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I am confident that more children are likely to be killed or seriously injured by the jab than would be killed or seriously injured by the disease. In my honest view, any doctor, teacher or health worker promoting the covid jab to children should be arrested for attempted murder.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
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If you have a child, know someone who has a child or care about children the next few minutes are probably the most important of your life. In the UK, the Government is rolling out covid-19 jabs to children, despite the fact that evidence suggests that the jab is more likely to do serious harm to a…

I doubt if more than one in ten thousand doctors, teachers or health workers promoting the covid jab understand that they’re pushing an experimental jab.

There are plans to give children a nasal flu vaccine as well as the covid jab.

The side effects with the nasal vaccine are potentially horrific – and include neurological (e.g. Guillain-Barre syndrome) and behavioural problems.

How safe will the attenuated nasal spray for the flu be this year – especially when many doctors argue that eighteen months of lockdowns, masks and social distancing mean that millions of immune systems may have been weakened?

I couldn’t tell you that. I don’t think anyone else could either. It’s probably safer than lying down on a railway track when you can see the train coming. But not as safe as NOT having the stuff sprayed up your nose.

And how safe is it to give the nasal flu vaccine to children who are being given a covid-19 jab within a few days?

Good question.

No one knows the answer


Because no one yet understands the whole thing is an experiment; yet authorities are planning to give a live attenuated nasal flu vaccine to children at roughly the same as they’ve giving them the covid-19 jab.

OH ... and remember Pfizer’s track record, is near the top of a list of the most fraudulent companies in the United States. Yet the Government, the media and tens of thousands of doctors and celebrities want to trust them with your life.

Oh again! Am I the only one to find it odd that pregnant women won’t smoke, drink or eat soft cheese but they’ll happily accept an experimental injection when no one knows just what it will do to them or their unborn baby?

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