Women Have Become Time Bombs

zaidpub (old blog)
zaidpub (old blog)

July 3, 2019



In 1934, a young, Oxford-educated ethnologist, Joseph Daniel Unwin (1895-1936), published a book ‘Sex & Culture’ whichconcluded that throughout history societies destroyed themselves by adopting feminism and “sexual liberation.”“Sexual licence amongst males, is bad, Unwin found, but sexual licence for women blows up the whole social edifice rather quickly.” 
by Brabantian(henrymakow.com) One paradox of ‘sexual revolution’ is that most young males become sexually deprived. 
As many as 80% of young men today in the West have problems getting laid. They are often ‘incels’ – ‘involuntary celibates’. In a set of surveys over decades, the percentage of males under age 30 who did not have sex in a previous year used to be 13% … now that number is 28%.
Young women, on the other hand, are easily having a lot of sex … but they are only having that sex with a small, upper 20% group of males. The female sexual nature is to seek out the ‘alphas’, dominant powerful, sexy or ‘bad boy’ seeming males. The rest, women feel, are ‘losers’, even if ‘nice guys’.  This crisis sometimes erupts in violence, most famously on 23 May 2014 in Isla Vista, California, when age 22, incel Elliot Rodger, shot 20 people, killing six of them, leaving a manifesto telling how he couldn’t get a girlfriend despite being a ‘Supreme Gentleman’. In April 2018, another incel killed ten and maimed 14 when he mowed down pedestrians on a Toronto sidewalk. 


FEMALE HYPERGAMY – WHY FEMINISM TORPEDOES MARRIAGE    Women used to empower men by trusting (loving) them in return for marriage and family. Thanks to feminism, women now compete with men for power. Yet, paradoxically, they are only attracted to men who can dominate them.  Cut loose from husband  and family, women are loose cannons gravitating to whomever has power.
– Women are ‘hypergamic’, biologically impelled to seek sex with ‘alpha’ men who are bold in some way. They tend to inwardly despise feminist men, men who are ‘too nice’, men incapable of standing up & saying ‘no’ to them, such men are ‘non-tingle-producing’ and ‘boring’, tho offering women most or all of what women claim to want.   – Women are at least as driven to cheat as men. A large percentage of people, as much as 10% in some areas, have a different father than they think they do.   – Women are less monogamous than men, who tend to be more content with marriage as a happy ‘home base’ whilst they work at other things. If women are not bound to marriage by economic pressure, by social shaming, or an intrinsic respect for the tradition & institution, they will tend to sabotage marriage.   – Women have come to see western governments as the ‘alpha provider’, ensuring economic support by extracting funds for them via taxes, alimony, child support etc … given massive state power which ‘pro-feminist’ society is ready to deploy for a woman.  

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 –  Women feel the attractive pull of waves of arriving military-age migrant males who are often the most aggressive people from their home cultures seeking economic benefits in the West. Women are further attracted by the ability of migrants to act more lawlessly, treated with ‘kid gloves’ by Western courts seeking to indulge ‘refugees.’ ‘Ladies Love Outlaws’, as the song said. Note that the ‘Refugees welcome!’ street demonstrations, are predominantly females.
Women react ambiguously to reports and claims, that ‘a disproportionately high percentage of rapes and attacks are by migrant men’ Something in a woman’s brain yet says, ‘aggressive men … hmmm, interesting’  In Europe, polls are showing that European women find ‘Muslim and African men’ to be ‘sexier, more masculine’ than the local ‘beta’ European ‘pro-feminist nice guys’   – A major attraction of westerners converting to Islam now is its still-widespread unapologetic patriarchy where woman is subordinate and submissive.
 ‘Democracy’ will not be able to restore traditional family values, given that single and divorced women, plus LGBTQers, plus males thinking they should follow the feminist & cultural Marxist programmes are probably a voting majority.
When I followed the now-censored Heartiste site, it was impressive how many young guys did not want to use the ‘game’ techniques on women, just for bedding and dating … they wanted a wife and kids, and struggled to overcome the fear that in 3 or 5 years she would be corrupted and pull a divorce-extortion on them.
 Today’s huge numbers of ‘incels’ may not put up with this indefinitely. The free porn and sex dolls may not pacify them. If some leader comes along and says, ‘Look, the men are taking over again. Everyone can have a wife, and the marriages will be protected and enforced,” he just may well have an army behind him.—-Related –  July 4, Women and Liberals Lose Faith in America