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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Project Veritas: Outrage as FDA employee caught saying African-Americans should be vaccinated against their will: “Blow-darts is always the answer” -- Sott.net
Conservatives are up in arms after a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employee was caught on camera advocating forced vaccination for minorities and a Nazi-style register of the unvaccinated, “like the Jewish star.” FDA economist Taylor Lee...
Austria denies social programs to non-vaccinated -- Sott.net
Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, who was inaugurated as the Federal President of the Republic of Austria on January 26, 2017, has taken another undemocratic, authoritarian position that anyone unemployed because of the state’s lockdowns who refuses...
Oregon health officials say you can kiss on dates -- if both vaccinated
The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) on Wednesday revised its position on safe-dating practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and now says it is OK to get intimate with your date--as long as you’ve both been vaccinated.
Project Veritas: FDA Official Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ for Unvaccinated Americans
Project Veritas: FDA Official Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ for Unvaccinated Americans
F.O.I reveals the UK Medicine Regulator never inspected the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine trial data prior to its emergency use authorisation
As populations around the world face coercion to submit to COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccination’, including being locked out of employment and medical care, wh
Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Are Pointless, say Former FDA Senior Officials
A new report authored by 18 former senior officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) argues that the Covid-19 “booster” shots are ineffective and do no

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