WHERE IS THE GOD OF MOHAMMAD? An Introduction to the Malady of Sectarianism by Dr. Omar

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zaidpub (old blog)

We now witness the rise of agonists known as ‘Gog and Magog’, and as I continue my study of Islam and its prolific literature, many wordsmiths ignore an ‘end time’ eschatology made plain in Hadith, Al’Qur’an and Judeo-Christian Scripture. They write as if an Arabinized re-Islamized nation will rise as a distinct world polity with greater autonomy than in the day of Muhammad (pbh). The optimism amazes me as it is clear from reliable Hadith and Al’Qur’an that Islam’s ultimate triumph is by God’s grace after Gog and Magog mutually self-destruct, leaving Islam to inherit a renewed earth as opposed to conquering it!

  • “… They shall reply: All praise to God Who has kept His promise with us and has given us the earth as an inheritance; we will make our abode in its Garden wherever we will.” (39: 74)
  • “The day when the earth shall be transmuted into something else, and the heavens as well … We shall transmute your models and re-create you in forms you do not know … God will then make the next Creation.” (14: 48, 29: 20)

Furthermore, any interim triumph—should there be one—is limited to a mere seven to nine years under the auspice of Al’Mahdi, Hadrat Isa or both, rather than pretenders of Levantine authenticity. This projected period of triumph is less than a decade, a rather insignificant capstone on aeons of hominid enterprise.
According to the Fitnah of Muslim, the Prophet states unequivocally that no polity on earth has the power to fight Gog & Magog, which are controlled by sophisticated Fellowships under the aegis of Iblitic cunning. To venture Islamic conquest before their mutually assisted extermination appears an unwise enterprise. Further-more, as Muslim reports from Aisha (vol. 4, #6945), all unbelievers will globally revert to idolatry after the Faithful are removed from the earth by a “sweet fragrant breeze” sent by Allah prior to the ‘Western Sunrise’; which is not unlike the expected Christian ‘Rapture’. This may be wishful thinking on the part of hadith artisans, but what if it does, in fact, come to pass? Besides, what matter if the righteous reincarnate to inherit a renewed earth or some intergalactic orb light years away?
A Brief Synopsis on Gog & Magog:
Gog = ancient Semitic word for King or Mountain of Darkness. As a king, he is clearly identified as the Prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, in the land of Magog. [See Exekiel, Chap 38: 1-4 & 39: 1-2]. It is significant to note that the prophetic literature identifies a ‘Prince’ not necessarily as a human, but rather as a Spirit or guiding Folk Soul of a nation as made evident in the Book of Daniel. Tubal (also a son of Cain) and Meshech (Moskva or Moscow), are two rivers north of the Caucasus Mts. Hence, Rosh is readily identified as Russia. Magog = highest point known to ancient Semites and derives from Maghoph, meaning the Land of the Moon and Tree Worshippers; tribes who placed totems (Asherah) in the highest places. These peoples inhabited mountains north and east of Syria, extending into Scythia and Russia, practiced sexual magic and human sacrifice.

See: The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyslop;
Israel & the Prophecies of the Holy Qur’an by Ali Akbar for reliable information.

The following time-line derives from recent Scientific Surveys.
Noah’s Flood by W. Ryan & W. Pitman,
Marine Geologists from Columbia University, Touchstone Books, 2000.

  • 5,500 BC – Black Sea Drops 500 ft below the Bosporus Strait causing collapse and cataclysmic floods extending to Mesopotamia. Salt water destroys fresh water fish and causes massive toxicity. Black Sea becomes known as the ‘Sea of Death’ as noted in the Acadian/Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh. – This is most likely Noah’s Flood
  • 5,000 BC Land Bridge between England & France sinks beneath the waves — Yangshoo Culture in China is well established and there are signs of civilization in Nubia as well.
  • 5,200 BC – Forests emerge on western shores of the Black Sea, extending into Europe. This is the period of the first known diversification of proto-Indo-European languages accompanied by mass migrations in all directions, extending to the Levant, China, India, Russia & Europe. Current consensus is that the initial language and cultural center was Armenia at Ararat, the site of Noah’s landing after flood.

It appears, therefore, that Gog & Magog refer to proto-European races descended from Tubal-Cain and Noah’s errant stock (Ham and Aegyptus), which were dispersed approximately 7,000 years ago to eventually become Slavonic and Teutonic Caucasians. This is reinforced by Al’Qur’an’s reference (Chap. 18) to Dhu al-Qarnayn (Darius the First?) and his confrontation with the tribes Yajuj and Majuj (Gog & Magog). He built what is erroneously called “Alexander’s Wall” to contain their incursions. A fifty mile remnant remains standing south of the Caucasus with the River of Cyrus to the north of the Zagros Mountains which border Iraq & Iran; the land of the Yezidi Cult of jinn cum serpent worshipers discussed in some detail in later chapters.
While doctrines of Regeneration, Reformation and Revolution endlessly appear from desks of naïve academics, dubiously funded pundits, and as fickle-fatwah rivulets stream from bemused Mullahs who dispatch others to eternity while they enjoy the benefits of oil, opium, pederasty and multiplied temporary wives, I will plainly state that, in my opinion—pending an unlikely miracle or my profound ignorance of the matter—it is far too late for this clearly indetified ummah’s earthly success. I further pray that the woebegone narrative that follows will establish this as fact and beyond question for rational journeymen so that readers are encourage to advance their individual march to perpetuity unencumbered by false hope, dragon-chasers with toy-boys, or volatile devices strapped a bit too close for eternal comfort and temporal respite.

  • “The Faithful are to one another like parts of a building, each part strengthening the other.”  The Prophet (PBH), Bukhari & Muslim, on authority of Abu Musa

Before being constructively placed in the house of Dar-ul-Islam, each Muslim should become a living brick or component of the edifice in compliance with the building’s specifications according to Divine Law. One must learn and obey the metaphysical laws of building God’s House while striving to perfect the moral virtues in addition to mastering one’s trade, profession and the skills required for living and contributing to society in a positive manner. The process requires digging the earth, removal of gross impurities, adding water and straw, time in the sun and transport to the building site followed by placement with proper alignment and appropriate amounts of mortar to adjacent bricks along with custom fittings by qualified artisans under the guidance of skilled engineers. This is the the work of maturation that leads to the fifth decade of human development. By then, one’s identity should be actualized and established as a meaningful and fully functional part of the House of God’s Polity in the Earth: the ummah of Mohammad (pbuh).
Though unfortunate when one considers Who designed the building, a goodly number of bricks are dissatisfied with their intended placements and subsequently un-brick themselves by trying to be windows, doors, cupolas, domes or brass gates, etc. If you do happen to be a door, gate, alarm or sprinkler system, “Good on ya!” as the Aussies say, but this does not qualify you as any more reliable than the ordinary bricks supporting your position. Besides, on the ultimate cosmic scale, the accountability of ‘finer political appointments’ bears graver consequences, which is why authentic Imams weep and/ot tremble at the thought and would rather be ordinary bricks.
As the loss of self-realization prompts one to remain ‘undeveloped’—a term commonly applied to Muslim countries—I suggest that a misperception of the actual Muslim identity and purpose has consequently cause canted plumb lines with gross misalignment in Dar-ul-Islam’s assemblage. Adding to the pathology is the egotistic inflation of self-worth which can be likened to building a bridge out of inferior materials.
Either circumstance bespeaks the misguidance of inadequate taqua and sound education as well as the lack of social justice. Ignorance and injustice are neo-patriarchal norms that, when added to diminished piety compounded by zealous extremes of religiosity can only contribute generous dollops of “Friday” Muslims and malnourished mullahs to pools of Islamia’s constituencies that consequently impair real progress and success pursuant to identity muddles that have surely inflated the prophesied seventy-two sects destined for the fire. The trials of this divisive facility are similar to dysfunctional adolescent gangs seeking re-affirmation via insignia tagging in order to disguise declining self-esteem — much like Freemasons:

  • “Freemasonry is a secret political society whose goal is to put an end to all religions and good morals, and to replace them with man-made laws … Any Muslim who joins a Masonic group, knows the true nature of Freemasonry and its secrets, and carries out its rituals and is keen to do so is a kafir who should be asked to repent. If he repents, all will be well and good, otherwise he is to be killed.”

Fatwa #893, Pt 2, p 440. Portal of the General Presidency
of Scholarly Research and Ifta’, Saudi Arabia.

  • “Therefore, and for the detailed data on Freemasonry’s activity, its considerable danger, its wicked dressing and its cunning aims, the College of Islamic Jurisprudence considers Freemasonry one of the most dangerously destructive organizations to Islam and to Muslims. Whoever would associate himself with it while in knowledge of its true nature and aims, would be a non-believer in Islam and uncounted among its adherents.”

The College of Islamic Jurisprudence (Makkah, 15th July 1978)

  • “As far as I know, Freemasonry is a secret organization whose beliefs and practices are totally kept confidential except from those who are initiated into it. They have levels of secrets which are not divulged to those who are at lower levels. A Muslim should never fall prey or give allegiance to something which cannot be scrutinized by the firm criteria of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Whoever joins Freemasonry is like a person who writes a blank check; by doing so he agrees to give allegiance blindly to an authority to comply with their wishes no matter what they are… there is no doubt that if a Muslim joins the Society of Freemasons, he contravenes the teachings of Islam. The aims, policy and practices of this society are against the principles of Islam and violate its laws.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, Senior Lecturer,
Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mind you, we are discussing the Freemasonry of mystic speculators that purposely corrupted the ancient and honorable guilds of the noble master builders of society and its living environments from the time of the Enlightenment. Nevertheless, I found no Speculative Freemasons, Bektashis, Whahabis, Sunnis, Yezidis, Druzes, Basra-Brethren, Sikhs, Baha’is, Shi’ites, Hanifites, Salafites, Sufites, Talibanites, Malakites or Ikwanites et alia in the Islam I gleaned from reading Al’Qur’an and al’Hadith. My studies led me to conclude that there are unbelievers and two groups of Muslims (in the universal sense): those who are obedient and those who are deviant but think they’re obedient. Al Qur’an’s English translations clearly indicate that the latter clans are sectarians, folks who have lost touch with the ‘Balance Beam’ of divine guidance and have subsequently mis-identified themselves as righteous.
The metaphysical building of sanctimonious arrogance they produce can be likened to a slapdash infirmary with wards for assorted invalids, ailments, degrees of dementia, sundry miasmas and sickening vapors. It also appears that not a few of the indisposed have adopted tribalism (assabiyah) as a power base. Of course this is that horrible fascist position that was unceremoniously condemned by the Prophet in concert with Allah’s admonishments:

  • People come to differ only after clear knowledge has come to them… every sect rejoices in what it has… those to whom we had already given the Book rejoice at what is being sent down to you, but among the sectarians there are those who reject part of it; but whoever among the sectarians disbelieves in it, Fire shall be his destiny do not (O Muslims) be among those who associate partners with God, nor among those who split up their religion into sects, each sect rejoicing in what it has… those people who have split up their religion and become sects, you have nothing to do with them

(Q: 10:19, 93; 45:17; 2:213; 30:9, 30-32;
98:4; 13;36; 11:17; 6:160)

  • “He is not of us who proclaims the cause of tribal partisanship … this means your helping your own people in an unjust cause.”  — Abu Da’ud

This sample of authoritative references warns Muslims against the malady of sectarianism. Furthermore, the translations say such factions are comprised of un-qualified ‘bricks’ who don’t like unambiguous knowledge and exult in obfuscation; after which they grandstand as superior religionists whom authentic Muslims are to have ‘nothing to do with’. Since the syndrome is highly contagious and ponerogenically facilitates significant collateral casualties, I suspect the divine definition and command all but destroys the concept of dialogue except for designation of borders and the security of quarantine while seeking curative therapy.
Nevertheless, Muslims infected with sectarian vapors continue to posture as healthy bricks and ‘finer appointments’ despite the inherent default towards mischief-mongering and the subsequent implosion of Dar ul Islam; fair enough motives to comply with the divine plan for quarantine rather than pluralities of shared government.
However, being one of the differences between secular and supra-natural human affairs, the latter’s patriarchal principle of monotheism is surely not politically correct in contemporary parlors of pretense. This reminds me of the day I was inducted into the army: on filling out forms I came to the query for ‘race’ to which I answered “human”, whereupon the sergeant reminded me—in no uncertain terms—that I had just signed away such liberties for the next two years. The truth isn’t always pleasant.
I surmised therefore, that after the serial murders of Umar, Uthman, Ali and Ibn al-Zubyr, the articulation of Islam’s non-sectarian unity broke within one generation of the Prophet’s death. By the fourth generation, the polity irretrievably fragmented and the communal fear of God’s authentic Will was replaced by dread of the Black Knight’s gauntlet. Four consecutive Caliphasides can hardly be considered an accident of history or the tradition of a righteously guided polity submitted to Allah (SWT). Thus, the metaphysical health that initially sustained Islam under authentic Patriarchal Governance (its blessed communal ethos or siyasa diniya), collapsed after being infected by sectarian rogues in search of glory and booty. These vector proclivities were carefully attended by seditious Jews who managed the miscreants and remain masters of the puppetry to this day.
This loss of health (élan) may be likened to the withdrawal of Allah’s supra-natural presence (as’sakinah) from the Hebrew Temple during the four centuries preceding Prophet Isa’s advent (pbuh):

  • Ali b. Abi Talib says the Sakinah was a blowing wind (Moriah) with a face like the face of a man, and also that it had two heads. Mujahid says that Gabriel and the Sakinah guided Abraham from Syria. It had a head like the head of a cat, two wings, and a tail. Wahib b. Munabbih reports that some of the Israelites used to say the Sakinah had the head of a dead cat. It would screech from the Ark like a cat. Ibn Abbas says that the Sakinah was the basin of gold from Paradise in which the hearts of the prophets were washed. Suddi also says it was this basin, and that God gave it to Moses. He also said that with the Sakinah were the Tablets made of pearl, emerald, and crystal. Wahb b. Munabbih also says that the Sakinah was a spirit from God which talked. Whenever the Israelites disagreed, it spoke and told them the solution. Rabi’a says that the Sakinah was mercy from God.

Prophets in the Quran, Brannon M. Wheeler,
Continuum International Pub. Group, 2002, ISBN 0826449573, p. 257.

The Islamic mantle was likewise appropriated by pretenders, who, much like Jewish elders, ignored the withdrawal of divine blessing and protection and replaced it with magick and various other forms of wizardry. After Hadrat Ali’s army succumbed to Muawiyah’s ruse and refused his command to fight on, principles of misguidance spread like an occult cancer, causing a renewed loss of resistance to iconography. Specifically, the army’s malaise—vis-à-vis its rejection of Ali’s Guidance in favor of superstition—announced the reascendence of ‘business as usual’ in the ancient mystery religion tradition.
I submit therefore, that the ummah rejected the supra-natural immunity of siyasa diniya and began immunization programs of conventional sectarianism that have finally given way to Occidental rationalism under a deeply corrupted Freemasonic auspice. And knowing that today’s Freemasons are under the spell of Magi of the Kabbala, one can only assume those above their Grand Masters are Hermetic Adepts of the ancient Pharaonic credo that was rejected by Moses. I also suspect some of the Sahabah refused to partake in the ensuing melee in order to preserve their respective arks of supra-natural guidance.
After people fall for scams and refuse genuine authority, and after charlatans eliminate authentic leaders and their brethren, who indeed is left? Following valiant decades of remarkable resistance, even Imam Shamil’s community, for example, similarly abandoned him for the Czar’s wheat, meat and gold. In short, self-appointed ‘fittings’ and ‘appointments’ to Dar-ul-Islam, murdered, betrayed and/or disobeyed the Khulafā’ ar-Rashīdīn and began controlling the masses via religious superstition and tyranny of consensus building:

  • 1. e.g. Muawiyah’s ploy of placing Al’Qur’an on spear tips or the Ottoman iconography (Star and Crescent);
  • 2. Consensus building: the art of sophistry by charismatics who persuade polities to adopt programs of conformity—via propaganda—that are in the best interest of the governing elite.

Of course, time-honored murder, blackmail and bribery adjust the above methods as needed.
This time-honored penchant for sectarian deviation was successively adopted in the manner common to all Murder Inc. mobs of professional wealth alienators since Cain planted his staff of mesmerizing subversion in the lands of Nod. This is much like Hebrew sovereigns neutralizing their Prophets and al’Kitab, or the Sicari terrorists who presaged the Mossad by refining the Semite bent for the same assassination and hypocrisy that enhance and sustain today’s global corporatocracies. Consequently, I imagine Islam’s astounding ascent to Empire was far more than an earthly reward reaped by victorious dysfunctionaries and icon compromised believers.
Notwithstanding the wondrous morality exhibited by common citizens and numerous imams, fratricidal-regicide was institutionalized as the Caliphate’s fortune, along with various sub-human proclivities, sinister gauntlets, and reprobate jinn. A series of magnificent usurpers placed themselves on gilded pedestals as did pagan and near-pagan Christian competitors during the ensuing 1400 odd years of this stewardship. Eloquent apologists gave the metaphysical impostor authenticity-life-support therapy while pious artisans and scientists erected the doomed glory of fabricated myth; and most felt good about the remarkable facade of the ill fated building. Successive generations of eulogists strayed further (apart from a small cadre of oft persecuted scholars) while Levantine patrons―with exceptions such as Sala’u’din (a Kurd)― practiced the genteel art of perfected dissipation with all the trappings of Persian opulence and romantic drivel. In the meantime, and by God’s mercy, an honest Islam spread and reached the reverent hearts of many a humble soul by virtue of the un-impeachable Qur’an and its worthy servants; may peace be upon them all. In addition, and for a brief moment, the Trinitarian apostasy was confined to Europa’s skirts. This, dear reader, is my simplistic ‘nut-shell’ summation of the Muslim saga.
What has passed and now stands as the ‘Islamic’ polity and/or governance is/was anemic and perniciously contaminated by means of malignant compromise with divisive parochialism. These sectarian inflexibilities resist the grace of supra-natural remedies that would otherwise restore siyasa diniya. As it is, sectarians preserve a failing siyasa aqliya or ‘Government by Reason’; the legacy of Occidental Humanism and corrupt Freemasonic iconography — the latter being entirely under the auspice of reprehensible Kabbalism.

  • “The epistemological priority of Siyasa diniya is that “this world alone is not man’s goal, for it is altogether useless and vain, since its end is death and destruction. God says; “Do you think that we created you for sport?” (Sura XXIII, 117). What is intended of man is his religion, which lets him attain happiness in the Hereafter as the way of God…. “The laws came which placed an obligation upon him in all his affairs, like service of God, trade and commerce, including rule (mulk) which is natural for human association, so that they (the laws) lead the rule towards the ways of God and everything is within the reach and range of the Sharia” (Rosenthal 1988 p 101) …
  • Post modernism denies the possibility of meta-history because of the inherent incapacity of the Enlightenment’s discourse about rationality to provide absolute, objective, universal and a-historical criterion. In the Post modern discourse there are no epistemological grounds for the evaluation of history. We are thus left with a stark choice. We can either accept the anti-foundationalist, non-essentialist post-modern un-groundedness of the human being, whose rational capacity is historically specific and culturally determined. The epistemological corollary of this conception of reason (which lacks ultimate objectivity, is to accept the world as it is. Post modernism cannot provide a basis for confronting oppression and injustice for Post modernism offers no arguments, no critical resources or validating grounds for perceiving anything as inherently unjust and oppressive. On the other hand we can revert to the anti-modern epistemological domain of revelational authority. Khaldunian analysis reveals that cultural specific historically.” (ibid)

I’ve talked privately with not a few Imams of no small significance who’ve referred to the ummah and ulama as metaphysically comatose or even ‘dead’ — one of whom (a well placed banker) confessed that every ‘Muslim’ politician he’d ever had commerce with was a “bold faced liar”. Such is the estate of the present Muslim Polity; though I prefer the term “sleepwalkers” (somnambulists) as a more scientific description of the malady. Therefore, the post-modern dilemma—following installation and submission to sectarian Monarchs and Jacobin inspired recitals of the Freemasonic call for liberty’s icons and democracy’s illusion—is that the ummah has absented itself from authentic governance yet plainly reveres the élan that permeated the nascent polity’s collective and rather vigilant consciousness; the very dynamism that caused the Seerah to prosper in the Revelations of Allah (SWT) that ushered the qadar of blessing and protection (as-Sakinah).
Indeed, “Where is the God of Mohammad?” is a common query these days amongst inmates of Dar ul Islam’s hospice. But under debilitating conditions treated by toxic allopathic remedies causing generic narcosis, how can the ummah recover potency enough to identify itself with functional certainty as the supra-naturally ordained New Man prophesied in the Torah?

  • “The scepter shall not pass from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until the coming of ShlÖh [i.e. Shiloh, meaning “he to whom it belongs”]. (Gen 49:10)
  • “… and ye [Israel, the ummah of Prophet Jacob] shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name, and invite or summon his servants (chosen) by the next man of renown …” [i.e. ‘authority.’ or ‘by another authority’].   (Isaiah 65:15)

The New Man (Allah’s vice-gerent as a polity) according to these prophets and Musa (pbut), cannot be Isa’s ummah as the latter represented a remnant awaiting the Parakletos (ShlÖh), i.e. Ahmad (pbuh) as the Prophet and polity ‘to whom the scepter belonged’. As the New Man or Vicegerent of God’s Kingdom in the earth, how can Mohammad’s well-prophesied ummah live profitably if it is rent asunder by sects, narcotized by Rationalism and thus, severed from authentic governance? Possessed of decaying dynasties, vain glorious religious impositions, and well-closeted hoodlums financed by ‘respectable’ facilities that break every rule espoused by the Prophet (pbuh), Islamic States are indeed failed entities inviting the qadar of chastisement as confirmed by the multiple arcs of Muslim discomfiture and perplexity. The Great Khan’s temperament was surely not the cause of Bagdad’s suffering his displeasure as precedent. Therefore, I am bold enough to posit that contemporary humiliations are due to similar if not worse sins and neglect.
For centuries this misguidance has steered the ummah, yet some presently claim a renaissance of by-gone grandeur. The glory of Islam however, is not manifest by extravagance, religious mania, impressive but toothless rhetoric or by awesome architecture or Masonic regalia and costume but by egalitarian principles of justice practiced according to Divine Law. Considering then:
1. the separation of Shura from Muslim State authorities (the Jacobin gambit for collectivism);
2. the murderous genesis and posterity of sectarian brawlers;
3. the unsocial proclivities of present regimes and communal mindsets;
4. the plutocratic dissipation and decline of the ummah to its present ‘undeveloped’ status;
5. the disunity and contagion by agents provocateur and media with antithetical cultural norms;
all of which necessarily obviate any reclamation of the Glory of Islam—the claim therefore seems myopic to this writer; especially when recalling my reading of Ibn Khaldun. Even the promise of Islam Hadhari is daunted under this weighty onslaught of un-Islamic forces majeure. And when one admits that the glory of ‘Islam Past’ was patently not divinely guided towards lasting success, Hadhari’s prospects, though indeed noble, diminish further as the ancient errors remain uncorrected.
Notwithstanding astonishing anecdotes from communities and individuals, what is unknown to pedestrian Muslims is that the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Sirah of our Prophet were subjected to apologetics and speculations in veiled support of materialism ala the notorious Abdullah ibn Maymun and a host of camouflaged babblers (Sophists) while the masses lay in the squalor of deliberate campaigns to keep them somnambulant via ignorance. The latter neglect included passing over women in addition to rather vigilant hadith wars, which, for the most part, served to obscure the simplicity of divine law in order to excuse opulence, extra-judicial excess and disgusting male chauvinism. To substantiate these statements as more than an opinion, I offer the following:
Abdullah ibn Maymun’s Protocols

  • 1. To link together into one body the vanquished and the conquerors;
  • 2. to unite in the form of a vast secret society with many degrees of initiation free-thinkers—who regarded religion only as curb for the people—and bigots of all sects;
  • 3. to make tools of believers in order to give power to skeptics; to induce conquerors to overturn the empires they had founded;
  • 4. to build up a party, numerous, compact, and disciplined, which in due time would give the throne, if not to himself, at least to his descendants.

Reinhart Dozy, Spanish Islam, Eng. trans., pp. 404

  • They proceeded to the admission and initiation of new proselytes only by degrees and with great reserve; for, as the sect had at the same time a political object and ambitions, its interest was above all to have a great number of partisans in all places and in all classes of society. It was necessary therefore to suit themselves to the character, the temperament, and the prejudices of the greater number; what one revealed to some would have revolted others and alienated for ever spirits less bold and consciences more easily alarmed.”

Silvestre de Sacy,
Mémoires sur la Dynastie des Assassins, Vol. IV. (1818).

  • The ulama could insist for their privileged position on the pretext of ignorance of the community … meaning that political elitism in the medieval fold had realized that the power-knowledge ascendancy could be maintained on the avowed ignorance of the community… thus, the traditional Islamic social contract was essentially a marriage of convenience between the ruler and the ulama. ‘The ruler gained legitimacy, the ulama acquired status. The people, by contrast, got precious little.
  • The community which has been reared in an ethos of political passivity, economic deprivation and ignorance has fostered illegitimate political rule with an avowed public nihilism. All this has culminated in the political and economic decline in evidence today … Hafiz Wabba witnessed almost universal illiteracy in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the [20th] century. If there was any education, it was in the hands of the Whahabi ulama, who confined it to the study of religion and interpretation of Shariah… in June 1930, the Nejdi ulema met in Mecca for a large scale protest against the Ministry of Education, on the ground that its curriculum included drawing, foreign languages and geography, the last with its concomitant theory of the rotation of a spherical earth … as a result, [except] for the Hijaz, education elsewhere remained a defacto monopoly of the ulama.
  • Islamic societies, despite early promises, degenerated into despotic rule, irrationalism and ‘public-policy’ nihilism. Transcendentalism, otherworldliness, moral overtone and neglect of public interest bereft Medieval states of the possibility of evolving a system of check and balance (institutions of accountability) … finding intellectualism demeaning, the inseparability of knowledge and prosperity hardly got recognition … such societal preference failed to create an image of a better life in abysmal ignorance … Ibn Khaldun reached a rather dire conclusion: ‘Civilization and its well being and business property depend on productivity and people, effort in all directions in their own interest and profit. When people no longer do business in order to make a living, and they cease all gainful activity, the business of civilization slumps and everything decays.”

– Dr. S.M.A. Sayeed, The Myth of Authenticity,
A Study in Islamic Fundamentalism, 1999 pp. 323. 70, 351

  • Beginning within a few decades after the Prophet, and by the 11th Century, almost each and every principle established by the Qur’an and the Prophet—confirming the rights and status of women … had been to a greater or lesser extent negated.” — “By the early 20th Century, the ummah had been reconstituted as a series of nation-states based on the European models, not only in the political, but also in the legal, educational, economic and other spheres … placed in the hands of secular oriented elements … nurtured by the former colonial powers. … A disjuncture exists between theory and practice that dominates the political process … the overall condition of democracy and human rights in the Muslim world in general, and especially at the official and government levels of its Arab core is truly dismal.”

– Prof. Muddhatir’Abd AlRahim,
The Human Rights Tradition in Islam, Praeger, 2005 p. 70, 114

Would such observations be offered if Islam had remained rightly guided? Surely not. Thus, the points put forward are admissible for if it were otherwise, Muslims would have maintained and magnified their identity as the New Man with autonomous supremacy and God’s help and protection as supra-naturally guaranteed by holding fast to the practice of divine law.
Like all imperial enterprises subject to sub-human pursuits, Muslim leaders became slaves to the divisive passions and pride that were hammered to mush by the Mongols. But these same inclinations persisted and were later subjected―once again by Divine Decree―to inroads under the auspice of Kabbalist Mystery Religions espoused by those who represented the Dais of Europa’s ‘Black Nobility’, both witting and not (Orientalists e.g.). ‘Black Nobility’ is a term rarely used by politically-correct historians. But under this obvious misdirection, during the last two to three hundred odd years the ummah degenerated further, doing little more than devolving another extraordinary civilization trampled under the feet of history’s doleful mammoth according to the inverse determinants (qadar) of Allah’s Sunnah:

  • “They took flight from the truth because of their arrogance in the land and their plotting of evil … can they expect anything else but the Sunnah (way of dealing) of the people of old? So no change will you find in Allah’s Sunnah, and no turning off will you find in Allah’s Sunnah.” [Sura 35: 43]

As the Trinitarian Apostasy of these Mystery Religions re-emerged in the lands of Ibrahim, in order to protect comfortable pensions, the insan continued to be apologized for or ignored by pundits of piously draped rhetoric who continued to scent and prop the cadaverous entity and swaddle it with immaculately embroidered shrouds despite the unholy stench of the Enlightenment’s decay. I offer you a much kinder assessment:

  • “The corruption of (Islam’s) religious leaders, who were expected to be the spiritual force and regeneration, is the last step in the process of decay of a community. The natural path their corruption takes is the easy conscience by which they come to compromise truth with the wayward whims either of the rich or of the community at large [public opinion].”

Fazlur Rahman (1989), Major Themes of the Qur’an

Under the spell of “Consensus Building” mesmerism, most sleepwalking bricks don’t realize or admit to the embarrassing diagnosis or have succumbed to apathy as ordained by the adepts directing the drama. Even so, benighted analysts preach an impending global regeneration of the carcass. Histrionic sermons, canted lectures, political porridge, recycled dissertations and boorish kutbahs resound as women—who can’t find qualified husbands—are herded away from the Masjid to shop for fashionable hijabs while children worship warbling idiots and dead pagan heroes, or hypnotically fawn before Shaitan’s multi-media as ‘business-as-usual’ Sheiks distribute the alms of Iblis after consulting his sub-specialists in London, Wash. D.C., Rome and Paris!
Though a recent convert (2004), I’m not the least bit perplexed by past or present events. I’ve studied what passes for history and its un-read revisions which include espionage narrations; the occult archives and Black Arts manuals; the metaphysical sciences of Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Illuminism and Theurgy; Islam’s multi-faceted history and the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. In addition, I examined the Hadith and Al’Qur’an in English and thank God for the precious men and women who labored faithfully to make the greatest revelation of God available to these sore mono-lingual eyes of mine!
The latter books predict the current state of affairs and clearly articulate that it somewhat immediately precedes the Hour of Doom. The only conclusion I can draw is that Iblis has done an excellent job of preparing Muslims for the same messianic feast to which he’s invited all ecumenical mountebanks of the New World Order. If you take issue that’s fine; by all means, enjoy the gala while it lasts. However, for those who would like a comprehensive perspective of the present and past, I invite you to examine a Trilogy that attempts to weave a Khaldunian panorama of this institutional heedlessness.

  • “… the solution is to encourage the growth of mature Islamic intellectualism.”

Mohamad Asri Zainul Abidin, former Perlis Mufti

If Muslim educational institutions have a divine mission, I believe it is the resuscitation of truth and scholarly courage rather than a corpse. Allah (SWT) will take care of the top-rot soon enough and nobody knows the when, how, who or where of it to my knowledge. Furthermore, to continue nursing somnambulism with impotent dialogues is surely naïve’—bearing in mind the Sahabah backed their words with the valor of holy gauntlets and capable right arms:

  • According to the group’s [Officer’s Christian Fellowship] current executive director, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Bruce L. Fister, the “global war on terror”—to which Obama has committed 17,000 new troops in Afghanistan—is: “a spiritual battle of the highest magnitude … continually confronting an implacable, powerful foe who hates us and eagerly seeks to destroy us.”

Make no mistake; Muslims are at war with crusaders that are not deterred by milksop scholars or fawning politicos.
It is time to waken and pull as many out of sectarian pits as Allah permits; a time for action, prayer, patience, and most importantly for repentance: a process that requires much tafakkur if our placement in Dar-ul-Islam is to be effective. It is surely not a time for ‘business as usual’: that cowardly apathetic status our shadow governments desire. It is time for NGO Ark Construction Companies to save the seed as in the day of Prophet Noah (pbuh); a time to identify who we are and where we fit amongst the blessed minority who represent the authentic House of God; a time to forthrightly absent ourselves—as commanded by Allah—from un-bricked impostors who’ve “split up their religion” and pose as the New Man.
‘Chasing the Dragon’, a Chinese euphemism for opium use.
Jewish Zealots who attempted to expel the Romans and their partisans from the country, even resorting to murder to attain their object. Under their cloaks they concealed “sicæ,” or small daggers, whence they received their name; and at popular assemblies, especially during the pilgrimage to the Temple mount, they stabbed their enemies or those who were friendly to the Romans, lamenting ostentatiously after the deed, and thus escaping detection. The high priest Jonathan was assassinated by them. (Josephus, Antiquities).
Imam Ibn-e-Khaldun’s distinction between (government based on siyasa diniya (God’s revealed law), and siyasa aqliya (government based on political laws made by rational man) is also important in understanding the epistemological priority of the Quran and the Sunnah over human rationality in his system. Rosenthal acknowledges that, “Ibn Khaldun leaves no doubt that the law of the prophetic lawgiver is best and is superior to that of the human lawgiver, who is guided only by his reason”
(Rosenthal 1988 p 100). Abdul Wahab Suri, Dept. Of Philosophy, Univ. of Karchi; “The Possibility of Meta-History”; Pub. in Market Forces, January, 2007 Vol. 2 No. 4
Allopathy: the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. with drugs having effects opposite to the symptoms, and stems from a purely rational and materially based scientific method, as opposed to Homoeopathy and Natureopathy whose effects stimulate the body’s inherent defenses.
Fazlur Rahman convincingly reveals that many hadith, even among those considered ‘reliable’, are corrupted by a political bias which attempted to create a ‘middle Islam’ with the so called ‘orthodox’ (Sunni) perspective. As such, the entire field of hadith research and subsequent application must be re-evaluated in light of this observation. See: Hadith and Sunnah-Ideals and Realities, compiled and edited by P.K. Koya, Islamic Book Trust, KL, 1996.
These same principles remain effectively practiced by global occult fellowships to this day, including Freemasons in particular.
“The word khyar, meaning ‘good’, determines that the choice meant is towards what is good… when aligned to the philosophical question of freedom. A so-called ‘choice’ towards what is bad is therefore not a choice. Since we affirm that freedom is to act as our real and true nature demands, only the exercise of that choice which is good can properly be called a ‘free choice’. A choice for the better is an exercise of freedom. It presupposes knowledge of good and evil. A ‘choice’ for the worse is not a choice, as it is based upon ignorance and on the instigation of the soul that inclines towards the blameworthy aspects of the animal powers.”
– S.M.N. Al-Attas, The Nature of Man and the
Psychology of the Human Soul, ISTAC, 1990, p. 4
The two determinants (qadar) of Divine Law that govern our existence establish unavoidable conditions and consequences for good and evil (i.e. Benefit and Harm) or blessing or cursing; each being a correlative inverse of the other. See: Islam in the Shadows of the New World Order for the dissertation, by the author.
Isa [Jesus] prophesied that the end times will be no different from the days of Noah. If you follow the Hebrew discussions between Noah and God as recorded in the Torah, you will find that the entire purpose of the inundation of greater Mesopotamia, was to preserve the prophetic seed and establish the principle of ‘Seedtime & Harvest’ as a practical necessity for doctrinal revision and the revealed divine purpose. Of course this requires cyclical catastrophe, in agreement with the Hopi Indian Prophets.