zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)
In order to understand what a NANO-PARTICLE is, just consider that there are 1000 nanometers in a millimeter.
The average size of a human cell is about 100 microns or micrometers (in diameter), or one-tenth of a millimeter.
Hence, there are roughly 10 human cells to a millimeter, and also 1000 nano-particles to a millimeter.
Thus, one NANO-PARTICLE (or nanometer) is about one-hundredth the size of the average human cell.
Unfortunately, the CELL WALL of the average human cell has no means of blocking any NANO-PARTICLE that is one-hundredth of its own size.
And that also explains why the human bloodstream carries the NANO-PARTICLES into every cell of the body of any victim who receives the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).
By their own admission, the manufacturers of the COVID-Bioweapons concede that ALL the animals in the animal trials were KILLED by the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).
Since ALL the animals died at the mRNA stage of the animal trials, that explains why both the USA’s Fraud and Death Administration (FDA) and Europe’s EMA (European Medicines-Murder Agency) were never yet “legally” able to APPROVE the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”). That is why they only “authorized” it for MEDICAL TRIALS. In their artful language, the FDA and EMA never “approved” the genocidal Lethal ECBI Injection, but only “authorized” MEDICAL TRIALS featuring it. In this way, the FDA and EMA THINK that they passed on full responsibility for the genocide to medical doctors. Because most medical doctors who administered the genocidal Lethal ECBI Injections NEVER notified their victims that they were in fact taking part in a MEDICAL TRIAL, those medical doctors (who are co-conspirators in the genocide) are in fact classed as war criminals under the 1947 Nuremberg Code, meaning that a big fat noose awaits them all at Nuremberg 2.0.
The dead animals from these animal trials all had much quicker metabolisms than do humans, so it is only a matter of time before many of the human victims of the genocidal Lethal ECBI Injections will start to drop dead from being injected with the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”). And that is why most proper medical doctors say that anyone who received the “COVID JAB” will be dead in a matter of 2-4 years; which was in fact the whole point of the operation, given that the Global Biodiversity Assessment of 1995 explicitly quantified the required maximum population of the Earth for “sustainability” as ONE BILLION by stating: “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American standard-of-living would be ONE BILLION. At the more frugal European standard-of-living, 2-3 billion would be possible”.
Given the consequences of the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”), it can only be assumed that the Global Biodiversity Assessment’s “Earth Population Limit” of ONE BILLION having the North American standard-of-living was in fact the REAL REASON why the COVID HOAX was orchestrated and coordinated by the UN’s Worst Health Organization (WHO), the Nazi-Zionist WEF headed by Klaus Schwab, and the world’s Zionist Freemasonic regimes full of nasty and deceitful puppeticians acting in “Lock Step”, as originally called for in the 2010 Rockefeller blueprint that served as the basis for the whole COVID HOAX, as shown here:
How does someone injected with the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”) become “A Human Factory Of Spike Proteins“?
When a NANO-PARTICLE gets into a cell, it deposits genetic coding that causes the cell to start to continuously produce billions of toxic pathogens called SPIKE PROTEINS (and, unfortunately, no STOP-MECHANISM has yet been found to shut this down). The spike proteins stick to the victim’s other cells, causing illness and death.
The spike proteins kill the victim by creating clots (hence also the nickname “CLOT SHOT”). Furthermore, the spike proteins also appear to have been designed to have a special affinity for brain cells, heart cells, ovary cells, testicle cells. And that is why we are already seeing: Infertility, Myocarditis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), Sudden Heart Attacks, Sudden Strokes, Constant Tremors (preventing sleep) etc. in victims. All of these are even occurring in very young injection-victims. And that is also why very many medical doctors have spoken out about the clear genocidal intent behind the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).
Mike Williams showed brainwashed imbeciles of NC, lining up to be genocided with the “CLOT SHOT” here:
Mike points out: “It is amazing how dumb people are, how oblivious they are. At this point, how could you NOT know about all of the adverse reactions to this injection? Yet, look at all these imbeciles lined up …”
Several scientists, including a group in Spain, recently found nano-graphene-oxide in vials of the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”). Graphene-oxide can slice through everything before it, and it becomes magnetic at body temperature. The full damage wrought by graphene-oxide may not even become evident until months or years into the future.
In the USA, the VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) contains less than 1 percent of injury cases because over 99 percent of cases go unreported. Hence, its current 400,000 adverse events may well translate into 40 million actual events when you include the 99 percent omitted from the stats. This figure can only increase over the coming winter when even more effects are expected from the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”). In Australia, puppeticians are currently threatening more lockdowns until over 70 percent of the population of various states or regions have accepted being genocided by the “CLOT SHOT”. Such a “minimum requirement” may soon arrive in the Northern Hemisphere, for which Australia serves as a template.
Long before the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”), researchers were pinpointing the dangers of NANO-PARTICLES found in statin drugs, genocidal vaccines and chemtrails by geoengineering, all of which contain masses of nano-aluminum and other nano-metals designed to cross the human blood-brain-barrier so as to destroy the brains of the victims and boost the giga-genocide planned for the twenty-first century. The origin of this planned giga-genocide is of course satanic, but it is also commanded by the Babylonian Talmud, a “holy” book adopted around 500 AD by Judaism. Statin drugs may be the single biggest source of aluminum in the brains of the elderly, i.e. the same aluminum that caused a huge explosion in Alzheimer’s Disease after 1990.
No virus in history ever grew STRONGER as it proceeded. Without exception, every virus grew WEAKER and burned itself out over time. Worryingly, the power-elite seem to be promoting the idea of a STRONGER “variant” in the coming winter. But neither the original COVID nor any “variant” has been proven to even exist. And that means that the current promotion of STRONGER “variants” is nonsense designed to brainwash more people into allowing themselves to be genocided by the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).
Finally, the damage done by the NANO-PARTICLES is also the reason why the power-elite are calling for all victims who were successfully genocided to be cremated rather than buried. Thus, Christians cannot expect a Christian Burial if they got the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).
Recently, the FDA “accidentally” revealed the full list of “SIDE EFFECTS” (in fact DELIBERATE EFFECTS) of the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”) as being:

  1. Death
  2. Stroke
  3. Narcolepsy and Cataplexy
  4. Acute Myocardial Infarction
  5. Myocarditis / Pericarditis (which very often lead to heart-attack)
  6. Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  7. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (A Brief and Widespread Inflammation Of the Brain and Spinal Cord that Damages Myelin, the Protective Nerve Fiber Cover)
  8. Transverse Myelitis
  9. Encephalitis / Myelitis / Encephalomyelitis / Meningoencephalitis / Meningitis / Encephalopathy
  10. Convulsions / Seizures
  11. Anaphylaxis
  12. Autoimmune Disease
  13. Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes
  14. Other Acute Demyelization Diseases
  15. Non-Anaphylactic Allergic Reactions
  16. Thrombocytopenia
  17. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
  18. Venous Thrombo-Embolism
  19. Arthritis And Arthralgia / Joint Pain
  20. Kawasaki Disease
  21. “Vaccine”-Enhanced Disease

See here:

  1. Many people, who are wide awake and continue to refuse the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”), may well survive this particular genocide episode scheduled for 2020-25, although no one yet knows how vicious the Zionist Freemasonic regimes will yet become, especially if there is too little push-back;
  2. Many people are said to have been injected with a saline solution, as a harmless placebo or “dummy” version of the genocidal injection. Prominent puppeticians and “stars” may have gotten the saline solution but this latter fact is not necessarily a cause for celebration given how so many prominent puppeticians and “stars” acted as willing co-conspirators in the enormous genocide of 2020-25;
  3. In Friesland-Germany, an astute nurse may have saved thousands of lives by injecting people not with the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”) but with saline solution instead, see:


  1. Many people will fight to prevent the FDA and EMA from formally approving the genocidal injection. If they do not, then most employers and airlines will be permitted to mandate self-harm by forcing their employees and passengers to be genocided by the Experimental-COVID-Bioweapon-Injection (ECBI, not a “vaccine”).