Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Section 1 seeks to show that vaccinating adolescents for COVID-19 is unnecessary,

because in this age group the disease is almost always mild and benign;

or the rare clinical cases that require it, treatment is readily available; immunity to the disease is now widespread, due to prior infection with the virus (SARS-CoV-2) or with other coronavirus strains; and

asymptomatic adolescents will not transmit the disease to other individuals who might be at greater risk of infection.

Section 2 seeks to demonstrate that the claims of efficacy that Pfizer attaches to its vaccine — namely,

95% efficacy in adults, and 100% in adolescents — are misleading, because these numbers pertain to relative, not absolute efficacy, the latter being on the order of only 1%;

specious, because they refer to an arbitrarily defined, clinically meaningless evaluation endpoint, whereas no efficacy at all has been demonstrated against severe disease or mortality;

most likely altogether fraudulent.

Section 3 seeks to show that the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine is “catastrophically bad”. It claims that

Pfizer, the EMA, and the FDA have systematically neglected evidence from preclinical animal trials that clearly pointed to grave dangers of adverse events;

the Pfizer vaccine has caused thousands of deaths within five months of its introduction;

The agencies that granted emergency use authorization for this vaccine committed grave errors and omissions in their assessments of known and possible health risks.

Source: ‘Unnecessary, misleading, catastrophic’: Senior European physicians co-author expert statement on COVID vaccine for children — Health & Wellness — Sott.net

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