Dulles…Dulles ? CFR, brother Allen served in Turkey as assistant to the US High Commissioner. From that post he aided the attempt to cover up the Turkish massacre of the Armenians…’ “US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter…’ – This is from Jerry Rabow’s book, ’50 Jewish Messiahs’. ‘United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter…’ – note the name Frankfurter. When you see a Frank and a Frankfurt, you know the ties… ‘ is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a [prominent] descendent of the Prague Frankist family…” That was your chief Court Justice ? Felix Frankfurter during the holocaust.
Here is Rabbi Antelman:
‘Consider Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement in the United States during World War II. As the slaughter was going on in Europe, Wise was more interested in his own gratification. Wise was both a Communist and a Sabbatean. That he was a Communist is attested to by Maurice Malkin, a member of the Communist Party who returned to Judaism… Wise was a Sabbatean, as was shown in Helen Rawlinson’s book ‘Stranger At The Party’. In her chronicle of a sexual encounter with the so-called Rabbi Wise, she describes how Wise had sex with her in his office on his conference table, and quoted the verse from Psalms which Sabbateans did so when engaged in intercourse… After Austria fell, Wise met with representatives of the American Jewish Committee and some non-Jewish groups. The meeting came in the wake of an attempt by New York Congressman Samuel Dickstein, to introduce legislation that would allow refugee quotas to be [raised] to those fleeing Hitler. The gathering agreed unanimously: The organizations represented at the conference will take the position that the proposed legislation is inadvisable… ‘ Saving Jews . [said to be inadvisable…]
‘After the Kristallnacht, Wise’s group met and resolved that: ‘the present policy of the General Jewish Council, there will be no public parades or protests by Jews…’ Steven Wise, an American Jewish Congress stationary, sent out a report ‘CONFIDENTIAL ? NOT FOR PUBLICATION IN ANY FORM
WHATSOEVER:…’ – ‘no protest of Kristallnacht…’ Steven Wise to Senator Wagner of United States at a… Okay. ‘In the wake of Kristallnacht, New York Senator Wagner introduced legislation to allow 20,000 German Jewish children into the United States. Stephen Wise testified before the legislative committee: “If there is any conflict between our duty to those children and our duty to our country, our country comes first; and if children cannot he helped’ ? then let them die. Steven Wise to your congress. ‘Wise further declared: ‘We are Americans first. Nothing else that we are, whether by faith or race, qualifies our Americanism…The [only] way to save Jews is to unite the Jewish people behind the victory program of President Roosevelt.’
‘Congressman Gillette recalled a visit to his office by Wise and a few of his colleagues: “None of these gentlemen seemed [very] enthusiastic for…the saving of the remnant of the Jewish people… “‘ Wise told him ? ‘The fate of the Jews is not in our hands, it’s only in God’s.’ ‘Wise felt strongly that the Gillette legislation did not provide for the “proper type of commission.”… Henry Morgenthau’s aide Josiah Dubois uncovered the State Department’s policy relevant to the issue of Jewish rescue… The title of the Dubois memorandum was:
They deliberately let the Jews die. The Jews of America, leaders of America ? it was on purpose. The holocaust was no accident. They murdered the Jews by proxy, no differently than the SS murdered them with rifles. And the same thing is happening in Israel today. It’s the same American Jewish [ Sabbatean] Congress, led by the same German Jewish Sabbateans. In this case, it’s Henry Seigman that are letting Israel die. And they’re gonna let Israel die again, and we are going to have a second holocaust. They’re doing it the exact same way they did it in the ’40s. They’re building a big wall [in Israel]to trap the Jews behind the wall. They’re making the wall smaller and smaller. The neighborhoods smaller and smaller, till we’re corralled. It’s no different. It’s the same plan. They’re planning it again.
Now, I’ve done what I can. I really don’t have the power to do anymore. I need lots of help. You look like an intelligent bunch with ideas… Think of something. I don’t have anymore ideas. Thank you. That is my presentation.’ ~
~ Transcriber’s notes: Barry Chamish’s speech to this gathering in Denver, Colorado, was given shortly before the 2004 elections and the Bush/Sharon ‘Disengagement’ in Israel, where Jews were ripped out of their homes in Jewish cities like Gush Katif and Amona, and then their homes, businesses and very lives were destroyed. Many of those honorable Jews that were ripped out of their homes still don’t have homes today ? they are living in tent cities or temporary housing, and a few have found new lives somewhere else.